Liberals of Tongue and Feet

This piece has gotten a bit stale in the back of the queue, though if you’ll nibble around the mold there’s still sufficient nutrients to sustain a vigorous Hate. As I’ve asserted innumerably, tongues are the last body part to ever concede the truth. Feet being the ones always more forthcoming. In pedibus veritas.

And with that unerring anatomical guideline, it’s fascinating to observe when a true shitlib takes umbrage at the many liars in her midst. The linked article is a bowl of HuffPo gruel penned by a suburban white (or whitish) Atlanta woman who has noticed–much like this blog–that her pristinely liberal acquaintances seem to lack the enthusiasm for diversity demanded by their rhetoric. Specifically, she notes white liberal parents display a statistically relevant tendency to enroll their precious 1.3s in schools that worship blacks from a respectable distance. The worst is this dopey dunce hasn’t the unstated etiquette to only mention it sotto voce.

The result of this gauche intramural upbraiding was a humorously revealing feather storm as the two factions of liberalism–tongues and feet, liars and lunatics–squared off in an O.K. Corral of pompous moralizing. I’m Sheniqua’s huckleberry!

Some thousand+ comments later, the Atlanta Constitution Jackal sniffed an opportunity to guilelessly wonder at the perfidy of whites (hey that’s a novel line of inquiry!). That Q&A with Ms. Abby Norman follows below.

Q: You’re levying some serious charges against your neighbors. How do you know they think the local school is “too black” for their kids?

A: You could say that I don’t know that because they have never explicitly said that. They will say, “Oh, do you feel safe there?” It’s all very coded language.
I think that’s the way that we talk about race in schools. And I think the reason my article has exploded is because I said it. People are “not saying it” all over the place, but it seems like that is what we’re talking about.

The obligatory feigned sententiousness is always worth a laugh. You’re levying some serious charges here, Ms. Norman. This isn’t mere physical attacks and murders, but actual accusations of racism. And one to which all dutiful drones bob their heads in agreement. Though given the charge of racism is levied in light-speed cycles, one requires quite an expansive and otherwise empty consciousness to grant them all the serious consideration due.

Asperger Abby also notes that her lip-syncing lib friends tend to communicate in code rather than speaking frankly on race. Ahh, the delights of an oblivious liberal Rain-Woman: definitely discrimination, definitely. I’m an excellent anti-racist. This poor dingbat is too busy counting the minutes to Wapner to digest that the candid conversation on race she seems to crave has long been prohibited by her own movement. Thus forcing its adherents into more cultured references, such as Good Schools.

Q: What made you and your husband decide to send your daughter to your local school? (Norman asked the AJC not to name the school in order to “protect the school.”) [lol, to hell with our own daughter. was the school hurt?]

A: We had made the decision from the moment we moved in, from before we had kids, that we were going to send our children to the neighborhood school. I believe that there are enough resources in America that every school could be amazing. But those resources are not being given in a way that makes all schools successful. Because of the way that school funding shakes down and because of school choice, often the parents with the most resources choose to go to a private school or to go to a charter school or to drive somewhere where the bus won’t go.

Listen to this thing. We made our decision long ago to sacrifice our own innocent children to Mictlantecuhtli. I believe every school could be amazing(!!!) Well Abby, I believe quixotic convictions are most pleasant from the comfort of home. So be sure it’s your daughter rather than you that keeps getting shunted into ghetto daycare.

Though maybe it’s Because of the way that school funding shakes down. I’m sure Abby meant that vague rhetorical hand-wave as a sort of you know what I’m saying gesture. Unfortunately though the way school funding, in my area and many others, shakes down is that the highest per capita spending is showered on those same black majority schools that could be amazing. Amazing mostly in how much wealth is squandered in futile uplift.

Q: Are you sacrificing your daughter’s education for the greater good?


A: No. Everything that I’ve read says that your individual child’s test score does not go down if they go to a school with low test scores. I am uniquely preparing my child to live in a diverse world.

I’m skeptical vital signs can be measured by standardized testing. Ms. Norman, your child was mauled by a troop of oppressed teens. Dear God, do you have the NAEP scores? And what you are uniquely preparing your daughter for is crushed self-esteem, cultural deracination, and a years-long sexual crucible.

Q: Does your school’s state rating — an “F” on Georgia’s latest school report cards — give you pause?

A: It doesn’t. I have always found it to be true that the ratings do not represent very well the actual school. I think test scores mostly predict the socioeconomic status of the school.

