Sophistry’s Maine Problem

All peoples are susceptible to sophistry, though we seem to be one of the few who actively seek it out. That was morbidly clear in watching another Republican debate in which the candidates mostly sang paeans to an Economy fellow without much outward thought to their constituents of flesh and blood.

Fascinating how vague references to aggregate national output came to hold such primacy in the minds of both politicians and the electorate. I wonder if one random person in ten could even specify what was meant by the term everyone agrees must be grown. What does an aggregate metric within a racially fracturing empire do for you, your family, community, or nation exactly? Nigeria has a larger economy than Norway. Who the fuck cares? Are politicians in Oslo exhorting their people to match the wealth of Lagos? It’s just absolute flimflam.

A necessary component of that wand-waving is to always veil the fact that I can grow the economy while simultaneously impoverishing those within it. If a country of ten people are producing output of $100, and we add forty more producing only $20, then we have a new country of 50 generating $120: that’s twenty percent economic growth! And a crumbling standard of living to accompany it. Though I struggled to hear these discussions over all the wailing from Bush and Kasich about hard-working families. I suppose Americans better get harder working if they expect any due concern from their elected officials.

A strain of this mental growth contagion is the familiar saw that the West must actively import a replacement population if it hopes to survive. This being the You must perish or you’re going to die! form of dialectic. One of the most head-spinningly brazen examples of this I’ve seen lately is this piece from Bloomberg lauding the Somali colonization of Maine.

In it, the wogs from The Mog are extolled for saving that state from the horrors of racial and economic stasis. And given a native $284 per capita GDP contribution, every Somali family of 18 benefits the Maine Economy by $5,112. It’s simple math, you bigots.

A tightly fought mayoral contest in Maine’s second-largest city (pop. 36,299) tapped into anxieties shared by many Americans in communities hosting refugees and asylum seekers: the threat of rising poverty and welfare dependence, more crime and ugly culture clashes. But if the once-declining mill town’s upward trajectory is any indication, perhaps the biggest thing they have to fear is fear itself. For the state with the country’s oldest, whitest and slowest-growingpopulation, attracting new residents of various stripes isn’t just a godsend but an economic imperative.

It’s an upward trajectory, let’s be clear. And before you ask, no this economic imperative does not apply to Israel or anywhere else outside the Occident. So get it out of your heads. The terms old, white, and slow growing are all pejoratives. Understand that if nothing else.

When they (Somalis) arrived, they found a city back on its heels. Lewiston’s population had dropped by 10 percent in the 1990s, its downtown had never recovered from the closure of mills and the businesses they supported, and jobs were scarce. In a city with two of Maine’s poorest census tracts, a swelling contingent of welfare-dependent non-English-speaking immigrants traumatized by war and violence didn’t exactly promise an economic miracle. Nonetheless, they brought new life to downtown — new restaurants and shops, businesses, even a mosque. Many found jobs in and around Lewiston, and for those who didn’t, their welfare payments still helped the local economy.

That’s considerate, they even brought a mosque. And note that welfare payments helped The Economy. Has Krugman comprehended the implications of this thesis? If no one worked whatsoever, welfare payments would trend vertical. Progressive pols could then make those payments so stratospheric, it would be Boom! Economy to the moon. Though to be clear on the program: legacy Americans subsidize Somalis to both reproduce and spend in their stead. Thus the state of Maine somehow benefits, while you dear Mainers decidedly do not.

Though it’s not all roses for the economic dynamos from East Africa. Some get looked at askance.

As one Somali college graduate leaving Maine for a big-city university in another state said, “It’s exhausting … being Somali and living in Lewiston because it’s not just limelight, it’s kind of like a shining, beaming spotlight that goes with you wherever you go.”

That left many cheeks moistened, I’m sure. Though grief is assuaged somewhat by the iron-clad certainty that subsidized life in the West is even less “exhausting” than its alternative. In pedibus veritas.

And when even appeals to economic fidelity fall short, the enterprising sophist always knows an able contingency. Bouncy ball!

It’s not clear how Lewiston’s mayoral runoff is going to play out. But here’s some good news: Lewiston’s polyglot high school soccer team, with players like Abdi Shariff-Hassan,  Maulid Abdow and Noralddin Othman, just won the State Soccer Finals. Go Blue Devils — and don’t leave Maine!

Don’t leave Maine–that’s exactly what New Hampshire said. But for today let’s celebrate the new children of that state. As a trophy gathering dust in some crumbling school house will surely be solace to yours.

Though I often wonder how we came to the point of requiring African imports to sustain the civilization our fathers built and maintained capably on their own.

Maine’s unenviable status as the oldest state in the union has less to do with a lot of seniors than a lot of Baby Boomers who didn’t have many kids.

The left has frantically promoted miscegenation, abortion, and women devoting their fleeting fertility to barren corporate matrices. To the absolute shock of none, this has resulted in fewer white babies. A phenomenon liberals now use to coquettishly place a pinky-finger to lips and say it’s really your own fault for not having children…whatever were you thinking? Hehe.

Whatever indeed. Maybe it was about the economic impact of all those future soccer championships.



8 thoughts on “Sophistry’s Maine Problem

  1. Socrates, in Plato’s Republic, argued that democracy created a risk that sophists would take over. Modern democracy is engineered to guarantee it. If they must use a single number, a more sensible metric would be the real median income, net of all taxes and transfers, of all persons aged sixteen or older.

  2. I don’t remember ever asking for feminism. Though by the time I came around it was already too late and the idiot women who came before me already made the decision. I hate those bitches and I think their polyester mini skirts and go go boots were hideous.

  3. That article also notes that many of these Somalis moved to Maine from Atlanta for a “better quality of life”.

    So even these new arrivals to our nation know that it’s better to be in a white city, even one that is in economic decline, than in a black one. Can you call it “white flight” if it’s blacks doing it?

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  5. Nonetheless, they brought new life to downtown — new restaurants and shops, businesses, even a mosque. Many found jobs in and around Lewiston, and for those who didn’t, their welfare payments still helped the local economy.

    Porter, you’re a fine satirist, but you’ll burn yourself out if you try to stay ahead of stuff like that. Anyone trying to write parody these days must feel like a gerbil on a treadmill.

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