Don’t Dream It’s Over

I think most readers turn to Britain’s Guardian when they can no longer bear the right-wing bias of And thus once ensconced in those warm pink folds, it is quite jarring to suffer the non-safe-spaceness of triggering information. I think a recent opinion piece there may have produced that effect promiscuously. In writing on Sweden’s recently reversed refugee policy the author gets about as close to honesty as that publication fears to tread.

Tuesday’s decision by the Swedish government to shut the doors to almost all refugee settlement brought the deputy prime minister to the verge of tears as she announced it. This wasn’t cheap emotion: it represents a massive and irreversible climbdown from the belief that Sweden alone in Europe, almost alone in the world, could offer refuge to anyone who truly deserved it.

We can all blubber along with these emotionally stunted apparatchiks in the midst of a “massive and irreversible climbdown” from their Tumblr nation opium dream. There’s always a snap when reality’s tether pulls taut. But who was to know? That a country of some eight million actually didn’t possess the teats to suckle the globe had to be a bitter surprise. Yet I suppose one had to try. Are you not going to do something just because it’s a pointless suicidal impossibility?

The unprecedented scale and speed of the autumn’s refugee crisis has forced even the Swedish political class to acknowledge that the ground beneath its feet has shifted forever. There is simply no more money, and no more housing, for everyone who wants to come, and for everyone who was entitled to do so under the old rules.

The refugees have been spread all over the country, except in Stockholm, which has contributed to the backlash. A friend of mine lives in a small town in the centre of Sweden, with a population of 10,000 – which now has 1,000 additional refugees to feed and house. Their children must be educated. Jobs must be found for them. It’s really not easy to see how this will happen.

There’s always the thin gruel of tears. Sweden’s lachrymose deputy PM should start canning that facial broth now. For the reason it is not easy to see how Swedes will sustain the maw, is because they won’t. Everyone wants to save the whales, but no one wants to live with one. Swedes were too pompously naive to understand the difference. And as with most cosmically imbecilic blunders, the crash site is going to be spectacular.

The scale of immigration to Sweden in the last decades has been huge. What was 30 years ago one of the most homogeneous nations in Europe now has a population in which nearly one in five is of immigrant descent, and most of those are visibly different.

While this went on, the nationalist and reactionary Sweden Democrat party has grown from a tiny groupuscule with clear neo-Nazi roots first to get into parliament, and then to hold the balance of power as a result of all this. But all the other parties have united in their refusal to bend to the Sweden Democrats’ demands, or even to acknowledge their existence. Not only was the political class in Stockholm in complete denial about the Sweden Democrats for decades but the present government is in power only because all parties in the centre-right opposition have refused to acknowledge that, arithmetically, the Sweden Democrats hold the balance of power and could topple any government of either left or right if the others would only vote with them.

The measures that have been announced will not in themselves be enough to stem the flow of refugees. Passport controls at the border, and time-limited visas will not be brought in until next year. Until then the attractions of Sweden will be even greater. But they do mark a historic change in Swedish political sentiment, such as only happens every 20 or 30 years. In six months’ time it will be impossible to find any prominent Swedish politician who ever believed in last week’s policy. The dream of Europe as a sanctuary is dead.

I suppose some westerners would feel compelled to bleat a feeble “Nazi” while turning on a Congolese dinner spit. It’s simply a civilizational reflex action at this point. And one presented here only as vague apology. Sweden Democrats, umm neo-nazi is the Sorry man, but I’m voting for my side of modern political rhetoric.

Though the author does well identify a key behavioral feature of the human animal. Abandonment is a stampede, and memory is the first one out the door. I am not as certain as he that the Swedish political class has yet retired its replacement project. A temporary respite to dim native torches is just as likely. Though if he is correct, it will not only be the Swedes’ sanctuary dream that dies, but that of Babel Europe entirely.

And that’s when tears are back on the menu boys.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Dream It’s Over

  1. Women are to bear children. Females are not equipped to govern, and it is unfortunate that they have been told that they can. Those promoting this kind of bullshit should be held acceptable.

  2. Now wait just a minute, former speaker of the house John Boehnor wept at the drop of a hat. Well, come to think of it he’s a woman too.

  3. I liked the “tiny groupuscule” phrasing too. Gave it a real sciency feel. Like its’s something that can be isolated, dealt with… Maybe even prophylacticly!

    • They liken SD to a bacterial colony, once contained in a petri dish, now grown out of control. Whatever helps you cry yourself to sleep.

  4. Porter

    I wonder if you intentionally neglected to ridicule the one quote that stood out to me most..

    “The refugees have been spread all over the country, except in Stockholm”

    This single sentence sums up the global elite’s strategy in its entirety. Opening borders is the only way to keep the debt-levered financial behemoth from collapsing. With fertility rates for natives so low, the only way to grow the Economy is to import more consumers to buy cheap Chinese crap with fiat EBT currency. With urban property values in the stratosphere, the elites can hide in their multi-million dollar condos while their shares in multi-nationalist corporations appreciate. There is an alternative, however, that is actually the brainchild of some left leaning “post-Keynesian” economists. The idea is quantitative easing for the public, or a debt jubilee: instead of printing money into the banking system, print checks for the citizenry with the condition that this money must be used to pay down debt first. Since the printed money is, in effect, destroyed, as debts are paid first before the money recirculates, inflation would in theory be modest as the private debt bubbles are deflated. Then, free from their student loan and mortgage debt bondage, the middle class could return to building wealth, seeing real incomes rise, and ultimately forming families. But even socialist ideas like this don’t sit well with the elites, whose goal is complete annihilation of the middle class via debt bondage, and with it the replacement of national, ethnic sovereignty with global , corporate dominion.

    • That’s a good point on the distribution. I was thinking of a riff on the odd resilience of Stockholm’s Good Schools, though lost it in the writing. It’s always the same: keep your proles far, and your diversity farther.

      You also highlight an economic point I return to about monthly. Cheap labor is good, but cheap consumers are heaven. Think about the housing market, and all the business remora that swim in its orbit. It’s strictly a demand game, and migrants make it.

      Homeowners and landlords get higher prices and rents.
      Builders get more business.
      Banks and finance companies book more loans.
      Landscapers plant more trees.
      Manufacturers sell more refrigerators.
      Workers lay more carpet.
      Cable gets more subscribers.
      And the taxpayer gets handed the tab.

      Free money and no losers.

      It’s all just the proceeds from selling our children’s inheritance.

  5. Dear God in Heaven, is there no end to the insanity!? What kind of country puts a maudlin fool like that weeping woman in a position more important than dog-catcher?! (although fair point by the poster above about Boehner- we Americans don’t have much room to talk). Her country finally adopts a policy that might give it a chance of surviving, and she weeps with sadness! Ship her and her ilk off to the jungles of Africa. On a lighter note, I did get a belly laugh out of the Congolese dinner spit line. I will definitely use that line in the future.

  6. From another classic pop song:

    A week after the attacks…the French Parliament voted to expand the emergency powers. The new regulations make it easier for The Authorities to shut down mosques (well, ok), community associations (dudewaitwhat?) and…websites deemed to pose a threat to public order.

    Woomp, There it Is!

    That language is tight, like a Warsaw Mechanism.

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