A Victim without Skittles

I have a pretty good time being alive…and will definitely miss me when I’m gone. This being a point of some confusion to acquaintances. A person who shares my children’s DNA once remarked on the incongruity of maintaining perceptible joie de vivre alongside a “fathomless pessimism.” Well we’ve got only a short time here to enjoy, and who wants to waste it in some optimistic opium dream?

Part of maintaining a healthy disposition is balance. Love those important to you, hate those aligned against them, and keep enough food on the table to do both. When one of these surges beyond range of the others, it’s time to have a seat until parity can be restored. I hope you’re already sitting.

A 6-year-old boy in Kentucky was stabbed to death during a violent home break-in Monday, and an Indianapolis man is the suspect. Police say they can’t find any connection between the suspect and the family, and say it’s a mystery why this little boy was targeted.

The deadly encounter happened around 4 a.m. at a home in Versailles, Kentucky.

Authorities say officers responded to the home on a burglary call. What they found was six-year-old Logan Tipton dead from stab wounds.

Officers say Logan was in his bedroom asleep when Ronald Exantus reportedly broke into the home, went to an upstairs bedroom and stabbed the boy multiple times in the head area with a large kitchen knife he found in the home.

Ronald Exantus, 32, is from Indianapolis. He now faces charges of murder and burglary in the death of Logan Tipton, as well as three assault charges for cutting Logan’s two sisters and fighting Logan’s father. He is being held in lieu of a $1 million bond.

Ronald Exantus

Ronald Exantus

A different race intruder slinks into a family’s home and slaughters their little boy in his bed for no reason whatsoever. I imagine this will warrant substantial media coverage.

And at this moment, the Associated Press front page headline is:
Two sisters from Syria play on a beach near the town of Mytilene after crossing a part of the Aegean sea on a dinghy, with other refugees and migrants, from the Turkish coast to the Greek island of Lesbos, on Monday. Here is the accompanying photo.


That’s so sweet. I wonder if Logan Tipton would have liked to play on a beach today. He could have even done so as a legitimate son of his own nation, rather than a smuggled urchin being posed for photo-op propaganda. But Logan Tipton wasn’t much use to the Western press. Either in life or death.

So there will be no 24/7 news cycle, looted stores, sniveling politicians, or sons Obama could have had. Instead there will be just another shattered and forgotten family suffering its anguish in private…like all those before.

And with each mark on the butcher’s bill, love and money grudgingly give way in the hearts of men.


9 thoughts on “A Victim without Skittles

  1. What we need is a media of our own. At least then we could publish these stories and have a press that would report on white crimes that people could SEE. They like to see the news and they miss the good old days when they believed in it. So if someone had enough money to open up a new news channel specifically about hidden crime, then it would become popular almost overnight. I think most normal whites would react to this very noticeably. But if they don’t know it what can they do? I am betting that if Trump wins he will very likely notice the unfair treatment of whites and put a stop to it. If the nation survives till then.

    One thing that might gross a few people out about the picture is the disgusting toes and shoes on the woman who is a liberal twat. Look at how she doesn’t even wash her feet or polish her toenails, or get a pedicure. Those ugly sandals are typical liberal lezzy active wear. Sorry if you wear them, but they are gross.

    • And of course if the father had stopped Exantus and proceeded to run a strand of barbed-wire through his nostril, sinus, throat, stomach, and colon before tying it off in a loop around a nearby soon-to-be galloping thoroughbred…he would be facing the storm of killed an unarmed black man!

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  3. Porter, I will miss you and all the wonder you’ve spread around the net over these past few years should you disappear some sad day!!! You are among the very (if not THE very) best of “our” side.
    I’ve been lurking in joy since I learned you’d ‘set up shop’ here 🙂

    As for gorgeous little Logan, I am not going to forget him or the horror visited upon him by this subhuman beast.

    These stories need to be told and shared, hard as it is to witness and “hold” them without going stone mad.
    (FYI: ‘Pamela Ross’ on VNN has been keeping track of Black on White crimes for a long time now, she’s doing an amazing job and it’s worth making it a weekly read to catch the most recent heartbreaking/infuriating incidents.)

    • Thanks a lot Mary. This little enterprise normally has the feel of tossing pebbles down a well. I appreciate the warm regards.

      I recall a youth of practically nonexistent anxiety. Of no thought to locked doors, or the oppressed monsters they kept out. But a tranquil high-trust society was a first easy victim to the diversity we have all so meekly feigned to cherish.

  4. I really thought the Skittles and Tea talk was a little out of hand. I mean I guess it was meant to humanize St. Trayvon, but eating and drinking is something every human being who has ever lived does. One who eats and drinks may also beat up school bus drivers and have a Twitter handle of “No Limit Nigga.”

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