More Value in Interests

A few observations as Current Year’s concluding debate of the Potemkin opposition prepares to commence. Polling now 41% nationally Trump continues to vex and perplex his establishment detractors from both parties. As Ann Coulter quiped, Trump may just cap out after all…at a 55% majority.

Though it’s interesting to note that despite persistent exertions, has been unable to pull away from National Review in demeaning the Republican front-runner. Similarly, Bill Kristol at Weekly Standard professed to concern over the robe-soiling conservatism has suffered by its new bull elephant marking his territory. This lament being a bit rich coming from a jewish neocon, whose invade/invite DNA is so caked on the “robe of conservatism” that it crackles when pulled-up for entry. But of course that presumes conservatism means something beyond two white parents raising eight adopted Africans to fight for Israel in a borderless global marketplace. And we are assured it does not.

But, as always, it is what’s not said that speaks loudest. Beneath the posturing and politics, the lying, jiving, and preening. Beneath the practiced OMGs, the did he just says?, and the daily gasps of primal banality lies something much different, real, unyielding. The unspoken and unspeakable. Lying beneath contrived skirmishes over tax rates, warming change, the constitution. And beneath every foam-filled head that talks interminably about them is man’s fundamental conflict. His innate and timeless friction. The one that doesn’t change perspective or purpose. The one that only dies with those too spiritually flaccid to acknowledge it. That is the ancient bedrock of tribe. And it’s the stage upon which our thespians will perform tonight.

As is widely recognized, though nowhere as racist, the Republican Party desperately needs to pivot from the founding stock it has helped to dispossess. That is the sole purpose of the establishment contestants: to gracefully pivot the party to America’s encroaching constituencies. Ones whose interests may then be openly advanced, as opposed to the long societal embargo on aiding legacy Americans. They may keep the lights on, but do so quietly enough that no one bothers to notice. With the Bush presidents, and the train of genteel losers behind them, the whole enterprise was going quite swimmingly. Until in splashed Donald Trump.

Trump has become the angry howl of a people who have belatedly come to find themselves locked out of their own house. The institutions built for their father’s posterity, now labor assiduously against them. And all the world’s pre-Americans concur. This is not “your” country, you dolt. America is for Asians and Africans and Mexicans and Jews. Wipe that look off your face, you act as if this were news.

The red Make America Great Again caps are thus the paramilitary fatigues of a man determined to storm the castle squandered in his sleep. Whether he still possesses the wherewithal to accomplish this now formidable task is the matter in question. And it may be why for the first in a very long time, we are about to hold an election that actually matters. The Republican establishment understands this, and it is why none of their mouthpieces miss an opportunity to yodel about ‘white supremacists.’ It is why they speak of ‘Our Values’ rather than our interests. Because they know these concepts have metastasized into full conflict and would like you to select the former. Values are sleeping in the street. Interests are sleeping in your bed. And men who can’t grasp the difference are sleeping with the fishes.

And so tonight candidates will perform their intricately choreographed routines. None will speak forthrightly, as obviously none may in this free country. But appeals will be made, the content of which being mostly in subtext. Nearly all will be appeals to the values that are very valuable to the establishment indeed. Perhaps a few will be appeals to our actual interests. That’s where rhetoric stands on bedrock. And where a man stands to retake his home.



10 thoughts on “More Value in Interests

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  2. The glow in the sky and the tickle of far away smoke in the nose have for sometime wafted across the fruited plain. Some knew long ago that it was coming, some recently noticed the subtle change in the air, but many were too busy to notice. And some, of course, will cling forever to the friendly confines of the dying past and die along with it.

    So it is that the vengeful and purifying fire of truth, love and beauty is descending upon us all to cleanse the landscape, consume the evil underbrush and deadwood to begin the renewal process of regrowth and harmony.

    Welcome, and do not fear, the raging inferno on the horizon, ignited and fanned by the seekers of liberty and justice: We The People. Embrace the flames and savior the smoldering embers for they come to set us free.

    God Bless America

  3. All the interest groups and “sides” in politics can see as clearly as anyone else the long train of abuses. But whereas we want the long train of abuses to derail, they want the long train of abuses to keep on chugging along the tracks to serfdom town.

    I still worry Trump was meant to be nothing more than the conjuring trick to guarantee Hillary 2016 victory but even if so I am hopeful that the Frakenstein monster of Trumpism is now outside their control.

    If so, he now has to worry about driving through Dallas, shaking hands with busboys whilst having an Ace Security guard directly behind him and jogging at sunset unaccompanied.

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  5. Think you’ve hit upon something quite important here: Trump, as a phenomenon, represents the collective pent up frustrations of ordinary white Americans (which is to say American Americans). In this regard, he’s a lot like Reagan. And I suspect that Trump will be at least as disappointing. It is eminently enjoyable&mash;thrilling TBH—to see our cultural masters squirm over Trump. It is less enjoyable, however, to have ordinary Americans’ blind (and pitiable) faith in Democracy renewed for another generation.

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