No, test scores mostly predict the racial status of the school with a socioeconomic component. Though it’s plain this woman sees herself as a vicarious missionary. She wasn’t interested in a “neighborhood school” but a black one. Libs always imply that pieties are more important than posterity. To the chagrin of many, Abby Norman actually believes it.

Q: Are you saying that all parents should send their children to their local, traditional public school?

A: No. I think there are really good reasons to choose charter schools. I think there are very good reasons to choose private schools (or to home school or choose other options). But the conversations that I have in my neighborhood lead me to believe that they are making those choices because they are afraid of the school that my daughter goes to.

How perceptive. Don’t ever play poker with this shark. Though in considering the native friction between lib LARPers and the monkees too autistic to discern their signaling, I can hardly pick a side more worthy of contempt.

The Tongue Liberals seek racial cordoning while hypocritically shrieking at any conservative whites who attempt the same. When rhetoric finally meets reality, they protect the children: theirs, not yours. Feet Liberals, in contrast, blithely sacrifice everyone in sight, their own blood included. Both are social malignancies who we can hope will hold a glorious internecine struggle for our entertainment.

Though for sake of giving voice to the marginalized, I’ve posted a poll below to settle the matter conclusively.


29 thoughts on “Liberals of Tongue and Feet

  1. There’s just a certain bit of smug superiority combined with hypocrisy that really elevates the tongue liberals over the competition in terms of who’s most despicable. I feel like the feet liberals are more likely to believe their bullshit since they’re living it. I can at least respect genuine belief.

  2. As the daughter of parents perfectly willing to sacrifice their daughters and oblivious to the effects of such sacrifice, this article triggers me. Thanks!

    However, today, when it comes to navigating things like public transit and rough neighborhoods I have the advantage over other family members and for that I am regularly bombarded with “compliments” from my family as to how “strong” and “independent” I am. Ruefully however they wonder if only I had applied myself more thoroughly to the academia from whence they originate, then surely I would not be so “afraid of Science” as to disbelieve Anthropogenic Global Warming. In a sense they did me a favor by essentially abandoning me at aged four. I am now a “survivor” if a hardcore anti-liberal.

    By the way, I think it’s neat that more and more African Americans are rejecting the “intellectual” and other non-monetary largess of white liberals. Information may be “free” but it’s worth every penny of wasted time one spends on it if the result is sheer anathema. Cheers!

  3. If it weren’t for hypocrisy, liberals wouldn’t have tongues or feet to stand on. Poor Abs, doing her best to martyr her own daughter and the stubborn feet of her peers just won’t follow suit.

  4. Bringing the Monkees into it was pretty low. That tambourine player sure had the moves down though. They might have been on the pot.

  5. How many times do you think her daughter will need to be beaten, robbed, and raped, before this woman admits to herself that the school isn’t safe, and that it isn’t safe for the obvious reasons?

  6. Dear Abby is setting her daughter up big time for a #mudsharkproblems feature in about 12 years. I also chuckled thinking about what kind of sackless pile of goo must have sired a child with this harridan. Damn there are a lot of low T pussies out there.

  7. Abby is an idiot. As someone from the area and familiar with the schools, no one in their right mind living ITP (inside the perimeter) who has any means sends their kids to public schools. There was just a highly publicized RICO like, if not a RICO prosecution and conviction of teachers in the district for cheating on tests. The ATL public schools are awful, Dekalb in particular.

    As the Northwest bypass is being built diversity is coming our way and the natives are not happy as the schools here are some of the best in the state and do not have the spectacle of fights posted to social media and covered on local news.

    My friends tell me to move out of the greater ATL area and sometimes I think maybe they’re right but then I think, where the hell to?

    Oh and no one in their right mind lives ITP and yes, there are a ton of Beta Males running around Buckhead and various ITP neighborhoods.

    • I live ITP. The fact I’m a regular reader of this site should tell you about my mind’s regularity. There is hope. Anyone, like me and my friends, that grew up in the South, has a pretty realistic view of the races. This also probably explains the amount not of Tongue liberals in town. But, yes, tons of betas, just as everywhere.

  8. Our children will have their whole lives to experience the horror of a multicultural society. The least we can do is give them some protection during their most vulnerable years.

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  10. I hope this woman’s cats can take care of her in old age, because I get the feeling her daughter won’t be interested in helping out.

    Aspergers is a horrible disease though. It’s amazing how many liberals and libertarians suffer from it.

    • Interesting that you ascribe her pathologies to Aspergers Syndrome. Have you any actual data that support that?

