Scientists Detect no Grifting Change

Man does not well thrive in chaos. Our minds find comfort in consistency. Order is the ballast of our souls. And no people in the annals of anthropology display such pleasantly rhythmic precision as the children of Africa. Atomic clocks are instruments of anarchy by comparison.

No matter the time, place, or occasion, blacks are being put upon, offended, and denied their fair share of other people’s pie. They were once Kings and Queens. And ones whose knowledge was despicably pilfered by the white devils who spirited it away for their own malign intrigues. Blacks went to bed one night designing nanocircuitry and woke up unable to peel a banana. Because knowledge is like a hubcap: it can’t exist in two places simultaneously. That’s why ebony intellectuals are obliged to continually promulgate their lore…as it keeps being forgotten upon passing to the next party. I imagine Cornel West has known the same things a dozen times by now. Let’s hope for sake of his own sanitation he never reveals the secrets of shitting in a commode. Though regardless, it’s a cycle that must be highly aggravating, and a just cause for reparations in itself.

But aside from the racism blacks clamber into white countries to receive, they also suffer spite from the heavens. And when that occurs, Somebody got to pay.

African campaigners are demanding compensation for the huge damage being inflicted on the continent by global warming.

I have to admit to some degree of admiration for the pluck and tenacity of these African hustlers. It’s like a Nigerian Email scam writ large. One simply spams the planet with hard luck panhandles under the assumption a gull cracks its egg every day. Of course the corollary is the hope dupes buying this baloney will be willing to part with other people’s money. Both presumptions being right often enough to amply fund a global EBT.

a problem that has been caused by the rich countries but will hit poor nations the hardest.

Is there anything that doesn’t hit blacks the hardest?
The knockout game
Birth control

As the United Nations summit to tackle climate change nears its conclusion, African politicians and NGOs are calling for the developed world to provide cash to help them deal with the consequences of a warming planet.

Compensation should cover everything from storm damage and crop failure to desertification and forest degradation, the African nations say.

The funds should also help meet the cost of the mass migration that is inevitable as huge areas become uninhabitable, as well as the rise in diseases such as malaria.

“The cries of the people of Africa impacted by climate change are growing louder and louder as they are losing the farmlands and animals they rely on for their livelihoods to floods and droughts,” Mithika Mwenda, secretary general of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), told The Independent.

Bravo boys, bravo. Make sure to also mention something about our shared values, the children, and the plight of indigenous LGBTs. Hand whitey a bill for the kitchen sink, and he’ll probably offer to pay for the whole house. You should demand funding for a tokoloshe rapid response force while the tab remains open. What’s best of all is it’s the same weather you’ve tromped around in since evolving up from Erectus last week. Drought in Africa…who ever heard of such a thing before Americans began driving SUVs? Too bad the notions of crop fertilization, irrigation, and rotation were also stolen. And that’s going to cost you too.

Let’s see how the marks respond to this opening gambit…

US special envoy for climate change, Todd Stern, said this week: “We won’t accept the notion that there should be liability and compensation for loss and damage, that’s a line we can’t cross.”

I can’t believe it. May as well shitcan this entire post, as the fish aren’t taking the hook. Oh well.

But he indicated he could be open to financial assistance under a different name – a stance shared by much of the developing world, including Europe and the UK.

Ahh there’s the predictability men crave. We’ll pay alright, but for godsake have the etiquette to use benign terminology. No way in hell we’re giving you compensation. It’s assistance or nothing ******.

All of this ridiculously morbid fleecing is an outgrowth of the Warsaw Mechanism, which is commenter Aufeis’ favorite mechanism of them all.

At COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, the COP established the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts (Loss and Damage Mechanism), to address loss and damage associated with impacts of climate change, including extreme events and slow onset events, in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. The implementation of the functions of the Loss and Damage Mechanism will be guided by the Executive Committee under the guidance of the COP.

A long time ago I would have made jokes about blacks demanding money for the weather. But that was this summer. For where they have lagged as architects, engineers, physicians, and farmers, they have more than made up for in the fields of grifting, begging, crime, and rioting. It will be posterity that determines the more effective approach.

And four billion Africans can build quite a consistent case.


14 thoughts on “Scientists Detect no Grifting Change

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  2. You do realize that this fucking thing nearly expired a few weeks ago, right?

    Common Sense Climate Reform and its requisite volunteer participation can only be assured via precise funding allocation formulae. How else can the Earths climate be gently piloted to the precise sweet spot?

  3. Gee, who would have ever thought blacks could destroy an entire continents agricultural productivity? It’s obviously “global warming” caused by whitey. I mean given control of multiple cities in the US, look how well that turned out. If
    those selfish whites hadn’t taken all their money away too.

  4. In a just world, all claims for African aid of this sort should have to be submitted to displaced Rhodesian farmers and their heirs. “Explain again, Mr. Obodogaboo, how it was that climate change destroyed your agricultural industry?”

  5. In addition to our temporary Christmas bordering, I’m messing with fonts and sizing as a result of reader complaints as to legibility. If this current setting works better or worse, let me know. I’m not crazy about the line height. WP tends to compress larger fonts on the vertical plane, rather than scaling space with the text. This creates a cramped visual field that may aesthetically negate any benefit of larger fonts for those who found them too small.

    • By the way, that Nat Geo report is not proof of “Climate Change”™. It’s exactly what one would expect in an atmosphere enriched with extra CO₂ (plant food).

  6. The Western Ruling Class has invented the AGW hoax-crisis as a pretext to further increase the span of control of the Total State, i.e. further constrict liberty within the Civil Society and limit future global economic opportunities.

    AGW is a hoax, its eternally distant future damage an illusion, but the economic damage of the AGW solutions is real and immediate.

    At least the Africans have the good sense to demand to get paid for giving up their economic future (such as its is).

    Who are the low-IQ folks again? The ones who believe the hoax? Or the ones who demand payment for the economic damage caused by hoaxers?

    And where do I go to get compensated?

  7. “Is there anything that doesn’t hit blacks the hardest?”

    Having to actually build a first world civilisation before enjoying it’s benefits.
    Maintaining said civilisation in the face of a low IQ human tsunami.
    Funding the worthless lives of a racial underclass with affirmative action and taxes.
    Being forced to solve the problems others cause.
    Racial rape and murder.

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  9. Those dastardly Afrikaner farmers must have understood something about climate change that they took with them to their graves.

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