Western Immune System Becoming Troublingly Unsuppressed

Hate–as the left interminably shrieks–is a natural immune response. Those who concocted the puerile accusation knew that suppressing this was the only means of introducing foreign cells into the Western body. They knew this more profoundly than I would have ever appreciated. To be a sentient adult 100 years ago and hear history’s trajectory repeated as prophesy would be to laugh at the speaker as a lunatic. That a not-yet-coined concept called racism would find traction as an expedient for western dispossession is something I would have dismissed summarily. Here’s why that’s turned-out to be problem:


Of course no society’s white blood cells will sit dormant in the midst of such mass encroachments. And that’s why we have liberalism and its fetus in fetu, cuckservatism. These movements both functioning as political immunosuppressants. To the chagrin of our attending establishments, it seems a more aggressive therapy is going to be required.

As America’s lymphocytes labor within system via the Trump phenomenon, Europe’s T-cells are going rogue. From furious Finns demanding an “end to nightmare of multiculturalism,” to thousands of Dutch sacking a planned migrant colony.

While both were enthusiastic statements, they represented welcome wagons in comparison to sentiments recently expressed by the Corsicans.

Up to 600 French protesters desecrated a Muslim prayer hall in Corsica in a revenge attack prompted by the wounding of two firefighters and a police officer.

The furious mob smashed the prayer hall’s glass door, ransacked the interior and left around 50 partially-burned Korans littering the street overnight.

Chanting ‘Arabs get out!’ and ‘This is our home’, protesters marched through the streets of the French Mediterranean island’s capital, Ajaccio.

Home is whatever men are willing to defend. By that fundamental metric, one enraged Corsican mob is more potent than nine American carrier strike groups. But when conflict goes physical between Arab and native, which do you imagine the French state will mobilize to defend?

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls described the attack on Twitter as ‘an unacceptable desecration’, and branded the violence towards the firefighters as an ‘intolerable attack’.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve insisted the perpetrators of both incidents would be tracked down and arrested, adding that there was no place for ‘racism and xenophobia’ in France.

Police remained in Ajaccio overnight, securing five Muslim places of worship in the city.

It won’t be many years before a state interior minister declares there is no place for the French in France. Which will be unfortunate since when the Pied Noirs received their “suitcase or coffin” ultimatum, there still remained a home to their north. When future white Parisians receive their own leave or perish invitation I wonder at how warm their welcome by the British caliphate. Though I don’t wonder much.

But note the crisis triage taken by French officialdom. First deploy police in defense of alien barracks, then pursue some exotic fauna called xenophobes. As always, the nation rarely seems to have the state’s best interests at heart. So why keep the former around? (the latter openly wonders). Hopefully though Corsican mosques are now as secure as a Saudi Arabian church.

Note also the prime minister’s characterization of the Arab attacks on local firefighters as “intolerable.” This term historically suggesting an act that would not be tolerated. But through the alchemy of modern verbicide has come to mean how may we aid in quelling native response to your predations? Intolerable.

And while the people’s enthusiastic application of historical definitions was heartening, I wanted to highlight subsequent qualifications that made it less so. Defying an official ban, another sizable march took place yesterday in the island capital. This one more peaceful and rhetorically neutered from nights previous. Assured the marchers…

We fight against scum, not against Arabs!” chanted the protesters on their way towards the area.

“We aren’t thugs, we aren’t racists,” the crowd shouted as they passed by a police station.

Consider the Scum People on notice. Hopefully they can find a few of those lurking about the island before an Arab majority helpfully takes over the chore. It’s interesting that men such as Martel, John of Austria, and Sobieski never bothered to assault Scum formations, choosing instead to pursue victory against tangible opposition. Tactics which now seem almost quaint in light of advances in social science. Though this approach did offer the ancillary benefit of keeping wives and children out of chattel.

So it is with that crudely effective mentality that I encourage Corsicans to discard the denials of racism. Whether you are any of the evolving witchcraft-words is immaterial. Sovereignty isn’t contingent on liberalism. Your home belongs to you, even when preferring your own family in it. So forego the nods to modern mysticism and speak as plainly as you would to any home invader: Get Out.

It’s the lingua franca of healthy immune systems.


13 thoughts on “Western Immune System Becoming Troublingly Unsuppressed

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  2. Feed the ***** to the *******, the traitors to the wogs,
    the wogs to the pigs, and the ******* to the dogs.

    Jan Sobieski

  3. Home is whatever men are willing to defend. By that fundamental metric, one enraged Corsican mob is more potent than nine American carrier strike groups.

