Offering this simple phrase


There’s a spiritual balm in Christmas. In the organic fellowship of family. In seeing the pride of grandparents reflected through the joy of their posterity. In the laughter of old times over the warble of old music. It is a time for appreciation.

So to those friends unmet…Merry Christmas.


21 thoughts on “Offering this simple phrase

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  2. Merry Christmas, Porter. May you be given the gift of continued rhetorical inspiration. You’re truly the best on the interwebs.

  3. Thanks to everyone for the warm regards. They’re genuinely appreciated.

    Here was my own Night Before Christmas tale:

    I attended a Christmas Eve church service yesterday evening. The presiding cleric carried a somewhat effete demeanor that belied his broad jowls and buzz cut. Trundling through a fairly stock sermon for the occasion, I found it curious as he began to range beyond the divine…

    And in the midst of a violent and deteriorating society, we need God’s direction like never before…

    I’ll say. Preach on padre.

    Our politics have coarsened, as dark forces have captured the stage…

    Dark Forces? Oh no.

    Candidates who divide us into groups rather than bring us together as individuals…

    Spoken to a 100% homogenous sanctuary wholly divided from every individual in the cross-town ghetto.

    We must be lights in the darkness, shining a beacon of hope…

    Of course one can only speculate on the coarse candidate to whom he referred. Though I spent the remainder of his remarks searching for an answer in the ceiling beams. But his exhortation is well taken. We must all be lights in this modern midnight. And the beacon of hope shines from far corners.

    • I had a similarly disheartening experience attending a service presided over by a 350 pound woman. She likened her experience with impatient fellow travelers, who expressed impatience with her request for an airplane seat belt extender, to the travails of Joseph and Mary on their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. I hardly think the alt-right will find succor in the legacy church communities. Luckily, those are imploding quickly, as my retired in-laws are considered young in this congregation.

    • Merry Christmas Porter you beautiful man! I also attended Mass with my family on Christmas Eve, and the Priest was quite a study. He began the Christmas sermon with a nauseating rant about some poor innocent Ecuadorian Tribe harassed and the like by the evil White Spaniards, (his emphasis on “White”). But then, in the midst of the rambling and bizarre tale, he starting railing on Islam, lol. It was very strange and made my uber-liberal brother quite angry, something I appreciated. Ah, twas a Christmas miracle after all !

    • Perhaps we shared seats in the same nave! My pastor too gave a rousing sermon to his flock of retirement-age homemakers and their families. Rejecting “walls,” reforming your thinking to be inclusive, making a “real, substantial” new year’s resolution to embrace others, specifically different races and sexual orientations. This from a retirement-age family man, to a completely uniform congregation of nuclear families.

      The church I grew up in has been dying for quite awhile. It peddles a faith that is still a rather expensive “substitute good” in economic terms. You can receive the very same uniform blessing and absolution these days from radio, television, cinema, newspaper, and magazine alike, not to mention the kindergarten-through-grad school phases of academia, the aftershocks of political policies, and the echoes in mall corridors and between aisles of big boxes. Religion still carries a potentially steep social cost: no matter how progressive your faith might be, you still bear the mark of the antiquated exclusionary class. For today’s lubricated contemporary, that can be quite a cross to bear.

      A faith might grow if it promises rewards that cannot be gleaned elsewhere for cheaper. Ironically, there is one such faith, and its purveyor is building a wall.

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  5. Happy New Year to you, Porter. .

    Jeppo posts a video of Lemmy, and three days later he’s dead – the curse of Kakistocracy! I’m compiling a list of people I can post.

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