Rise of the Shitlords

I’ve gotten a great deal of enjoyment from the flourishing shitlord meme. It’s an example of not only owning an insult, but leveraging it to the base of the shaft. Its connotation of regal irreverence being almost irresistible to the small constellation of dissidents it was intended to smear.

Of course this form of resistance to suffocating orthodoxy is as old as European civilization itself, and thus explains much of the drive to shuttle that relic into a nice museum display. As that blanket of self-abnegating conformity has grown increasingly heavy, most have melted meekly into the magma: see every outlet of respectable conservatism as an example.

Though the heat and pressure have also forged some razor-edged personalities. Combatants against whom liberalism’s hoary incantations are no more effective than a shaman’s appeals to Mictlantecuhtli. One of life’s small pleasures is in watching a libcuck cast about futilely in his bare quiver for that one accusation to silence an implacable opponent. Once racist has been fired to no effect, they are left simply to flail.

To the chagrin of liberals and conservatives alike, this type of rhetoric warrior is increasingly percolating to the surface. And they’re less interested in kneeling before modernity’s sacred cows than cutting them into steaks.

The mainstream comforts itself believing these commentators are little more than the bitter lament of a receding demographic. Though I think that is a failure of depth perception in confusing waxing for a wane. Here and in Europe, the dissident right is spilling out of its social penitentiary. This being on vivid display in the Trump phenomenon, as legacy America begins to gag up the oatmeal of its impotent politicians. People are increasingly coming to understand the treachery of liberalism and duplicity of conservatives. As men are far more inclined to follow than lead, most reaching this realization only do so at the prompting of others. Those sounding the bugles are the Shitlords.

And while I’ve found the term amusing, its application has been overly broad. It is not for men who merely subscribe, but those who inspire. A voice amplified is a voice heard. And the Shitlords deserving of praise are ones who have planted the seed in others. Show a man the program against him and he will mock it for a day. Teach him to see the program and he will mock it for a lifetime.

So to the Shitlords of yesterday and tomorrow…Godspeed bigots.


18 thoughts on “Rise of the Shitlords

  1. Amen, Brother. And apply the same principle to all the other honourable titles they bestow on us as condemnation. Starting with Racist. Own it, proudly. Right-wing, extremist, patriarchal, anti-Semitic, reactionary, I’ll put my hand up for any of those. Any kind of phobia, I dismiss those accusations with contempt. Particularly “homophobia”, which, if it were actually a word, would mean an irrational fear of people like oneself

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  3. Wait until monday when Vox Day releases Cuckservatives: How “conservatives” betrayed America is release.

    It is going to stick that term in the mainstream, and bring the Alt Right out of the shadows, just in time for the Trumpening. Heady times.

  4. The shitlords are winning the culture war online. It will be interesting to see if any of them make it into the mainstream and change that narrative. My money is on the shitlords.

    • I dont think the Jews will give up that easily, it’s going to be a fight, a massive huge fight. The media will drum up all sorts of shit, including police raids and possibly army on the streets before it cedes power to the right. Dont think this will be a “peaceful transition”. Peace is for the goys.

  5. Although the thought of Hillary Clinton as President fills me with a strong sense of discomfort, I’ve realized that Trump winning or losing isn’t important. What’s important is that he’s giving voice to the frustrations millions of white Americans are feeling. Who’s done that? Do we have to go back to FDR for someone who understood what Americans were feeling?

    A genie has been let out of its bottle, and it’s not going to be let in. Electoral politics will become harder and harder to turn around but millions are finally starting to see glimpses of how much the system hates them and wants them gone. That alone is worth it.

  6. Multiple friends have told me that since meeting me they’ve become 1) more religious and 2) more racist.

    Feels good man.

    • Usually the black women who make it a point NOT to date black men don’t have STD’s at the same rate. Probably a lot lower than white women who do date black men.

      So what does shitlord mean anyways? Racist now just means you’re white and see the flaws of other races in addition to not putting up with their crap. It’s almost getting to the point of being a compliment.

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  8. As was hinted at in the article, racism needs to be turned into a positive to our allies.

    My current tactic is truthfully equating an anti-racist with someone who is anti-family. Libs typically ARE anti family in many meaningful ways, but drawing that connection to moderates and conservatives can be profitable I believe.

    Racism is recognizing your kindred and caring about them in a broad extended way. It’s extended family values.

  9. The mainstream comforts itself believing these commentators are little more than the bitter lament of a receding demographic. Though I think that is a failure of depth perception in confusing waxing for a wane.

    Yes of course. That failure of theirs, to recognize who is winning the argument, is baffling.

    That they do not recognize the superior opponent. There is a commenter at Kunstler’s, and i wade through those hundreds of comments and a lot of liberal sludge just to watch him kill them. And crazily, they don’t seem to recognize – or at least do not admit – that they get outplayed 100 to 1, on every angle, and they come back with these stupid insults, that they don’t even know make them look like losers.

    As for the term itself, shitlord – it is funny – but maybe too funny. Maybe something more serious is in order – after all it is the current year.

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