Pro-Choice in Europe

I long thought it likely to be captured on the iPhone 62S, but this millennium’s race for the West appears to be rapidly culminating in a final sprint. Leading their lethargic citizenry by laps over the past generation, our governments and their globalist patrons are now starting to feel some unaccustomed heat down the back stretch. Highly irritated natives are beginning to accelerate out of a numbed shuffling. And what appeared as a certain rout, just may become interesting. Can the Western states replace their nations before the nations replace their states? I’m sure history offers some analogues of comparable import, though none in which our children are as vested.

So as a companion piece to yesterday’s swashbuckling feel-good feature, Pirates of the Mediterranean, comes another sliver of societal sunlight. This time in Poland.

Polish right sweeps parliamentary elections
A right-wing wave on Sunday swept out Poland’s ruling Civic Platform party after eight years in office, according to exit polls released immediately after voting ended at 9 pm.

The polls showed Law and Justice (PiS) with 39 percent and Civic Platform with 23 percent.

Coming after the party’s candidate won Poland’s presidency in May, this victory gives PiS a firm hold on all the reins of power in the EU’s sixth most-populous country. The turnover here brings into office another vocally nationalistic government in Central Europe from the same political family as Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

European politics are entering a unusual period of unvarnished simplicity. There are two social models on offer: virtuous surrender or vulgar sovereignty. Despite the pleasures of procrastination, Europeans are soon going to be put to the choice of either relinquishing or retaining their ancient lands. Political vehicles for both options are on the table. There is, of course, the Merkel model of compassionate dissolution, and the increasingly viable Orban platform of national continuity. Many other political fissures exist, though none remotely as relevant. This fact being one of many lost on oblivious Americans who wail that Trump’s tax proposals aren’t even conservative! In an emergency, you triage. And hangnails can wait.

Here’s another piece opining on takeaways from the Polish election.

A vibrant economy still left millions angry – Law and Justice promised a lower retirement age, a monthly subsidy of 500 zlotys per child and a minimum wage.

PiS wants to limit the growth of foreign retail outlets, to impose a new bank tax and to force banks to absorb losses in turning hundreds of thousands of expensive mortgages denominated in Swiss francs into zloty loans.

PiS wants to build stronger ties with the rest of Central Europe, a bloc that Warsaw hopes to lead. The focus will be “region, region, and once again region,”

Migrants – Poland’s outgoing government was reluctant to take in migrants, and ended up doing so only under fierce pressure, while refusing to accept the idea of mandatory quotas to resettle them. Kaczyński (backed by Duda) has warned that migrants carry diseases. Expect Poland to join the Hungary-led camp of those most fiercely resisting the resettlement of large numbers of Muslim asylum-seekers.

Climate – Warsaw has long ruffled green feathers with its strident defense of coal, which supplies about 90 percent of the country’s electricity. The new government will be just as tough. This could well cause big problems next year, when the EU tries to figure out how individual countries will meet its overall target to have renewables supply 27 percent of the bloc’s energy by 2030.

Subsidizing native fertility, protecting domestic industry and wages, defending traditional values, regionalism in lieu of globalism, migration resistance, and climate change indifference. That’s practically a wholesale repudiation of modern liberal theology. And while migration is the only stand that matters, the positions above do form the outline of a coherent political model that offers a stark contrast against its opposition.

And that contrast is fundamentally in what a country is, why it is, and whose interests it represents: it is the political/legal manifestation of a distinct people arising from shared talents, temperament, and beliefs within a defined geographic boundary? Or it is a market segment dedicated to the unfettered movement of goods, labor, and capital? One model generates diversity in humans and cultures, the other in Ferraris and favelas. I didn’t say it was an easy choice, just a simple one.

Yet it’s interesting that the nations of Eastern Europe are beginning to coalesce around the Orban model. Interesting but not surprising. Western Europeans can at least offer frail pleas of ignorance as to what the program actually meant before arriving en masse. But for those in the east, there is no sand deep enough to bury heads to what is streaming over and through their borders. The resulting electoral revulsion is not altogether shocking. And so when multiculturalism comes here, it will probably be behind an American tank.

