I said “Do you speak-a my language?”

White Privilege is that moral turpitude that occurs when men attempt to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity. And one of its most egregious elements may also be its least remarked upon. That is the privilege of enjoying modernity’s most expansive plural pronouns.

Consider the modest “we.” No other people have this term deployed by others so often on their behalf. Whether yellow, black, brown, or AIPAC, pages blossom with those eager to advise on what we should do in our countries. It’s all very gratifying. Though sometimes the air fills with more WEs than a French porn shoot. And that’s what the royal we will discuss tonight.

I was reading a piece recently by a man discussing the immense affection we Australians have for multiculturalism. The author’s name is Thinethavone Soutphommasane. He is a member of the Australian Multicultural Council and is presently serving as Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Mr. Soutphommasane was born in France to Laotian boat parents who were subsequently resettled Down Under via reunification program. It’s curious how infrequently these reunions occur in native homelands, though the point I am trying to make is that when Thinethavone uses “we” in regard to Australians, you may be assured his bonafides are in perfect order.

An Australian man

An Australian man

To dissolve any residual confusion, the article provides further visual clarification.

Several Australian men

Several shy Australian men

If you’ll pardon my deflowering of the author’s prose, what follows are just the pellets busy readers may only have limited time to ingest.

Most of us believe that people should have the freedom to express their traditions and practise their religion.

As Australians we typically think of ourselves as relaxed and welcoming people.

Amid current concerns about extremism, it can be tempting to conclude that the anti-Muslim protests in Bendigo and Parramatta are signs of fracturing in our society.

Yet we should also keep our perspective.

Let’s condemn extremism – but let’s not judge entire communities based on the extremism of a few. [Let us not indeed]

Our public debate has recently shifted in one important respect. Anti-Muslim campaigners will no doubt feel encouraged by the upcoming visit of Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician.

Based on what we know, though, a ban on Wilders may not be warranted. We know from experience that our multicultural society is robust enough to repudiate hatred and intolerance. [No society is sufficiently robust to repudiate the Hate of a Dutch politician.]

If Wilders is to visit, he should know that he may be held to account for anything that vilifies people, or incites hatred or violence. We value freedom of speech but we also value freedom from discrimination. [But, but, but…Sorry, Thinethevone, but WE have some very discriminating readers]

In many ways, we can respond to extremism from a position of strength. Not many societies have managed to be as cohesive as ours while being so diverse.

On the whole, ours is a happy story, though we don’t always realise it. [We’ll realize it when the repatriations begin] There is something revealing in how the majority of Australians endorse multiculturalism and mass immigration. [“Revealing” isn’t how you spell duplicitous]

Whether you’re Bruce, Tran or Mohammed, you can be an Australian if you’re prepared to be part of our democratic society. [That’s convenient for Tran and Mohammed. Less so for Bruce.]

Now isn’t the time to be talking down our multicultural success [Success for whom is the question]

It’s time for all good citizens to say that we choose tolerance and unity over bigotry and division.

That’s inspirational really. To hear a Laotian take such an ecumenical view of Australian nationalism. I almost get verklempt just reflecting on it. It’s a perspective that humbles us Chinese by comparison. I’m almost inclined to propose corporeal beatification for the author. The whole of the country is his we. Truly nothing could severe his bonds of fellowship with all who call themselves Australian by democracy.

Far-right extremist groups have become more vocal in their activities. In the case of Bendigo, for example, they have conducted an extended campaign of bullying and intimidation.

Or possibly not.


17 thoughts on “I said “Do you speak-a my language?”

  1. If Wilders is to visit, he should know that he may be held to account for anything that vilifies people, or incites hatred or violence.
    Lucky for Thissasomexylophone, he won’t be held accountable for vilifying Bruces or Wilders, nor for inciting their hatred or violence. Yerrow Privirege FTR.

  2. It follows the same template in every country now. Black, brown, yellow invaders disguising their ethnic politics as “tolerance”. It’s much easier for that guy to do this in Australia than in his ethnic homeland of Laos. Back home, he’d be just one in a sea of yellow faces scrabbling like mad for what they can get. In Australia, he has privileged minority status handed to him by the powers that be.

    • Rob I saw where one of your countrymen, Idowu Akanbi, fraudulently billed the state for 20 grand in benefits. I’m actually shocked he was so frugal with the Irish taxpayers’ purse. Though it appears the Black and Tans are back on the island. This time literally.

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  4. “We” elected a french turd in Canada. “We” will eventually be sorry… although “we” will soon include a bunch of “Syrian refugees”… I have had enough of what “we” now look like…

  5. Wilders, like Trump, is acceptable because he’s kosher:


    The title of this post reminded me of two separate encounters with Lahteenohs I had a while ago outside my apartment building. Both, when I said hello, only eyeballed me with soulless, animal suspicion. The thuggish-looking one in the gangster fedora looked particularly upset to have been addressed in friendly English.

    Not that it needs to be reiterated, but this decaying civilization sucks.

    • I don’t know who you’re trying to impress, but this idea that Trump is kosher and thus bad is something I like to call “throwing out the good because of the things we don’t like.” This whole “Trump isn’t perfect, we need to just stay home” is so incredibly stupid and defeatist that it boggles the mind.

      • A 9/11 insider is directing the dude’s campaign. This is the guy Trump picked (or, just as likely, had picked for him) out of all the possibilities in the world. Think about it. Trump practically fellated Netanyahu in a campaign commercial for that bloodsucker. He consistently lies about American interests overseas and if elected would only proceed to get America entangled in more proxy wars for Israel. He doesn’t even care about flushing his own bloodline down the toilet and gave his daughter to the Jews. The man is anti-white and a piece of Hollywood trash.

      • Has Uncle Ben Carson given his daughters unto Netanyahu? Maybe there’s still time for us to support him instead. If not, I hear Lyndon LaRouche is still alive.

  6. The only difference between an invasion and immigration, is that the former is enforced by foreign soldiers, while the later is enforced by local traitors.

  7. Not many societies have managed to be as cohesive as ours while being so diverse.

    If you know the track record of diversity, why on earth would you choose to inflict it on “your” country? How long do you think your luck can hold?

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  10. A few years ago a riot broke out in East Point, Georgia when 30,000 Africans showed up to get application forms for Section 8 vouchers. Some news guy editorialized, “Aren’t *we* better than this?” I thought, “No, you liberals pretty much suck at everything. You could have just stacked the forms in libraries and post offices like the IRS does, instead of making thousands of people stand in line for hours in 100+ degree heat.”

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