They Took a Chance on Them

I recalled recently a Wall Street Journal fluff piece from a couple of years ago. It was a 2013 interview with Björn Ulvaeus, a founding member of the renowned Swedish music group, ABBA. In it he ascribed both his success in particular, and his country’s in general, to–of all things–atheism.

Sweden is an open, liberal, secular and democratic country,” he says. “We strive towards achieving equality, we are forward-looking and refuse to be pulled back by social constructs, such as religion.”

In that moment he was euphoric. And while it seems counterintuitive that a smugly liberal and secular society would swamp itself with enfranchised illiberal theocrats, perhaps my mind isn’t sufficiently open to grasp the gambit. Or perhaps smug is the operative term. Regardless, I hope he keeps the refusal of swarthy Swedes to be pulled back in mind. Because newly arrived social constructs apparently haven’t been advised.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – A number of suspected grenade attack explosions have rocked Stockholm over the past few days, echoing similar attacks in Malmo where immigrant gangs are going to war over grievances imported from their homelands.

The southern city of Malmo has become a byword for the seemingly ubiquitous grenade attack in Sweden in recent months, with almost 40 hand grenade and other detonations recorded this year. Yet similar such attacks, where property and vehicles are attacked in the dead of night in a series of tit-for-tat reprisals between gangs is new to capital Stockholm, which has seen two explosions in the same neighbourhood in three days.

Monday’s grenade attack, which took place outside a Kurdish people’s association office in a block of flats just before two o’clock in the morning left no casualties, but a number of windows blown out. Violent Turkish -Kurd confrontations took place in the city centre only hours before, but police have refused to comment on whether the events may be linked, reports local paper Aftonbladet.

On Sunday afternoon, thousands of Kurds and Turks held counter protests in the Sergel Square outside the central railway station. The event soon became confrontational, as stones and fireworks were thrown between the sides and scuffles erupted. Police moved in to calm the situation but were unable to prevent serious violence, with citizen-shot videos being rapidly shared on social media showing officers beating protesters to the ground while being pelted with objects.

Dear Bjorn: If you change your mind, I’m the first in line. My blog’s still free, take a chance on me.

Our most recommended aleatory pursuit in the presence of alien grenadiers is to be smug about more than just one’s pieties. Having an open, liberal, secular, and democratic society is like having a flock of flightless birds. Both are simply precious for the few moments before being consumed by grinning coyotes. The necessary adjustment is to ring your preening platform with a crust of intolerant men with machine guns. Thus suitably defended, geriatric crooners are safe to boast of their openness outside the casualty radius of a frag grenade.

Obviously not all Swedes are as oblivious as ABBA. The author of this now abandoned blog took pains to chronicle that country’s dreary multicult descent. Though within his farewell posting, one sentance in particular displayed the remarkable adaptability of the human mind. In comparing the situation in America, he mused on the presidential elections and described Trump as:

A racist ignoramus who takes pride in the worst qualities of a cranky eight-year old.

I’m wholly uninterested in his evaluation of the republican slate, though was amazed at the sentiment. To keenly lament the demographic dissolution of Sweden while retaining racist as aspersion ranks as a marvel of self shell-gaming. I want a Sweden of Swedes and deplore racism. My own mental hands were never quick enough to perform such prestidigitation. He’ll invariably find his opponents equally slow-witted. What a conundrum. Preserve your nation at the cost of an insult. I feel as though Martel could weather the words, though men were made of sterner stuff then. For many today, if air were called racist they’d drown themselves in a bucket. Maybe being dead really is better than preferring your own.

But that’s a chance I’m not going to take.


25 thoughts on “They Took a Chance on Them

  1. I read the WSJ piece and it’s interesting, Ulvaeus seems to be speaking of Islam exclusively and either he doesn’t know it or he has his head up his ass and missed most of western and eastern visual and musical arts. Interesting the urge to dismiss not only his but all other cultures arts based on the religious impulse. Hell, the Kama Sutra is a religious text. Sweden is cultural suicide writ large.

