Supremacy Turns East

It’s interesting how environment so colors perception. No matter how sturdy one’s carapace, society’s encephalitic liberalism invariably shapes our expectations. An obvious example lives under the almost lifelike masks of the politicians we elect to safeguard our interests. An observer grows so accustomed to duplicitous boilerplate and dreary acts of treason that what should produce revulsion yields only ennui. And with acclimation, their behavior becomes something we resignedly accept as normal.

That’s why politicians that actually toil for their constituents’ interests seem almost startling in comparison. Consider the refugee situation in Poland.

Poland has earmarked funds to bring in tens of thousands of ethnic Poles now living in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, its finance minister said Tuesday.

The long-neglected issue was raised recently amid a heated debate over the European Union’s plan to share 120,000 refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia among its 28 members.

Poland has said it will host 7,000 of them. Critics of the refugee program, however, say Poland’s first obligation is toward the ethnic Poles who Soviet dictator Josef Stalin expelled by hundreds of thousands from their homes, and to their descendants.

So far, some 5,000 ethnic Poles have been brought to Poland from Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan, according to the Interior Ministry. Another 180 were evacuated from war-torn eastern Ukraine in February. But tens of thousands more are waiting. There are at least 34,000 ethnic Poles in Kazakhstan alone, according to estimates.

Poland’s first obligation is to Poles? It’s remarkable how quickly that concept pivoted in the West from presumption to heresy. Though it’s heartening how canny Polish patriots are deploying judo on the accept all refugees now! imperative. No doubt we must accept refugees. Polish refugees first and foremost. If any reminding were necessary, those intending to occupy the future will always turn the pieties of others to their own advantage. It’s how all men are created equal became brown America.

Though Poles aren’t the only people to have bizarrely elected politicians who champion their interests. Japan, under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has also displayed a galling inclination to retain its territorial claim.

Abe: Japan ready to help refugees, but not take them in

Japan’s prime minister said Tuesday that his nation needs to attend to its own demographic challenges posed by falling birth rates and an aging population before opening its doors to refugees.

“As an issue of demography, I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise (the) birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants.”

So, like the apostate Poles, Abe has prioritized his own people before the third-world’s perpetual discharge. Thus Japanese will contentedly bequeath a country to their own posterity, while dispossessed Swedes enjoy the fruits of global altruism from desecrated graves. Japan seems to at least tacitly grasp that “country” and “nation” are not synonyms. Alighting upon its soil does not make one Japanese, in contrast to the way a Somali in Oslo is plainly Norwegian. Human alchemy requires a vivid imagination; one apparently lost to Asians.

Abe earlier told the world body that Japan would provide $810 million this year for emergency assistance of refugees and internally displaced persons from Syria and Iraq, triple what it gave last year. Abe said Japan is also preparing about $750 million for stabilization efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

Japan prides itself on being a good global citizen. It is one of the largest aid donors in the world. Last year Japan gave $181.6 million to the UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, making it second only to the United States in generosity. But it has offered very few if any resettlement places for refugees from the civil war in Syria.

According to Ministry of Justice data, it accepted just 11 asylum seekers out of a record 5,000 applications last year, although Japanese officials say most of the asylum applicants were from other Asian countries and were already living in Japan.

11 accepted asylum requests, all to Asians.

Refugees go over there

Refugees go over there

There are two concluding points here. One, conflict is endemic to the human condition. Any nation that morally encumbers itself with a debt to globally alleviate this will eventually fall prey to those who do not. Two, if aid is going to be rendered there are options far more benign than border dissolution. Helping refugees(sic) does not require granting residence in Western countries–even when it moistens liberal vaginas to do so. There are poor countries willing to exorbitantly lease open space for temporary accommodations until displaced parties may be humanely returned to their place of origin. For that matter, shelter could be erected in Syria itself and protected by an air wing and the First Infantry Division. If Western states felt compelled to sponsor this endeavor, it would be far less an offense than the mass importation they have chosen.

The ongoing betrayal by Western elites has been subjected to endless examination. Perhaps there’s simply been honest confusion about Enoch Powell’s timeless dictum. Though I’m fairly certain he didn’t actually say The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventing evils.


14 thoughts on “Supremacy Turns East

  1. Japan is still an isolated, island culture, cautiously testing their toes in the global waters. Their women need time to advance from businessman subway thigh-touchings, to unabandoned gang lapes. Boiling frogs, and all that. Though not all are paintable with that broad brush; a select few are willing to brave African attacks, and can be found near U.S. military bases.
    Or, maybe Japan has seen youtube, and decided “No mo, arigato.”

  2. “That’s why politicians that actually toil for their constituents’ interests seem almost startling in comparison. Consider the refugee situation in Poland.” Whah! Whites only! No other peoples.
    God, you complain

  3. So much for Polish jokes. What the hell is the world coming to when the Poles are the smart ones? I jest, I have a ski name myself. Self interest, such a novelty. When can we have some of that back, I’d like to have mine now and in a double helping. This white guilt stuff tastes like shit.

  4. Dammit. Reading speedily, I fell prey to subliminal interpretation bias and read that excerpt as “Abe said Japan is also preparing about $750 million for sterilization efforts in the Middle East and Africa.”

  5. This link may only be tangentially relevant, but it hits topics I think this group will find HIGHLY relevant:

    Apparently, it is puzzling to America that Japanese kids are free to roam Japanese cities at VERY young ages without being accompanied by an adult. Baffling to these oikophobes, I dare say.

    Never mind the SCREAMINGLY OBVIOUS reasons for that freedom: High social cohesion, low “diversity”, low divorce, etc.

    • America has amnesia. I’m 44, I walked to school alone to 2nd grade all the time. I made the cut off in my state so I was always one of the youngest kids in the class, so I was 7. I was also what was part of the new phenomena of latch key children. I was wandering all over the place before that and she had no idea. I never had issues for the reasons you state except for that last one, single moms breed latch key kids. I wouldn’t trust any but the most homogeneous suburbs to allow kids to do that now and even then, I have my doubts.

      • Heh. You are so right. The freedom I (we) had is gone in vast swaths of this country.

        Clearly we need more Perversity. It’s the cure for everything.

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