Island Girl, What You Wanting with the White Man’s World?

One of the most efficient means to certify any position under dispute is to cite the current year. It’s 2015! being all the justification a thoughtful counterparty should require. Of course the temporal fungibility of this tactic only adds to its appeal. For stale citations can be refurbished into perpetuity, as any moment in time is that very year, and thus a withering rebuttal of what you just said.

And one of current year’s most mechanically regurgitated positions is that actions are moral if benefited from. I can take from you so long as it pleases me to do it. That is, of course, the logical premise behind trademarked appeals of pigmented peoples just trying to make a better life for themselves. And though I hadn’t been tracking the issue, our state of Hawaii also has a sizeable cohort of Just Tryers.

Specifically, the natives of our Pacific polyps are growing increasingly inclined toward making their better life without input from hated haoles. Toward that end they are pursuing a parallel–and strictly racial–polity they hope will one day supplant the universalist one foisted upon their parents. They want a Hawaii for Hawaiians. And when non-whites talk nationalism, they don’t embellish the issue with phony for-all sentiment. You aren’t a Hawaiian…and never will be.

So the boys in grass skirts have begun elections toward their own declaration and subsequent constitution. Article One: No honkies, ******s, japs, camel jockeys, or beaners.

The election is for delegates to a convention that would prepare a document on self-governance by Native Hawaiians. Under a definition in a 2011 law, only descendants of “the aboriginal peoples who, before 1778, occupied and exercised sovereignty in the Hawaiian islands” are eligible to vote.

These doughty Polynesian poi munchers are inspiring. Hopefully they can entice liberal allies to expand this movement across the entire Occident. I can contemplate a descended 1778 franchise restriction in America with calm composure. And given their fidelity to principle, I know liberals can as well.

Amusingly though, one of their steadiest judicial rent boys has shat a spanner into the program.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on Friday ordered officials in Hawaii not to count ballots or name the winners of an election there in which only people of native Hawaiian ancestry could vote.

The justice’s order was a response to an emergency application from Hawaii residents who said the election violated the 15th Amendment, which bars race discrimination in voting.

The election is to end on Monday, and Justice Kennedy’s order did not stop the voting. He apparently acted on his own, and his order may mean only that he wanted to preserve the status quo over a holiday weekend until the full court could consider the matter.

For those able to maintain a cosmic perspective, there is some levity to be mined here. A troop of round-headed islanders vote on whether to secede from whitey, while some desiccated lich five thousand miles away commands them not to tabulate the results. I’m fascinated to imagine this injunction being met by anything but a vacant stare.

Yo BJ brah, someone named Kennedy, Robert or something, says you got to stop counting.


Fuck if I know.

Though perhaps there were some missionaries available to explain the whos, whys, and hows of Marbury v. Madison. Whether or not natives eventually complied likely hasn’t yet reached DC by telegraph.

But not all parties are opposed. The state of Hawaii and a local federal judge were in concurrence with the initiative. While a normally active Ninth Circuit declined to involve itself in a matter agnostic to either sodomy or Mexicans. The advocacy position seems not altogether novel.

In the new case, Akina v. Hawaii, No. 15A551, the state said the challengers “are seeking nothing less than to halt the private political activity of a group of Native Hawaiians to decide how and whether to move forward with forming a potentially self-governing entity.”

It feels like almost yesterday that Sherman and Sheridan also sought nothing less than to halt the political activity of a group of native southerners to decide how and whether to move forward with forming a self-governing entity. I can’t wait to see the luaus after “””””reconstruction.””””” Though the more I consider, the less I believe we’ll see Union troops raping island girls under the glow of a burning Honolulu.

More likely is a conciliatory accommodation toward semi-independence or tribal land status. This regardless of what impotent constitutional codicils may be offended. Achieving political autonomy and cultural hegemony over their habitat is certainly a goal. But Angola has that, and celebrations there are muted at best. No, true victory is in achieving subsidized autonomy. Only when a people are free from the costs of their behaviors are they truly free (perhaps we’ll see that inscribed on the National Review masthead one day). So like about 6.5 billion other non-western minorities, Hawaiians want the white to go but the green to stay. And that is how to make the best life of all.


11 thoughts on “Island Girl, What You Wanting with the White Man’s World?

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  2. I had heard about this on and off for the past few years, hadn’t heard it got to an organized vote already. I can’t imagine a better outcome for them than some sort of “reservation” style solution. Although the old saw “in for a penny, in for a pound”, seems apropos here. It’s ironic since Hawaii always touts itself as this multi cultural nirvana where everybody loves each other in care bear heaven… considering Obama is an adopted resident, I wonder if that n****& will need to get the fuck out also?

  3. Ts: I’ve read many accounts of how intensely racist the natives are, particularly as one ranges out of the strictly tourist enclaves. Though this is nothing more than a water is wet observation. All natives are racist other than the receding goofs we’re obliged to claim.

    Also to all: I haven’t seen many inspirational images lately. And since the Kakistocracy banner must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, feel free to post any suitable items for consideration.

  4. Hey Porter I’ve been to Hawaii a few times, and to be honest with you I don’t recall SEEING too many natives except at hula shows or whatever. The majority of the residents appear to be Asian, with the only Polynesians being mostly Samoans, who incidentally fill the role of n****** there… responsible for most of the petty crimes and violence… if the Hawaiians want their islands back they waited too long as they’re a minority in their own lands… An ironic lesson for those of us In Europe And North America.

    • I’ve been a few times also. If you’ve spent most of your time in Honolulu (a place I have no use for), it would be easy to come away with the sense of being in a Tokyo suburb. From what I can tell, village and rural (especially on islands other than Oahu) trends toward native, though I have nothing other than eyes to substantiate that. But the lesson is certainly valid.

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