Lymphocyte Cool

It doesn’t require lengthy observation to note how certain people wear their pieties as women wear Pradas: with the expectation of exclusivity. Like any aspirational item, the cachet of certain contemporary posturing is diminished rather than enhanced by mass embrace. Every fashion requires a vanguard. And no self-perceiving member wants to stand abreast the plebeians.

So it’s been interesting to watch the jostling out on the left’s thin edge as mere white self-abnegation has come to be positively vulgar in its normalcy. One can’t very well be subversive while straddling the mainstream. Plainly more flamboyant expressions were required. And when all about you are quacking, the swank ducks paddle.

And they are beginning to alight upon a terminal piece of pond-estate, specifically outright self-annihilation. I posted one such specimen in the comments a couple of weeks ago. And present another in whole below. It may be the muttering of a pedestrian loon or even facetious in intent, though libs typically only troll their posterity. Either way, the sentiment is flourishing on the left like a fungal infection. They know they have it, and definitely prefer to talk about it.

You know now that you have it but prefer not to talk about it. Every now and then it surfaces like a rash, provoking discomfort, not in you, but in others. You have lived with it for so long that for most of your life you didn’t even notice it. In fact, you were surprised when someone, unable themselves by virtue of colour to have it, discovered that you did, and pointed it out. The diagnosis hurt. It was uncomfortable knowing that others saw in you something that was damaging to them, but not directly to you.
And now there are calls to have those with whiteness pay for the damage it has done to others. This makes you uncomfortable, knowing that, like herpes, you cannot eradicate whiteness from your own being. It is just there. Subliminal, under the surface, unseen by you and others like you.

To others whiteness is as glaringly obvious as a flashing neon sign, like the trappings of privilege in good residential addresses, private schooling, the latest smartphones and flashy cars. More worryingly, whiteness manifests in an absence of empathy and understanding of the distorted benefit that those with it enjoy. This is one reason why those without it fear contamination or infection by the same values. This is why whiteness is a barrier to good relationships, just like undisclosed herpes.

There may be a solution however. This can be learnt from those who have herpes, or hepatitis or HIV and have managed to successfully and happily live without causing harm to others. The infection does not go away but its consequences are significantly reduced to the point that it becomes simply a part of one’s identity, and not a disease.
This solution could be as easy as simply saying something like this:

“I have whiteness. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t know what damage it did. But I do know now. I understand and acknowledge all the harm that I and others like me did, even without realising it. I am sorry for the way that things were and are. I accept whiteness exists in me, and am willing to talk about it, and listen as to how it affects others, so that those effects may be reduced and one day eradicated. I know this will not happen immediately, that it will take time, and that others with the same will probably resist this initiative. From time to time my whiteness may get in the way again, and I may not see it. I ask that those that do point it out to me. We need to talk about whiteness and its harm at all levels, as we do with disease, by education starting in the schools, being sure that those with it bear no stigma. We must have open and frank dialogue, overcoming our discomfort, until one day whiteness, as a clear distinction from skin colour, no longer exists.”

The author is correct in that valuable life lessons may be gleaned from how a healthy immune system deals with malignant or infectious cells. Antigen discrimination: it never goes out of style.


8 thoughts on “Lymphocyte Cool

  1. I feel sorry for the poor deluded dupe who wrote that. He seems to be in South Africa, and he indicates in other columns that he’s a committed Christian. It takes an intense level of self-deception to be surrounded by blacks who’d butcher you at the slightest provocation, and still feel you have to apologise for being white.

    • Unfortunately, “committed Christian” these days way too often is synonymous with overcompensating pigment adoration. Look at the Ben Carson phenomenon and where he draws his support. Or the federal grant hoovering of Lutheran Social Services for the act of love that is 3rd world “refugee” importation. Hell, even the Baptists aren’t immune at the leadership level. Not surprised at all that he’s a committed Christian, in the worst traditions of a medieval self-flagellating monk

      • I would say that he needs to be committed, and has provided sufficient evidence for his committal. Maybe only the codgers here will understand.

  2. He should become a living piece of performance art, wearing a six-foot condom in public to prevent unwanted transmission of the virus of his self. Suffocation would be a feature, not a bug.

  3. Vomit. Just vomit. If the author is in SA, maybe he can ask one of Winnie Mandela’s friends to point out his whiteness with one of those necklaces I’ve heard so much about.

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