The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People

Isn’t it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.

It’s interesting how often people whose tongues articulate identical values come to very different positions–some on the ground and some in mid-air. Whether one is wallowing in the mire or levitating serenely above it is most often a question of effectiveness.

I’ve always viewed the unmentioned eighth as the most important of the seven habits of highly effective people. Specifically, never allow pieties to interfere with practice. It’s really a function of disciplined compartmentalization. Pieties are the moral restraints we expect our opponents to abide, while practice is the wholesome unfettered pursuit of our own self-interests. Keeping the two at a polite distance is what carries highly effective people into the future, and their principled opposition into the museum.

A vivid example is presently on display in the Netherlands.


The Jewish community of Amsterdam-Zuid are concerned about the arrival of a refugee center in Amstelveen-Noord, which local residents were informed about on Monday night. The proposed shelter will house 400 refugees, mostly from Syria and Iraq. 

The Central Jewish Board is concerned that there will be incidents. “Let there be no doubt that the Jewish community is overwhelmingly for the reception of war refugees. But we have major concerns”, chairman Ron van der Wieken said to NU on Monday.

Yes, please allow us to dispel any misconceptions: the jewish community is overwhelmingly in favor of swamping Europe with our fractious Levantine cousins. But as for settling them in our locales…well, we have major concerns. What highly effective people wouldn’t? Hey, call Donald Maloney!

Ron Eisenmann, president of the Center for Information and Documentation Israel and faction leader of VVD Amsterdam-Zuid, also raised his concerns on Twitter. “Not a good plan, Syrian refugees in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood.”, he tweeted.

“These people come from countries such as Syria and Iraq, who traditionally take an extremely harsh tone against Jews. These people are largely brainwashed to hate Jews. You should not underestimate it.

Just a few questions, Ron. Isn’t it also ‘not a good plan’ to move them into my neighborhood rather than only not yours? And are there people brainwashed to hate whites? If so, who’s doing the wash? Should this be underestimated? The answers are already flowing into my inbox: racist, bigot, nazi, extremist. Thanks for the prompt response.

Though because Mr. Eisenmann et al are able to fluidly disgorge this jet of hypocrisy without practically a whimper of protest, we recognize them today as very highly effective people indeed.


9 thoughts on “The Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People

  1. I had a conversation with a co-worker who marveled at the fact that he was speaking with a Jewish chick who had no idea who Schindler was but who was offended when he didn’t wish her a Happy Jewish New Year. He was shocked when I told him this – Look, they’ll be nice to us and pretend to be white but they’re not. I’ve dated one them being from NY but you’re not one of them, you’ll always be a goy, a cow. So let her help you find a job (she’s an IT recruiter) but look out for her looking to use you way more than is warranted, it’s just what they do. – He looked at me like I was suddenly going to goose step around the restaurant. I told him – I’m not telling you to persecute anyone, or that there’s a damn conspiracy, but they are tribal and you’re not part of the tribe so watch your ass. – he came back a week later to say it was good advice.

    Amazing how we take on guilt that’s not even ours. Well, some of us anyway.

    • “tribal” is exactly right. i think US whites will take much longer to coalesce around shared values and interests than their European cousins. Europeans generally have the benefit of racial homogeneity and shared history around which they will eventually rally. The success of our European melting pot could be our undoing, as all US whites have in common is a tattered constiution and some long-dead english founders. All efforts to stem and reverse the decline should include establishing and bolstering a white tribal identity

  2. “the jewish community is overwhelmingly for the reception of war refugees”
    Too bad there isn’t a jewish community in Israel. The refugees’ commute would be much shorter.

  3. Whites are the world’s patsies, no doubt about it. Who else would resolve to take in the “wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, as instructed by a committed Zionist? The French Prime Minister respectfully intoned these lines a few weeks ago when talking of the “migrant crisis”, while Israel and the Gulf States rush to secure their borders.

      • Sand People are clearly the new Master Race. Through the full and rich lives they had back home, and their busy schedules – the raping, the killing, the animal husbandry, the animal wifery, the raping – they still found time to study German Law, pass the Bar, and become licensed to practice in a country they had no reason to believe they would be moving to, ever. I’d tip my turban if I had one.

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