A Strange New Respect

It’s fascinating to observe the elaborate pantomimes required of those producing political pravda. Editorials are, naturally, a riot of preening and virtue signals. But even ostensibly hard news stories cede a significant portion of their real estate to the same obligatory posturing. I almost wish each reporter would simply caption their pieces with: I am a good liberal person who thinks good liberal thoughts! Once suitably qualified, they could dispense with the social gesturing and simply issue their report. This would reduce most articles by half, thus providing additional space for the homosex lifestyle section. There are no losers.

Though because my sensible recommendations for comprehensive media reform have not yet been implemented, we get articles like this one from the NYT. It’s an amusing inversion of the customary strange new respect afforded pseudo-cons who jettison both principle and constituent alike to pursue media approval. In this instance, the unusual strangeness accrues from liberal observers’ uneasy policy shift rather than that of the subject politician, Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

The purpose of the article is to document a surely disingenuous mea culpa from the Euro-left establishment to Orban on the migrant crisis. According to the piece, many attitudes are rapidly shifting toward his long and loudly spoken positions.

…he thinks Mr. Orban, the self-declared scourge of mainstream elites across Europe, was right and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was wrong about how to respond to the chaotic flood of migrants

Hungary was wise to seal its borders and sound the alarm over the perils of allowing hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly Muslims, to enter Europe willy-nilly.

Mr. Orban had a clearer view of the scale of the migration crisis and its potential hazards than technocrats in Brussels and leaders in Berlin and other European capitals.

In fact, Mr. Orban’s prescriptions — notably the need to secure Greece’s porous coastline and seal Europe’s outer borders — have slowly been embraced by other European Union leaders, who vowed on Thursday, at their final summit meeting of 2015, to “regain control” of the Continent’s frontiers.

Speaking in Brussels at the end of the summit meeting on Friday, Mr. Orban said that “it has taken us a long time” but that there was now “an absolute consensus among the prime ministers on the issue of protection and control of the external borders.” With a big grin, he added, “Actually it was Hungary’s point of view since the beginning that we should start here.”

“It is more and more obvious that what we kept on saying for the last six months turned out to be right,” Mr. Szijjarto (Hungary’s foreign minister) said in an interview. “This is acknowledged more and more: Some say it openly, some say it behind closed doors and some don’t say it but act accordingly.”

Whenever Hungary made an argument the response was always: ‘They are stupid Hungarians. They are xenophobes and Nazis,’ ” Zoltan Kovacs, a government spokesman, said. “Suddenly, it turns out that what we said was true. The naïveté of Europe is really quite stunning.”

I doubt naïveté is the animating feature of Europe’s state treason. And I’m equally skeptical the replacement project has been shelved owing to sudden light-seeing by that continent’s film of hostile bureaucrats. Though those aren’t the points tonight.

The point is rather those passages not quoted. For in what is essentially a concession speech to Orban’s perspicacity, the author felt compelled by convention to produce paragraphs of mandatory signaling that Hungary’s prime minister is a very bad man who thinks very bad thoughts. Note the following descriptions of Orban in the very same piece.

✅ Not a good person
✅ Shrill and bigoted
✅ Hate-mongering (I think there’s a real opportunity to expand mongering into other markets)
✅ Nasty
✅ Tinged with racism and anti-semitism
✅ Belligerent

Orban is certainly fortunate to have been on the Right Side of History, or his character may have really been impugned. As it is, the perfunctory pejoratives above could almost be considered a wan handshake. Saying he was right in fact, wrong in thought allows shitlibs to concede as gracelessly as their temperaments demand. Though it’s not a great chore to discern when the act is just an exercise. And if Europe is one day secured for its indigenous children, you may be assured many will robotically lament the hate and intolerance…as they silently shout hosannas to the heavens.


4 thoughts on “A Strange New Respect

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  2. It’s like some kind of Monty Python Comic:

    “Orban, the admittedly completely and absolutely wrong, ungood nonperson, nasty, belligerent, hate-mongerer of shrill and bigoted, anti-semitic, racist policies regarding the crisis… was absolutely right.”

    I am a court journalist. Where’s my cheque?

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