    Obama cured me forever of my fear of being called racist. Fuck it, it’s assumed I am anyway even if I don’t open my mouth so why not give them a reason.

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  3. ” Having an open, liberal, secular, and democratic society is like having a flock of flightless birds. ”

    Another laugh out loud simile Porter…if that doesn’t describe it to a T, I don’t know what does. Excellent!

  4. Bravery in the face of the Puritans who will attempt to drown us all in their bucket is frightening; the silence and immobility of the crowd watching, the protestations of the “racist” witch as the water covers their heads: much to scary to oppose the group. Rabbits will never out-group until the wolves begin to cull them. These essays help to begin that effort. Thanks.

    • Perhaps another note to address something in your essay, related to “men were made of sterner stuff, then.” Is this true? Has our genetic heritage or disposition been diluted with centuries of “easy living”, as suggested by the r/K theory of evolution? It would seem that there are “stern” individuals at the apex of a predatory oligarchy who war by other means than swords, whose banners are those of money. If the “culture” of the warren is to blame for our emasculation and capitulation, it may be that a neo-reaction is a natural genetic response among our young men to flee that group.

      • Has our genetic heritage or disposition been diluted…

        Billy that is the question of our age. It strikes me as similar to the Fermi Paradox, which asks if the universe is full of life, where are the aliens.

        We are immensely successful evolutionary survivors. If achieving our demise were as simple as wielding a talismanic bad word that sent us scurrying in horror to the grave, it would have ocurred shortly after our ancestors lost their tails. And yet here we are pathetically shuffling off the planet. Evidence of our desire to flourish exists all around us in things as varied as settler countries, the car, computers, planes, and St. Peters. So where is it?

      • talismanic bad word

        Talmudic bad word?

        I think (and admit this is a hope as well) that there is a non-linear and certainly non-static set of behavioral traits in play: when the killing fields are open those who are intellectually capable of cooperation and openness actually can out-perform the typical idiots-lead-by-sociopaths pattern. High trust societies and commons-building are huge advantages for those who can maintain them, and it appears that there is something in the north western european heritage that allows for this. I expect, with Vox, that europeans will begin a reconquista at some point this century. America may be lost due to sheer numbers, but it will remain semi-european in any event.

        For myself, ten years ago I was somewhat sheepishly conservative. Five years ago, unapologetically so. Now I find myself a somewhat sheepish WN. God knows where I’ll be in five years. Perhaps the saxon is beginning to hate?

      • Has our genetic heritage or disposition been diluted…?

        Maybe we’re a bit like that dentist who went out to Africa to shoot a lion, and seemed pretty pleased with himself about it. We have throwback traits that were useful in a homogeneous hunter-gatherer society, but are now – at best – useless. There was a time when society couldn’t function unless people unquestioningly trusted and co-operated with people not genetically related to them. This trait has long outlived its usefulness, but it can’t be switched off in some people.

  5. It really all boils down to race. Different races have different abilities to comprehend the world around them. Whites have a notion of what lying is, what cheating is, what honesty and honor are. Whites are able to build and function in high trust societies where a man’s word is binding. jews and other races do not. jews do however know how to manipulate trust to their advantage and they have no compunction about doing so. White people llike Taylor really don’t believe in race or they couldn’t make the statement, “They look White to me”. Too many who call themselves race realists only really see race as skin deep and do not fully grasp the difference and importance of cognition. You can’t teach a jew to be honest in a White man’s terms anymore than you can teach a pig to fly. What may appear to be “honesty” is simply in their interest. We can’t “fix” the jew or members of other races, we can look realistically at them and speak truthfully of them and conduct ourselves accordingly.

    What is happening in all White countries is the logical outcome of universalism. If all people are the same or can be taught to be the same then what difference does it make who is a U.S. citizen or a German one? If a person buys into the idea of universalism then to reject others of different skin color or religion is racist and bigoted. Christianity and secular humanism are poison to any sort of group identity. We are reduced to single individuals under god’s law or the government’s law. The only real power is collective power. jews understand this which is why they are fiercely tribal but tell us not to be. We’ve been stupid enough to listen because we want to be seen as nice. Every German is afraid of being called an Nazi and every white American is afraid of being called a racist. We’ve been brainwashed to such an extent that those who refuse the doctrine loose their jobs, go to jail and in some extreme cases are assassinated (Jorge Haider).