    Pretty much. If the geniuses at the DoD actually cared about defending the homeland, they would launch a couple of those carrier groups up the Rio Grande.

    I read a comment elsewhere that expressed surprise that this happened in Corsica, because the Front National scored less than 10% of the vote there in the regional elections.

    But a nationalist party actually won the election there, just one that sees their nation as Corsica, not France.


    This is a self-described leftwing “””progressive””” party, although their leftism seems to be of the old school variety: more social programs rather than more immigration, and independence rather than globalism.

    And assuming that this ‘mob’ (i.e. hastily organized group of outraged patriots) are supporters of Corsica Libera, they have a healthy contempt for both the Islamic invaders and the hated mainlanders who foisted this invasion on their island-nation.

    Speaking of mainland France (and channeling Michel Houellebecq), it took the combined forces of the dhimmi Hollande and the cuckold Sarkozy, uniting in an unholy Afro-Islamic Alliance of Treason, to defeat Le Pen tante et nièce in Calais and Provence respectively.

    So even though it was definitely a loss for our side, it perfectly clarified the choice French voters will face going forward: the FN, representing la France profonde, versus the Socialist-Republican axis of evil, representing demographic suicide.

    It’s a lot like the choice GOP voters will face in the new year. On one hand there is the great patriot Baron von Trumpenstein, representing legacy America; on the other the 12 dwarves, representing the invite/invade faction of circling-the-drain cuckservatism.

    Choose wisely Republicans, choose wisely.

  4. @Porter

    Mea máxima culpa.

    Knowing the ways of the noahideous and their chicken spinning,
    “do you smell gas?,”
    “Empire of Our Own”,
    “Guess Who’s Coming to N****r,”
    “To Rape a Honkey Bitch,”
    speilberg speil whining,
    rambam thank you ma’am defining,
    shmeckel choppin,
    state secret hawkin,
    Christ killing,
    Piss Christ mockin’
    butt muhdikk’n,
    “Dr fecal and Mr clyde” golem attack dogs.

    Sorrows own ceaseless,
    “a sucker born every minute,”
    communist spawning,
    murder inc. nurturing,
    war mongering,
    porn peddling,
    democracy loving,
    jealous guardians and monopolists.

    From over the rainbow, where there is no place place like homo.
    Where they come from, and should be helped to return.
    Somewhere. A new way of livin’. A way of forgivin’. Somewhere.
    Black and brown being easily observed components of that delightful natural phenomenon.
    Irrefutable proof of the rightness of their tinseltown town trumpeted, mandrill manumitting mission.

    I’m in!!!
    Now where did i leave that suicide note to posterity on behalf of me and my kind? It’s here somewhere. It says democracy at the top.
    It’s here somewhere!

    I digress.
    Being cognizant of these facts, I ought to have asterisked the inoffensively intended. jocularities.
    A meshuggener mamzer i am.
    Do excuse me.


    Who sane could disagree with such hands off, selfless, going the extra mile, caiaphas derived, herod inspired, homospun wisdom?


    Not that black can’t ever be beautiful. Just not in the form of general butt naked, m.l.k., kunta k**ey, williams “sisters”, the first “lady,” or their seemingly innumerable, interchangeable, dumber than pigsh*t, venal, intellectually, morally, and spiritually bereft media cohort.
    Beauty being measured on a scale of remoteness, near/far, grotesque/sublime, from the above entities’ traits and immutable properties. Light years away being the optimum.

    Hugo Boss being a White chap who confounded the rule, by initiating several exceptional examples, defying all common sense and contemporary nay-sayers.Not repeated since sad to say.

    A sense which sadly isn’t as abundant today as it was in his own, all White, all day, all night, halcyon era.

    K***s, n*****s and n*****s, being the missing descriptors attending the above
    word excercise / Redneck rap.

    Lending internal rhythm and cohesive integrity to an intentionally light hearted, yet urgently necessary prescripive intervention. In the bidding of a final fond adieu, to the aggressive cancer that is Humanity’s erzatz cuckoo, hitherto, Auld Lang Syne.
    In the form of an easily remembered childrens nursery rhyme.

    “Down low, batty bwoi,butt bangin,’boon based, bongo party train”
    All aboard…

    I hope you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.
    Also all Whites, regardless of age, religion or none,class, or sex.
    Very best wishes.

    I’m looking ahead in hopes of a bumper crop of strange fruit.
    A harmless, year ’round guilty pleasure and aid, to good health.


    Or did i dream it?

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