      I ask because I have Aspergers (self-diagnosed). I freely acknowledge that I’m a social klutz. I can’t read faces and sometimes have trouble recognising my own children. Yet I raised three children who make me proud, and all of them, and even my ex-wife who will not say much complimentary about me, have told me that I’m a “fantastic” father.

      I would not call myself a liberal or a libertarian. On the contrary, I think the social ineptitude of Aspies makes us less susceptible to social pressure, which makes us relatively immune to liberal BS.

      • My son is also an Aspie and he is extremely conservative. Even as a young child he was more comfortable around adults, and now that he’s 19 he is still hanging around more with his father’s friends than kids his own age LOL. They also love that he doesn’t drink so they can count on him as the designated driver. Before he was even exposed to politics he was tending toward the behavior of a conservative, regardless of all the kids surrounding him in NY who are libs. It’s also inspiring to notice the very real principles of the Asperger’s diagnosis – a strong sense of fairness and justice, generosity of spirit, pursuit of truth regardless of personal feelings. He can be a bit rigid about some issues but so what. He won’t date a girl with a tattoo. He’s a good kid all round and in many ways, Asperger’s is by no means a “disorder” – they are often inventors because of their dogged pursuit of an experiment.

      • Sperg does not mean wicked, dumb, unprincipled, or worse–liberal. In this sense it meant Ms. Norman couldn’t digest the unspoken etiquette of her lib peers. Thus she ran bellowing about what everyone else with functioning social filaments understood implicitly.

        I’m sure many of the tongue people wanted to restrain her in a strait-jacket and scream: It’s about Good Schools, Abby! Good. Fucking. Schools!

      • Got it, Porter. Yes, we generally take the things people say at “face value”, while being completely oblivious of what their faces are saying. What you said perfectly explains what happened at my daughter’s birthday party last night. Oh, dear.

  11. This is the type of freak who’s daughter will get raped or outright murdered by the diverse rabble and will then absolve them of their behavior “because institutional racism”.

  12. The need that many Whites have to engage in moral posturing, even at the expense of their own children, is truly demoralizing to anyone concerned with the long term survival of our people. It seems that the worse it gets the more these people double down. I suppose that in their own twisted minds this just proves how much more virtuous they are.

  13. Tongue Liberals may be hypocrites, but there are worse things one can be. Such as being prepared to sacrifice your flesh and blood to the Gods of Diversity. Feet Liberals are more evil.

  14. You would not believe the machinations of metro Atlanta real estate developers and parents to craft white/Asian school districts. Developers will find some undeveloped plot crammed next to a commercial artery somewhere, scrape out a subdivision, and cram as many houses as possibe into the ersatz neighborhood serviced by the Good School. At the other end, I know parents who rented out their house and crammed the family into an apartment to get a Good School. The distortions surely run into the millions of dollars.

    I also had the pleasure of attending a high school graduation featuring lots of black and latino families (i.e., Our Future). Never seen so much cleavage, booty-hugging skirts, stilettos and tattoos. I am talking about the parents of course. An immigrant family we were friends with had managed to end up there without anybody cluing them in on the topic of Good Schools. They figured it out before their second child turned 14. BTW, at this graduation, one of the muckety-mucks proudly announced that 100% of the graduating class had been accepted to “college.” I wept while the auditorium exploded in applause and war whoops.

      • It’s incalculable. Seventy years of lost property values; lost metropolises; construction of replacement Good Schools, Good Neighborhoods, Good Malls, and related infrastructure; careers and productivity lost to A.A.; industries shipped overseas to avoid dysfunctional AA workers; fuel and time commuting from Good Neighborhood to work; higher taxes; fewer offspring; lives lost because the Fleeing was too slow or sufficient; Hatred between humans and diversities; Hatred between humans and diversity-loving cucks/shitlibs; future costs of Nobamacare; a Prison Industrial Complex to rival the Military Industrial Complex; hundreds of other tangibles and intangibles I’ve overlooked.
        If you put a gun to my head and forced me to pull a number out of my ass, I’d estimate $100 trillion.

    • The Hope scholarship at work. Marietta is a text book case of Good Schools and real estate developers run amok. The bypass and increased diversity in south Cherokee thanks to that outlet mall already has me thinking where I need to move to next in the metro.

  15. Schools, school funding, test scores, and “teen” violence are the most insufferable local news topics to hear being discussed on the radio. It’s always a discussion of a pretty obviously racial problem that somehow never seems to get around to mentioning what the problem is. Milton Friedman is hopefully burning in Hell.

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