Pyrrhic Economics

Much of the West’s recent past is a highlight reel featuring the victory of propaganda over perception. Before the era of mass communication and its centralized curation, men eschewed foreign outsourcing relying instead on their own senses and intuition. Both having been well sharpened on time’s long grinding wheel. Perhaps the most fundamental intuition being the one which triggers fight or flight in response to hostile encroachments. Unfortunately this survival instinct, native to practically the entire animal kingdom, has fallen into disrepute among those animals who now find it inconvenient to their designs.

We are repeatedly advised that xenophobia is a moral infraction. Which makes it quite disappointing I’m sure that history’s least xenophobic people are not here to boast of their virtue. For if still alive, there is no doubt they would parrot the litany of benefits that accrue exclusively to Western countries sans borders. And if no benefits of mass migration immediately spring to mind, it just means you haven’t been looking hard enough. Because while your limbic system may scream at the sight of a dozen snarling Somalis alighting next door, your rational mind should be assuaged by several prestigious policy papers that clearly outline immigration’s myriad benefits. Only a small portion of which are mentioned in the Cato Institute video below.

One of the most salutary elements of being thoroughly immigrated is often lost in the blood spatter of an MS-13 gang initiation. And that’s unfortunate. Because we should talk more about how much we are monetarily enriched by funnel clouds of illiterate welfare recipients. As in so much else, you’ll need to approach it rationally.

See if this graphic by President Obama clarifies the situation.


It’s simpler than you thought. More people means more Economy. And collecting all the Economy is how you win. It may not necessarily feel like winning to those who are training their own foreign replacements. Though hopefully broader minds will find solace in GDP as their formerly high social-capital neighborhoods transition to favelas. We economists grow quite weary of all the bitching by people who can only think of themselves.

I hope you’ll keep that in mind as we examine the financial fruits of immigration now being hoarded by typically rapacious Germans.

The head of one of Europe’s leading economic think tanks has called on Germany’s government to scrap the minimum wage and raise the country’s retirement age in order to cope with the huge influx of migrants now underway. Only by introducing such measures can the enormous costs associated with the flow be borne, he said.

Germany will spend €6 billion on caring for the 800,000 migrants expected to arrive in the country by the end of this year.
In order to avoid piling debts up on to later generations, the Ifo institute, based in Munich has called on the government to raise the retirement age from 63 to 70, pointing out that as the population ages we’re all likely to be working longer anyway.
“It is not a matter of playing off the pensioners against the refugees,” the institute’s budget expert Niklas Potrafke said, in response to criticism of the plan. “Extending the age of retirement won’t affect current pensioners,” he explained, adding “in the course of demographic change we would anyway all work a bit longer.” [always remember: climate change bad, demographic change good…except outside the West]
The Ifo Institute’s president, Hans-Werner Sinn, is also outspoken on the issue, insisting that Mr Potrafke is right. With more and more people flocking to Germany, Mr Sinn said “we’d better raise the retirement age to feed them”

Six billion in costs by year-end alone and seven more years for natives to work. I have no idea what they’re babbling about. Immigration enriches The Economy. These migrants are coming to selflessly pay for German retirements, not obliterate them. Has everyone suddenly forgotten? Its American version is right here.


I’m certain the German experience is anomalous as we are assured by economic consensus. So how rich are the Austrians getting from immigration?

The spiralling refugee crisis will cost Austria €1 billion ($740 million) in 2016, the finance ministry announced on Wednesday, as the country expects 85,000 new asylum-seekers by the end of this year.

That doesn’t match our models at all, and so must be incorrect. Any honest observer would concede the obvious trajectory of the guesswork projections below.


Thus we’ll encourage readers to ignore right-wing demagoguery and simply consider how much pleasure Tyler Cowan receives from the beans. Besides, I’m certain everything is copacetic in Britain.

Calais migrant crisis costs Britain £100,000 a day

I can’t bear any more of these lying eyes. Forget what you see and disregard those nagging atavistic instincts. For God’s sake just focus on the fucking chart.

Up! Up! Up!

Up! Up! Up!

Immigration may cost lives, careers, communities, and national sovereignty, but it is a financial victory for the West. Any more such victories and we’ll be digging grubs for dinner.


30 thoughts on “Pyrrhic Economics

  1. No wonder those clever Indians are straight-lining to 1.6 billion people by 2050. Start fucking, people. And for the sake of our many children, let’s start commandeering carnival cruise liners to make uninterrupted round trips to Haiti and (hell, why not!?) Ivory Coast. We’ll send gas and toyota trucks for them to harvest the interior of Africa, and return with added Per Capita Income 5000 man units at a time. Shit, I bet George Soros would even pay for it all.

  2. There’s such a tsunami of bullshit in these “studies” you’ve quoted that it’s hard to know where to start ridiculing it. Immigration has put at least one profession out of business for all time – satirists. The Onion
    couldn’t come up with anything like that.

    I’m sure the purpose of most of this “proof” of the benefits of immigration is to humiliate and demoralise the native population. They have to read this in their media every day, knowing it’s absurd, but they also know it’s useless at best to contradict it.

  3. Nigeria has a larger GDP than Ireland. So why isn’t the economic migration flow in the opposite direction? That’s a question so simple no one will answer it.

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  5. I know nothing of its authenticity, though here is a gratifying anecdote on those desperate migrants racing into Europe just ahead of Assad’s tank brigades.

  6. Job creation rolls forward: Sweden opens Rape Center for Men and Boys. “We are happy that we now can finally open the first rape clinic for men following the rape clinic for women,” Rasmus Jonlund, a press spokesperson for the Liberal Party. Happy! And how sad he will be when the Center is closed for lack of customers, after the rapers are deported or delifed by the angry natives.

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  9. Clearly privileged animals like antelope should be targeted by politically righteous liberals for their innate hostility and racism against crocodiles.

  10. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Including remittance, totally a financial negative. An especial drain of Nanny State societies (most of Europe).
    They wanted to make it a mental illness, seriously, they wanted to put prejudice in the DSM 5. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, whatever. They actually tried to make it possible to throw someone in an asylum, theoretically, for political disagreement, like a gulag. Consider that.

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