This is a Grave Moment for France

Grave. Grave indeed. A moment when Paris, perhaps the crown jewel of western civilization, was badly bloodied by alien militants emerging like morlocks from the city’s festering banlieues. Having been imported for generations by a syndicate of amoral businessmen and immoral socialists, they now encircle the city of lights like Numidians at Cannae. Finally comprehending how dire the scope of this self-inflicted insurgency, French fry Francois Hollande somberly issued the titular pronouncement.

Not exactly.

No, the grave moment to which Hollande refers is the recent electoral repudiation of his administration and embrace of a Front National party so wildly on the fringe that it actually proposes maintaining a habitat for its own indigenous people. Though whatever you and I may think is extreme hardly bears mentioning. It’s what the bureaucracy and media think that counts. And when a plurality party is at significant variance with their opinions, well that’s extremism QE fucking D.

Though I imagine confusion must be as grave for Hollande as anything else presently. He surely believes only a stone heart could condemn his honorable actions: importing a proxy electorate, creating a sullen class of perpetual welfare clients, and a robust surveillance apparatus to enforce all that new liberté, égalité, and fraternité. What more could be asked?

Of course the notion that a modern western state would align its policies with the interests of the people it nominally represents is now so quaint I think it was probably last mentioned in an episode of Little House on the Prairie. And I hardly think Francois is familiar with the series. Though that’s not to say he will dismiss the cake-eating les miserables entirely. He dipped his finger in the blood of Bataclan and put it to the wind. Its direction is plain. The time for decisive action is now.

He had earlier said that the verdict of voters showed how important it was for his government to push through the spending cuts and tax cuts it has been promising, and vowed to reduce income tax for workers. “There is not a single minute to lose,” he said, appearing on French television.

Let it be understood clearly enemies of The Republic: you feed our countrymen to the worms and we won’t spare a single minute enacting meaningful tax reform that balances pro-growth incentives with a solemn commitment to our fiscal responsibilities. Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Francois Hollande.

And while the socialists in France were reeling into electoral tertiary status, the socialists in Britain weren’t much happier.

A mood of near-panic seized France’s mainstream political parties as they scrambled to prevent two – and maybe three – French regions falling under the flag of the far-right for the first time since 1944.

The Front National – the lineal descendent of the Nazi-collaborating Vichy regime, whatever Marine Le Pen may say – attracted the votes of almost one in three of the French voters who bothered to vote in the first round of regional elections on 6 December.

Remember, liberals appreciate nuance. So we must tease that Nazi feather up their inner thigh with exquisite subtlety.

Libération warned it was no longer possible to rule out a “seizure of power by Marine Le Pen” in the presidential elections in 2017.

You see Le Pen is threatening to seize power by being legitimately elected. Insidious.

the results were devastating to France’s sense of itself – and its reputation in the world. A lurch towards gut anti-Muslim feeling in blue-collar and lower middle-class France is precisely what Isis wanted to achieve in killing 130 people in Paris.

I actually think the results were most devastating for liberals convinced that angels reside in Babel. They were almost certainly less devastating for the plurality of French voters who cast ballots for Front National. And the only lurchings of French proles that interest ISIS are those toward the cemetery.

There were others, like the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who suggested that something darker was happening – the resurgence of an old demon in the French psyche, an urge towards racism and extreme inward-looking nationalism. “There has always been a block of political discourse (in France) based on hatred of others… hatred also of oneself. That is what is reviving now,” Mr Levy said.

Yes he was correct about the hate. Though the primary source and direction of that emotion is a matter of some unfortunate opacity. Perhaps his wealthy jewish family could offer some clarity. Though that’s extraneous certainly to Levy’s objective evaluation of the extremism, racism, and general shittiness of the French character. I mean it’s just one intellectual’s opinion. There is no conspiracy, cabal, or whatever hypoxic hallucinations you may experience in regarding his itinerant ethnicity. You know, ask two jews and get three opinions. Well it appears in this case we’re still two opinions short.

The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) and the country’s chief Rabbi are calling on the nation’s Jewish community to help stop the party (National Front) in its tracks. 
It called on Monday for people to vote to block what it referred to as a “populist and xenophobic party”, warning “not to let the Republic give way in face of threats.”
Meanwhile, France’s chief rabbi, Haim Korsia, called for a “civic uprising” of voters in the second round “to breathe life into democracy… in these particularly troubled times for the nation”.

There’s nothing more civic-minded than an uprising. Make sure to check me out of the King David Hotel and cancel my Mediterranean cruise on the Liberty. Because Rabbi Haim Korsia’s nation is troubled…at the French one climbing out of its grave.


14 thoughts on “This is a Grave Moment for France

    • The writing is certainly gooder than most. It’s far more worthy of the front page of a proper, decent newspaper than a blog that one can only find if one looks for it in the right place, deliberately. This is incredible stuff. We all should do our best to spread these articles, especially this masterpiece, far and wide.

  1. I love the MSM narrative in France and the US of ‘home grown’ jihadists. These were Europeans killing their fellow Frenchmen – an American with a wife holding a Paki passport.

    Oy vey – how stupid do they think we are? These people are no more European or American than a foreign invasive plant or fish. To suggest they’re home grown is so disingenuous even the Vietnamese owner of the local nail shop scoffs and says ‘we should just not let Muslim people in, they’re bad’.

    • So-called minorities in the west have an understood argot. When talking to whites it’s “we” when they want cooperation, and “your” when they want cleansing.

  2. “There were others, like the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who suggested that something darker was happening”

    What is all of this “darkness” that I keep reading about with regard to Trump, the National Front, etc.? The mainstream media seem obsessed with it.

    • Ha ha, they know it’s the end. They’re crying their treasonous, disgusting eyes out. And a little worry might creep in too, that they might actually be forced to explain their attempts to destroy us and might even have to pay for their crimes by being put on trial, which would be the ultimate good to come out of all this so the next batch of shitheads remembers what happens to “leaders” who decide to do evil to their own, or collaborate with those who want to do it.

  3. The Front National is winning because the two main political parties in France have imploded on top of the terrorist attacks:

    – The crypto-jew Sarkozy turned the mainstream Gaullist conservative Party into another Neocohen Cuckservatism that we see in the Anglosphere.

    – The ruling Socialist Party is also dominated by a zionist-jewish cabal at the top, the Prime-Minister Manuel Valls is Spaniard married to a jewish woman from a proeminent Zionist family, its also good the remember that France first Socialist Prime-Minister was the Jew Leon Blum.

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  6. It takes a Herculean effort of promotion (much of it by himself) to keep people convinced that a non-entity like Lévy is an intellectual. Imagine if someone like Pat Buchanan had written a piece that cited an article in the Onion as a source. He’d never be allowed to live it down. Yet Lévy wrote an essay in 2010 citing “Jean-Baptiste Botul”, a spoof philosopher created by a satirical journalist. Even the name of his school of philosophy – le botulisme – didn’t set off any alarm bells for BHL.

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