Though there’s animating forces beyond just the horror show on their borders. Cultural commonality makes Eastern Europe’s drift toward regionalism as familiar as human civilization. This would occur rapidly in America without the weight of its massive federal apparatus. In the absence of a boot on its neck, like always finds like. And compared to an Orban, Poles are finding precious little to like in the model championed by a fanatically treasonous Merkel.

Whatever Poland’s ultimate disposition, a future time traveler would know it immediately by glimpsing which of these two images remain.

Diversity Arch

Diversity Arch

Or no Diversity Arch

Or no Diversity Arch


13 thoughts on “Pro-Choice in Europe

  1. Communism backfired in Eastern Europe. It meant that for half a century its nations were insulated from the effects of the “Western” media and entertainment industry. The results aren’t pleasant for the likes of George Soros.

  2. PiS wants to limit the growth of foreign retail outlets, to impose a new bank tax and to force banks to absorb losses in turning hundreds of thousands of expensive mortgages denominated in Swiss francs into zloty loans.
    Translation: PiS is anti-semitic, ANTI-SEMITIC, and ANTI-SEMITIC. Whichever chemical in the air caused them to shirk their Lolocaust guilt, let’s hope it blows Westward.

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  4. ” And so when multiculturalism comes here, it will probably be behind an American tank.” They don’t have the stones to try that yet. I assume it will be forced by the only power they have… money. Economic pressure ala the Greek bailout. Interestingly enough this could backfire and drive them toward the Russians. However there is the historical mistrust of all things Russian in Poland, so Brussels would really have to overplay their hand for that to happen. But never say never!

  5. Here is the Times piece on the election. Note this passage:

    “Polish life can be different,” said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Law and Justice. “We can be proud of it. We will never have to be ashamed of ourselves, as we did many times in the past.”

    Do you know how many millions of Westerners are desperate to hear this from a leader? People are so bone tired of the white guilt vomit, I’m a little surprised the party didn’t poll in the upper 90s.

    Also I don’t know if editors are vacationing in Luanda, but they let “right-wing” slide completely unscathed. It’s far-far-far right imbeciles. Have a little professionalism.

    • I’m not sure what the Poles have to be ashamed about. So they had a few failed inventions (solar-powered flashlight), and the screen door on that submarine turned out to be a disaster. They were willing to try something new, they learned from their mistakes, and moved on. That’s admirable, in my book.
      They’ve even built one of these now. (The spare tire is stored inside, to increase aerodynamics and stealth.)

      • I wonder how that got started – Polish jokes, with the background idea of the jokes and the poking fun at them being that they were less intelligent, “stupid” or thick. Especially since Poland has one of the oldest universities in Europe, some say the oldest? Also, there were many scientists of note such as the most famous one, Copernicus. And there was Chopin, and in general all the Polish people I’ve ever met on the whole were very wealthy from having the best jobs that require years of education. I’m just curious where it began…. who knows?

      • I’ve heard the Nazis started it. Which is ironic, because Polaks made a huge contribution in cracking the Enigma crypto machine in WW2.

  6. Well it’s official now, the East won the Cold War. Poland, Hungary, Czech et al uber alles. Living under actual Marxism proved to be an effective vaccine against the virus of Cultural Marxism that is killing the West.

    Maybe the East Germans should consider reasserting their sovereignty and rebuilding the wall to protect themselves from Merkel’s outlaw regime in antifa-occupied Berlin. Not even joking.

    Here’s an article proposing an Eastern European Union, or ‘Intermarium’, where whites can escape the self-inflicted genocide being perpetrated on the West.

    • Interesting. would probably be about a decade before the intermarium becomes the aspirational destination of legacy Swedish refugees. And I hope like hell they come up against a 12 foot razor wire fence and hungry guard dogs.

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