Solace from the Sun

I periodically hear or read observers who perceive the West’s morbid pathologies, but view them not with alarm, but rather zen tranquility. They counsel that these are simply the cycles of civilization. Man’s eternal fits and follies. Nothing that hasn’t occurred often before or just as frequently hence. Relax and take the long view. Things come and then they go. Isn’t there a new Star Wars movie premiering? If you can’t even find pleasure in a plucky black man putting one over on space nazis, then it’s time for some decompression.

There are those who find succor in such assurances. And most will soon be in theaters waving plastic neon swords. For this is exactly the sort of potemkin sagacity that issues from men just bright enough to say very dim things.

Upon noting this strain of upon-Olympus philosophizing, I’m always curious as to how tightly the speaker has gripped the implication. Whether we could be sitting together on a corkscrewing airplane as I patted his white knuckles above their iron grip and chided him to take a broader perspective of our last minute alive. People live, people die. It’s the cycle of life…though you’ll need to stop beseeching God to fully absorb my point. I thought you were spiritual not religious? Anyway, planes have crashed into dime-sized debris in the past and they will do so in the future. Whether you personally are a wholly-constituted human being or just a streak of pink slurry is no real matter of cosmic significance. The world keeps turning and hey, I think we can catch the first 20 seconds of Mission Impossible on the in-flight movie!

That my hypothetical flight companion would find these consolations compelling is quite doubtful. He would probably be as little impressed with this logic as the Etruscans are with the iPhone 6s. Because to say that a very large wheel proceeds to turn is not to say that you or yours will be rolling with it. And it is the latter not the former that our logic and intuition were evolved to ensure. These being the same faculties against which we struggle daily in service to liberal orthodoxy.

And so we deploy trite tautology to absolve ourselves of concern. The sun will continue to burn therefore… Whatever requires rationalization may be comfortably inserted after the ellipsis. And why not not? We shouldn’t be roused to such archaic matters. It’s the current year!


13 thoughts on “Solace from the Sun

  1. For those of us with low T levels and high satisfaction in the here and now, it’s difficult to get worked up. Alas, current events are really spiking my chi. My contributions are, like everyone else’s, tempered by my situation and abilities. Here’s what damn near everyone can do:
    Don’t accept LinkedIn invites from The Others
    If you’re in a position to hire, screen resumes for signs of The Others
    Don’t let your daughters or sons partake in activities endemic to The Others (get the pimp hand out if your wife even thinks about enrolling Janie in hip hop dance lessons)
    Try to buy from salespeople who aren’t of The Other (cars, phones, etc)
    Always try to give a leg up to your co-ethnics who aren’t obviously SJWs

    In other words, adopt a Jewish In-Group prejudice.

    It’s the least we can all do, even if we’re pessimistic about the cycle of civilization.

    • Yeah, there are plenty of reasonable and legal channels of expression. Though the eternal sun rationale for dismissing the entire situation is what I find so goofy.

  2. You’ve got a superb and ever-increasingly superb blog.

    But the the micro-size font display is a disaster — at least in my browser — which I hope you are urgently moving to fix…through a new blog layout or something.

    It dishonors your fine and keenly needed work and distressingly deters from it being read.

      • Yes. Google Chrome on android. It also cuts off a sizeable portion of the banner pictures, which is a shame.

      • The format seems good, tho’ I haven’t viewed it on a hand-held device. I received the opposite comment last night about my blog (toooo icky BIG). The more up-to-date wordpress templates attempt to gracefully support a variety of display sizes. On a large PC screen, resizing the window will allow you to view this “fitting” in real time. No template is going to be perfect for every device and OS. (At least not among free WP ones…) My suggestion is CTRL+”+” for too small and CTRL+”-” for too big.

      • Thanks Nick. I’d like to know how pervasive the problem is for android and/or chrome users. If it’s a significant deterrent, it may be worthwhile for me to experiment with different wp formats.

        I’d appreciate any other reader input into problems reading here.

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  4. The old saturnine temperament – there is nothing insincere about. And who doesn’t enjoy the metaphysical implications of the transitory inevitability? Nothing but shadows and dust.

    But if such a metaphysical frame is used as a justification for practical politics, and particularly a typical liberal stance of resignation to the race-replacement, well that would be non-sense. Because the essence of politics is practicality, the here-and-now, and so necessarily cannot be resigned. A politics based on defeat has some serious ontological issues!

    However, that is liberalism in a nutshell. I have recently been seeing the liberal perspective in terms of animal behavior of the r-selected variety, and then their consequent “politics” as an effort to justify some cognitive dissonance to the fact that they don’t really want to die. Or more accurately, the cognitive dissonance of the inappropriate metaphysical frame to their politics, is that they are not so entirely r-selected, or perhaps that there is a fluctuation in that continuum that kicks in right quick.

    My use of that popular concept from ethology is not meant pretentiously, i think it is right, though my understanding is as a layman.

  5. Please allow me a couple clarifications. Proper liberal politics, which in practice is submission to race-replacement, and various other degrees of appeasement – can be considered as r-selected animal behavior.

    That is liberal politics proper. But what we see as liberal politics in the actual experience, includes a lot of confusion in its adherents. And perhaps that confusion and unpleasantness comes from the realization of the implications of their position.

    Liberals can change. Some will, some will not. Liberals’ misguided efforts are often misunderstood as deliberately harmful (though that is not talking about the people at the top).

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