Looking for a Place Called Lee Ho Fook’s

It would be a task of true levity to attempt an explanation of white signaling to a benign extraterrestrial. Of course all other peoples speak non verbally as well, though each in their own distinct dialect. Among other areas, we signal our wealth, health, virtue, and sexual vigor. It’s all very competitive, and if you don’t know who represents the sediment of any given hierarchy…it’s you.

Though what’s interesting is that whites–particularly liberals–also signal frequently to out groups. Most often with comic futility. A great deal of this can be seen in both how frantic and frequent they are in deploying that special liberal word. Many lucid conservatives are at constant risk of losing an eye in the rolls induced by the daily racist. Particularly the accusation’s transparency as a competitive virtue rung. Though that’s not its only function. Progs also use it as means of unspoken pleading to their fractious voting booth proxies.

Racist! Racist! Racist! isn’t merely the code to commence risk-free attacks against lower class whites, it’s also a plea to non-whites. One that consistently pings off petrified ear wax. Because liberal hipsters like to keep their blood on the inside, just like the bigots. And thus the drone of racist is a barely veiled appeal to rambunctious teens to please please please act nice and civilized around other people.

I’m afraid that message is a bit too subtle, alas.

A woman has been arrested after a video of a racist incident on a London bus went viral. The clip shows a black woman, with a child in a pram, taunting two Muslim women by calling them ‘sandbags’ and ‘Isis b****es’.

The woman is heard shouting in her victims’ faces saying: ‘Talk your f***ing language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes.
‘I don’t f***ing like you people because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England and you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.’ 

At one point, the child who the black woman was with, appears to ask what is happening. Crouching down to speak to the baby, she replied: ‘What happened? What happened? Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.’ 

An African colonist molesting her Muslim competition in an ancient city that was homogenous within living memory. This is why British troopers stacked their corpses in WW2 rather than going home to wave “Welcome Wehrmacht refugees!” signs.

Though it is less important to note the obvious point that out-groups aren’t interested in our anti-racist signaling, than that we aren’t receptive to theirs. Specifically the signal that once in material possession, they will defend our erstwhile territory for themselves. And will do so with a forthrightness and physicality that Bill Buckley would find positively gauche. As gauche eventually as Haiti 1804. And you can imagine how long it took to remove those stains from the silk drapes.

What you cede, we will take.
And keep your pieties to yourself.

I don’t need a ****** to tell me twice.


5 thoughts on “Looking for a Place Called Lee Ho Fook’s

  1. That video was hilarious. Though clearly the colonist has not observed her American counterparts closely enough, or said colonist would have snatched the hijab off the Isis woman’s head when she touched her to object to being filmed at the very least.

  2. “Among other areas, we signal our wealth, health, virtue, and sexual vigor. It’s all very competitive, and if you don’t know who represents the sediment of any given hierarchy…it’s you.”

    Yes, 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on the back of cars.

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