We Stand with You

Any wild Christmas parties you’ve heard about lately? Of course every reader is by now well-pummeled by news of the ballistic ornaments hung on and in attending bodies by Syed Farook and his wacky Paki Amazon Prime bride. The husband was a 14th Amendment American and his wife a naturalized (and surely natural) citizen. Both being no less organic features of western society than a hand crank on a horse’s head.

Nonetheless, despite their All-American government citizenship forms, the couple remained as committed to their native culture as they were to not living within it. Following one of humanity’s most universal tics, their flight to make a better life inevitably landed on the tarmac of to make the same life in a different place. They come here to have a better there. America thus becomes the world’s Twilightzone Epcot. But eventually the fantasy dissolves and the better there is revealed as just a different here. And that leads to disillusionment expressed sometimes with spectacular enthusiasm. This all being an occurrence so common and predictable that etiquette demands it never be mentioned. And at least the dead will oblige.

Though there’s obviously much narrative beyond just another dreary red shower scene in our ongoing kebabicide. It was fascinating to note how the left’s column of ants pivoted instantly as rumors of white shooters dissolved into reality. Triumphalist expressions of “White Terrorism!!!” segued with remarkable precision into laments of the NRA, gun culture, and assault bullets.

Pirouettes are sometimes the most challenging move

Pirouettes are a petty challenge to Cohen

Of course the entire premise of white terrorists in legacy white countries is one so logically mendacious I almost have to applaud our enemies for its straight-faced presentation. For there is no moral equivalence between criminals of a society and foreign attacks against it. When own murders own, men go to the gallows. When aliens murder own they go to war. This used to be understood implicitly. And for those who still observe the behavior of approximately 6.5 billion minorities, it still is. Whites founded, built, and sustain this country. It is their inheritance and home. ‘White terrorists’ thus foul no one’s nest but their own. The Syed Farooks, in contrast, come to foul mine. The difference is everything.

Though fortunately we Actual-Americans spend lavishly on a government chartered to defend our interests. And so, as one would expect, it rose early with a robust portfolio of solutions to jihadis hosing down our public spaces. From Democrats, we had calls to disarm white people. Which, I suppose, is the logical conclusion they imply one should reach when being encircled by hostile aliens. Republicans, on the other hand, paused contemplatively for what seemed like seconds before trumpeting their own epiphany: bomb and/or invade Syria and/or Russia. Good for The Economy I imagine, though equally counterintuitive. Perhaps Senator Graham has the best idea of all: bypassing Americans entirely in favor of an all AIPAC cabinet. It must be tedious presently to route complex strategic instructions through goyishe kopf political intermediaries.

Regardless what prudent course our loyal state navigates, at least this is the sort of grisly event that can initiate a candid and long overdue discussion of critical national questions. Perhaps even a statement of solidarity with the injured nation from its chief law enforcement officer.

Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch, speaking to the American Muslim community just a day after the attacks in San Bernardino, announced Thursday night that the Justice Department will investigate the arrest of a 14-year-old Muslim boy for bringing a homemade clock to school in Texas.
Although she did not speak directly of the San Bernardino shootings at the event, Lynch said there had been a “very disturbing rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric” since the Paris shootings three weeks ago.

“When we are ruled by fear, we are not making ourselves safe,” Lynch said.
She specifically criticized proposals in Congress to block Syrian refugees from the U.S.

“My message to the Muslim community is we stand with you in this,” Lynch said to Farhana Khera, the executive director of Muslim Advocates.

Or perhaps the future is just Peace Frog.


11 thoughts on “We Stand with You

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  2. Bride of ISIS and hubby kill United Colors of Benetton.

    Dead include:

    One gay man (possibly Jewish)
    One Iranian woman (religion?)
    One black woman
    One Mexican man
    One non-white woman (race undetermined)
    One Vietnamese woman
    One Jewish nationalist man*
    One Hispanic woman (good looking)
    One Eritrean man
    Five white men (who probably deserved it)

    * Nicholas Thalasinos was passionate about his beliefs, a friend said.

    So much so, Thalasinos had a “heated, passionate conversation” about politics and religion with the gunman days before the shooting, Kuuleme Stephens said.


    Multiculturalism is devouring its own.

    • Thanks, that’s interesting. What are the odds that every single harp-player would have shrieked at our suggestion that their executioners shouldn’t be here?

      • I was thinking of the five white men, though what’s as blandly foreseeable as racial conflict itself is that American’s failure to establish boundaries won’t be repeated by their colonists.

        Mexis will (if they aren’t already) be telling jihadis to go live in some gringo neighborhood.

  3. Porter- your writing is some of the best I have encountered in the list of neo-reactionary sites on the dark enlightenment page (Nick Land?). The story of progressives moving towards their date with the guillotine is old and dark, indeed. Jacobin enlightenment may not be all they have wished for; nevertheless, we wait with anticipation for the final denouement when (hopefully) our latter-day Napoleon comes along (sooner, we pray). Something about our tribe requires these rituals every so often evidently. Bloody affairs, what?

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. I’d be surprised to learn I was on his recommended list. Haven’t read much of his material, though had the impression he bears substantial resentment toward grubby tribal advocacy.

  4. Lynch vows to prosecute speech that “edges toward violence”. That’s the emerging meme: I support free speech, BUT…

    • Scalia will be 80 years old shortly. When he is replaced by the court’s next exotic identity cocktail, you may be assured that “liberty finds no refuge in a jurisprudence of hate.”

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