One Slightly Used Outboard Motor

There is an etiquette for every occasion. For instance, when a stranger with papers knocks on your door, you crack it with a bland salutation. When they ask if you’d like to purchase a magazine subscription, you politely say “no thank you.” And when they lunge past you while screaming demands for money, food, and accommodations, you reach for a firearm. None of this cultural choreography is in dispute.

That is until the perspective pans to a larger writ. And in that context of national homes, Emily Post demands the owner to fling open his doors, dispatch shuttles to collect other salesmen, and toss his children from bedroom windows to make space.

This gaping disparity between personal and public mores is eventually going to be reconciled. And, as this story suggests, it is as likely to occur in a manner that moistens more than just the palest cheeks.

Armed masked men around the Greek islands have been targeting migrant boats and turning them back, sometimes throwing their engines away, according to a damning comforting report.

Sorry boys, it’s environmentally sustainable triremes only in Hellenic waters. So we’ll relieve you of that carbon-belching combustion engine. Do you have any idea how much this thing is impacting the Antarctic ice shelves? I can’t even.

Of course if this had been the reception to the migrant vanguard, the entire enterprise would have been quickly disincentivized. Though that would have left liberals without friction for their moral frottage. So European leaders chose instead to dissuade further encroachments through open border invitations, cash disbursements, and the promise of recumbent blonds. But those measures hardly kept anyone out at all. And it does get worse…

This follows witness claims of Greek border guards refusing asylum seekers entry.

So a witness claims to have seen a European border guard actually halt an alien in broad daylight? I assume the officer was promptly cashiered. Yet just what does a how-do-you-say-it “bor-der gard” do exactly? If their responsibility is to usher in aliens who might otherwise soil their loafers, I can see why refusing entry is cause for journalistic concern. Though maybe they are intended to function as pylons, keeping the tsunami in manageable lanes.

Regardless Europeans are advised their primary concern should be the fate of peripatetic levantine yachtsmen, and certainly not of their own countries and children. To hell with that.

Speaking to HRW, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee recounted how the passengers in the boat he was on had felt when they were captured by a boat containing five masked men in balaclavas carrying guns. Their rubber dinghy, filled to the brim with women and children, had set off from the Turkish shore at Assos headed for the Greek island of Lesbos.

They were intercepted 30 minutes into their journey. “At first when they approached, we thought they had come to help us,” Ali told HRW. “But by the way they acted, we realized they hadn’t come to help. They were so aggressive. They didn’t come on board our boat, but they took our boat’s engine and then sped away.”

That's why you need contingencies for every occasion.

That’s why you have contingencies

Here’s a simple guideline to mitigate those awkward Mediterranean confabs: you do not get to swamp another man’s country, as you may not his home. This applies even when you–like a foraging hyena–just want to make a better life for yourself. Continuing disregard of this principle should be expected to result in escalating defensive efforts that will eventually make purloined engines look like rose bouquets.

And every Ali who ends up sleeping with the fishes will have those like Merkel to thank for the swim.


13 thoughts on “One Slightly Used Outboard Motor

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  2. I hadn’t seen that – just shows you how good news gets suppressed. That’s going to eat into these refugee charities’ budgets, if they have to pay for backup outboard motors.

  3. Someone finally grew a spine in Greece. I’m sure they’ll be denounced as Golden Dawn or their sympathizers any day now.

  4. The most heartening aspect of all is that it may have actually been officially sanctioned rather than just patriotic brigands. From the tail-end of the video above.

    “We contacted the Greek Coast Guard to ask if they were the culprits. And while they wouldn’t admit it, they wouldn’t deny it either.”

    Leonidas would be proud indeed.

  5. The fact is that a few dozen such missions, officially sanctioned or otherwise, would fix the problem for good and reverse the flow of invaders. The influx isn’t the result of passive indifference on the part of European governments – it’s treason and collusion with the enemy.

  6. Leonidas is probably wondering why his great-grandsons didn’t skewer, skin and skullfuck, in random order, these invading Persians; but the good King didn’t have social media vampires attacking his flank, so I hope he understands.

    • What’s interesting is that under our dominant narrative Leonidas must be a bigot hate criminal rather than a national figure of admiration.

      Any pretense of consistency obliges liberal historians to recognize Ephialtes as the actual hero of Thermopylae. It is a tactical failure of the right to never force liberals into acknowledging that they find heroism only in betrayal.

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  9. I think the most beautiful thing about this video is when the camera pans around the reporter’s boat lying 50ft off the Zodiak while Ms Williams talks about there being ‘over 40 Syrians’ aboard.

    Their boat is crowded. Her boat is empty.

    She doesn’t care about helping them. She cares about yanking heartstrings on camera.

    It’s these little mistakes that make watching the news worth it.

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