    We need to take stock of what is really important and defend it.

    • Christianity and secular humanism are poison to any sort of group identity.

      I’m an uncommitted agnostic from both the perspectives of theology and utility. Plainly Christian doctrine bears a heavy universalist bent, though a thoughtful congregationalist could just as easily view it in a “render unto Caesar” context. I.e., “I have brothers in heaven, and I have brothers on Earth.” Of course he has no brothers in the Levant. Something his leadership takes pains to conceal.

      Also, I don’t see any more poison in that vehicle than its philosophical opposite. If I meet two men and know only that one is a devout Christian and the other a militant atheist, my odds of accurately pre-selecting the bitter shitlib are high. And historically Europe’s greatest defenders went into battle under the cross.

      None of this diminishes your point of the poison now seeping into the pews. Though modern Christianity seems largely an inert social institution that simply washes along in the cultural wake. Rather than one compelling its direction.

      I marvel to watch adherents coax themselves into believing in an omniscient, infallible creator of the universe…that changes his mind every 20 years or so. Though the human mind has a remarkable capacity to adapt principles in service to pieties.

      • “… infallible creator of the universe…that changes his mind every 20 years or so” – LOL, quite right. I don’t view atheists as the same as secular humanists (just to make that clear). Atheists choose their own path of living and secular humanist are Christian in all but name. They simply don’t want their missionary work hampered by the Church. Christians are admonished to love one another as all God’s children and be a light onto the world by example. The crusaders were bringing light to the unenlightened, loving them to death as it were 🙂

      • I would point out that Europe lost its head at the same time it lost its religion.

        Accusing Christianity of being the cause of all this is like watching a man give up running, get horrifically fat and die of a heart attack, and then claiming that it was the running that killed him.

    • Wanting to be thought of as “a decent human being” is the White person’s Achilles heel. Once our enemiest seized the power to define that they got us to tie ourselves into suicidal knots to fit that definition. Solution: Take back the power to define human decency.

  6. The phlegmatic Swedes won’t mind becoming a Jew-like minority in the Scandinavian Caliphate.
    Won’t have too much trouble learning Arab script, and will diligently pay their 90% jizya tax.
    They will make loyal warriors in the Infidel Extermination war of 2060.

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  8. “I would point out that Europe lost its head at the same time it lost its religion.” – When did Europe lose it’s religion. It simply changed it’s name from Christianity to Social Justice so that more souls could be included. The “brotherhood” of man is alive and well.

    • It began with the enlightenment and was completed in the early twentieth century. This is obvious, my friend, and was much lamented and commented on by christian, and especially Catholic, writers.

      Europe was the church and the church was Europe. Without the one, I hold no hope of restoration of the other: man does not live on volken-larping alone.

  9. This could be a very interesting and enlightening debate. Let me reply by saying European have existed in the geography of Europe for the last 37,000 years. Christianity being relatively new having been birthed with the massacre of Verden in 782 AD (in respect to my Christian friend).

    • I don’t view the historical record before, say, Bellum Gallicum (and even much later, as fragmented as the historical record is) as knowable with any sort of precision. I am therefore not in a particularly intellectually honest position to debate what my ancestor celt was and was not thinking as he squatted pensively in a bog on the coast of the atlantic.

      Our Hero, The Comments Section is not a useful place to hash out an enlightening debate in any event: its natural fauna is shit posting, memes, raids and amens. Let us not deny it what it is due.

      • Fair enough. To fill the very few gaps in your knowledge you may want to check into the Neolithic road system in Europe, England and Ireland. The Danube Valley Civilization which developed a writing system that could very well be the oldest in the world. Our ancestors may well have squatted but it is certain they were thinking as they did so. There is no doubt that civilization existed in Europe long before Christianity came to town. All the best and lets hope we win this war.

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