A Sheep in Wolfe’s Clothing

America is a profoundly stupid place. Though making the observation today is only for spite when inflation will render it meaningless tomorrow. In that sense we are living in a Zimbabwe of stupidity. The graph is trending vertical. And bigoted bloggers need rhetorical wheelbarrows.

Of course stupidity isn’t fully descriptive. Our civilizational dumb is more an outward manifestation of cravenness and duplicity. It is an effect. A byproduct. We must pretend to hold idiotic counter-visual beliefs because they are demanded of us. And as we accede to the demands, ridiculous comes to replace rational.

And today’s cresting of the ridiculous is brought by the University of Missouri. Where that institution’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigned this morning because tribalist blacks told him to, and for no other reason whatsoever. There were no accusations of fraud, mismanagement, corruption, poor performance, or impropriety. Instead plaintiffs complained that the administration was insufficiently obsequious by some undefined metric and had displayed a general “negligence toward marginalized students’ experience.” And while that phrase is unburdened by any substantive meaning, the instructions in subtext were explicit enough: pink tongue on black toes.

Though since “negligence to experience” remains a legally embryonic concept, our civil-rights martyrs were obliged to offer at least a few additional citations of malfeasance. These included…

✅ Allegedly hearing the ****** word from someone other than a ******;
✅ The alleged smearing of a “feces swastika.” (That wasn’t very hygienic, rabbi); and
✅ A “school safety officer didn’t more aggressively pursue an apparently drunken white student who disrupted their gathering.”

Egregious certainly, and far beyond the travails any white student ever endured. Though the final indignation came when now-former President Wolfe had his car surrounded by caterwauling put-upons. According to sworn affidavits, this is what happened next…

They accused Wolfe of looking on impassively

The defendant is charged with second degree felony impassivity.  How do you plead?

The defendant is charged with second degree felony impassivity. How do you plead?

And there is your bill of particulars. Even just a decade ago, such amorphous gobbledygook wouldn’t have drawn the attention of the dog of a university president’s secretary. And today the writhing worm of a man actually capitulated to it. Though obviously he did so under pressure from that state’s governess, Jay Nixon, who had publicly insisted that “their issues must be addressed.” Funny how he spells the word “obeyed” with an a.

Though what struck me as more remarkable than the sniveling of a white liberal politician was the behavior of the school’s football coach, who came out in open solidarity against Wolfe with his threatening-to-strike bouncy ball players. Rather than blandly informing them that any AWOL would trigger immediate scholarship vacancies, he actually started tweeting positions against the administration.

The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players.

We are behind our quitting players!

This accompanied by a now-mandatory photograph of 300lb football players bravely locking arms against the predations of reedy white frat boys.

Though if Wolfe were man he would have reminded the pompously preening coach of employment’s most famous military dictum. Sun Tzu say: favorite member of “Mizzou Family” is man who sign check. And then suggested he follow the departing players who have so captured his allegiance.

But that is mere musing from the world that was. In the is, the coach knew well who wins when blacks publicly demand of a white. So in practical terms he actually did align himself with the boss. And the next university president will make no mistake of who’s in charge.

Gonna jump down turn around pick a bale of cotton,
Gonna jump down turn around pick a bale a day.
Oh Lordy!


21 thoughts on “A Sheep in Wolfe’s Clothing

  1. I’m going to have to hear about this in class tomorrow and I’m really tempted to chimp out over it. However since I’m white I won’t get away with it. So much for that white privilege, amirite?

  2. I’m still so naïve. I actually thought the university would stand up to the bullies. This really is very bad. Caving in to bullies only emboldens them. America is in for some interesting days.

  3. “Tim Wolfe, resigned this morning because tribalist blacks told him to, and for no other reason whatsoever. There were no accusations of fraud, mismanagement, corruption, poor performance, or impropriety. Instead plaintiffs complained that the administration was insufficiently obsequious ” Oh how true. Very chilling. Where will it end?

  4. I think we’ve got to be nearing peak “j’accuse!” As a product and being of the wussified university system, I’m not the least bit surprised Wolfe capitulated. Nothing in the DNA of these lefties allows them to contemplate resistance, even when faced with such thin gruel of “offenses.”

  5. I have to say that I love that the left is reaping what it’s sown. We’re going into that phase of the revolution Ann Coulter calls the part where they kill everyone with glasses. Maybe some parents will stop sending their snowflakes to these idiot factories if only to save some cash.

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  7. “resigned this morning because tribalist blacks told him to”

    Surface appearances. President of a university is a pretty sweet gig, pays in the high sixes typically, plus bennies.

    Poor bastard prolly thought he had it made – until one day he woke up and found out he was just a hired hand.

    Be fascinated to read the phone transcript. Who called? What were the particulars of the offer Wolfe couldn’t refuse?

    They say to follow the money. More interesting would be revelations about the whole web of funding for universities. If the academic bubble is going to be popped or wound down, that dissection is unavoidable.

  8. Blacks crow that this is just the beginning. And that’s true. It will continue until an adult with testicles utters a word most of the protestors have never heard: No. No more.

    But until then Missouri may as well dispense with the overpaid figureheads and turn the university over directly to a tribunal of black panthers. The white students can learn about flight before even entering the H1B workforce, and the UofM can quickly disintegrate into another ossified black college. Good for everyone.

  9. Obama will be gone soon, and with it a lot of blacks’ juice. Obama is Peak Negro. Blacks got their turn, like the white ethnics did with Kennedy. Like the white ethnics they will be quickly forgotten afterwards. The real power center in the left is women and gays, and has been for some time.

    I think blacks know this and are getting wile the getting is good.

  10. Their shit team is a friggin SEC whipping boy…way to go on strike with nothing at stake… their coach has covered up multiple rapes. I wonder if the rape victims of the Mizzou Silverbacks ball team had a satisfactory “student experience”. The swim team ought to strike in protest!

  11. There’s nothing like giving them what they want. The Negroes poured into South Africa and Rhodesia from the whole Continent BECAUSE it what ruled by the White man. Then they wanted the position of the White man. Then they got what they wanted.

    Then they pour out of there into Europe and the Anglosphere because it was ruled by the White man.

    Then they got “Detroited.”

    Maybe, just maybe, they’re not smart enough to understand that they don’t want what they want.

    • On the same theme, if Trump gets elected you should petition him to make the US Olympic swimming team 100% Negro. You know, for diversity. And, after, all race is just a social construct right?

      The subsequent humiliation should wake a few dopey libtards up.

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