This is not Negotiable

I’m so goddamn weary of the sophistry. Not so much that it exists, like the mucus trail of a slug, but that others are willing to clean the path with their tongue. Western leaders now routinely regurgitate the most ridiculous expedients and inapt metaphors without even the shadow of a sheepish cringe. One might think that a comprehensive betrayal of their people would be adequately gratifying. Though apparently ladling on insult additionally is a treat too tempting to forego. Thus we are barraged with trays of sententious tripe when simple iron-fisted dictates would suffice. These aren’t democracies, you know.

Fortunately though only the bigots can be bothered to notice. And so I expect future executive edicts to simply cite the barometric pressure as rationalization for wholesale dispossession. It reminds me of a prior rationale of my own…

You see the first thing I did upon release from prison was to advertise my home’s availability throughout the city’s favelas. The denizens of which wanted a swank place to alight and I’d lived behind bars for long enough. So I left the door open and a dozen Amerinds moved into my house. There was no choice, really: locking people out is morally indistinguishable from locking them in. Besides, if I barred my doors the mariachi band would just climb in the windows. There is no such thing as stopping the arrivals. I’m certain you, Netanyahu, and the nuclear regulatory commission agree.

I was reflecting on this unassailable logic while reading a recent Meercow interview.

There will be no quick-and-easy solutions in the refugee crisis – “but the situation is here now” and there’s no going back, Chancellor Angela Merkel told television viewers on Wednesday night.

“We can’t shut the borders. If you build a fence, people will find another way. There is no such thing as stopping the arrivals,” Merkel told interviewer Anne Will on her political talk show.

And she added that “no one” could reliably estimate how many people would arrive in Germany in the future seeking asylum.

Merkel is doubling down on her commitment to the refugees arriving in Europe even as her own popularity sinks.

But the Chancellor is demanding that her troops remain in line by making the refugee crisis a question of principle. Her fierce belief in the rightness of her course was on display on Wednesday in exchanges with centre-right MEPs in Brussels in a private meeting before her joint address to the European Parliament with French President Francois Hollande.

“The eastern Europeans – and I’m counting myself as an eastern European – we have experienced that isolation doesn’t help,” she said, sources told Politico.

“It makes me a bit sad that precisely those who can consider themselves lucky that they have lived to see the end of the Cold War now think that one can completely stay out of certain developments of globalization.” [You think you can endure communism only to not be swamped by Africans? That makes Meercow a bit sad.]

Merkel acknowledged that eastern European countries were being asked to catch up very fast on developments in tolerance and diversity [come to Germany for the latest tolerance technology!] that had taken the West decades.

But “when someone says, ‘this is not my Europe, I won’t accept Muslims…’ then I have to say, this is not negotiable,” she insisted.

And she repeated her message that Europe “won’t be able to transform into a fortress,” looking back at the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

“The refugees won’t be stopped if we just build fences. That I’m deeply convinced of, and I’ve lived behind a fence for long enough,” she said.

I always find it unfortunate that most Westerners live in areas where fencing technology badly lags advances in diversity. Fences work in Israel. They work in the Korean DMZ, around military bases, the White House, horse farms, electrical substations, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Melilla, and many wealthy liberal enclaves. Though not in Germany, alas. And as tyrants since antiquity have averred…this is not negotiable.


15 thoughts on “This is not Negotiable

  1. This almost seems like a farce — Murkel forswearing Germany’s will to an interviewer named Ana Will. Was Karl Kuckzervativ on vacation that week?
    She should commission a tranny named Lenny Riefenstahl to produce a film, titled Verfallen des Willens, to signify her crowning achievement. She should also drop dead; in which order, I care not.

  2. Reminds one of the well worn aphorism regarding the Germans; “either at your feet or at your neck.”
    Merkel is at the neck of her fellow Euros to take more refugees. Simultaneously, the invading horde that she represents as being at the feet of Europe in need of succor, are in all actuality behaving with the entitled and savage confidence of a conquering people. They are at the neck of Europe, having learned quickly from their hosts, perhaps.
    Depressing as hell that she and her brethren are getting away with it.

  3. Merkel and the globalists view people as interchangeable cogs with one being as good as another. A Syrian, a Paki, a German, what does it matter, I can plug this person into my machine and it will run. She apparently has never heard of quality making the difference in the final product or getting what you pay for. She’s going to pay for the Pakis and the Syrians with the blood of the Germans she should have been loyal to. I hope she ends up like Ceaușescu.

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  5. She stands by her principles. She stood proudly in South Africa and Rhodesia, saying, “But when someone says, ‘this is not my Africa, I won’t accept Whites…’ then I have to say, this is not negotiable,” she insisted.

    The rest, of course, is history. In the name of Holy Diversity and Equality Herr Merkel forced millions of Africans to slave to pay for free housing and welfare for the swarms of Whites pouring in, even throwing native Blacks out of their homes to make way for the new Africans!

    Millions of Black girls were raped by gangs of slavering, rapine White gangs but it was always the Blacks who would find themselves persecuted under racism laws if they dared voice a protest. Affirmative Action laws that gave the new Africans preference in everything became enacted and their numbers grew. City after city, village after village became less Black and when Black men like Nelson Mandela pointed this out he was arrested for racism and bankrupted.

    So you see, dear Porter, whatever one may call her, at least she can’t be called a hypocrite or a traitor to her own people.

  6. There’s something especially odd about someone from the former East Germany saying “we can’t shut the borders”. The border dividing Germans would still be shut to this day if the powers that be hadn’t decided that it was time to open up the communist bloc to the joys of consumer culture and Hollywood propaganda.

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  8. As your list in the last paragraph illustrates, fences don’t keep people out. People with guns defending those fences keep people out. Merckel’s unwilling to deploy people with guns to guard any fences being called for, so in that respect she’s right – a mere fence won’t keep out the tide.

    Of course the proper response is to shoot her and go find a Hapsburg.

    • Let it be known that not all German-speakers are self-hating, suicidal followers of Her Satanic Majesty, Frau Merkel.

      The right-wing, anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) has won Switzerland’s parliamentary election with a record 29.4% of the vote.

      Its victory translates into 11 extra seats, giving it 65 out of the total 200 in the lower house.

      Europe’s migrant crisis boosted support for the SVP, commentators say – though Switzerland is taking in far fewer migrants than Germany.

      The right-wing liberal FDP also got an electoral boost, coming third.

      Swiss media are speaking of a “Rechtsrutsch” – a “slide to the right” – because the SVP, FDP and some small right-wing parties can now command a majority in the National Council (lower house).

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