Racket Reunification

I’ve always felt a particular disdain for so-called family renunification programs. Not the least because this vector represents approximately two-thirds of all legal immigration into GloboCorp’s American market. Perhaps the most viscerally grating aspect is the moistened cheeks of migrants clamoring to be reunited with loved ones still yet abroad. Though none are ever so moved as to actually join them out of the country–let’s not take sentimentality to an extreme. No, reunification is a dish served exclusively in the West. And oh how dearly I miss my third cousin Omar…I mean Ahmed. Plainly the longing is no less in the Great Brown North.

Refugees and their advocates are calling on the Canadian government to speed up family reunification.

“My mother has been in Turkey for over a year waiting to come to Canada. Really I miss her,” said Huda Mohammed Ahmed, 14, at a press conference in Vancouver on Monday.

Ahmed, a government-assisted refugee from Iraq, came to Canada with her older brother — but without their mother, whose paperwork has yet to be processed.

“I miss my home and my friends,” said Ahmed.

Without question a 14 year-old does miss her mother. Are the Canadian authorities preventing the girl from rejoining her? It’s not a question put to teenagers. It’s one for their monstrous parents and the treasonous western governments who eagerly accomodate them. Whether via Turkey or Central America’s kiddie caravans, it strains belief that a parent would simply shunt their child off alone toward a foreign land and say Call me when you get there!

These are adults who manifestly hold little concern for their own offspring, as we are hectored to suffer brood parasitism in their stead. And while doting on their own cherubs may lack some intensity, assuredly these punting parents will hew to our customs with touching devotion. And what customs are those exactly? Why the customs of voting for gibs, screaming racist, and turning their Western colonies into less appealing versions of Mogadishu. Perhaps devotion is the proper term after all.

Last Saturday, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced a $25-million plan to allow more refugee applications to be processed.

Immigration advocates at the announcement said the quickest way to speed those applications along is to help families who have been separated by war.

“Canada needs to put refugee children first and this can happen through an expedited government-assisted program,” said Chris Friesen, chair of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance.

That will certainly be heartening for Canadian taxpayers. Another $25million invested in their own dispossession. It used to be quipped that funding government was effectively flushing money down the toilet. How we fondly reminisce on those blithe times when the fruits of our labors were merely wasted. Putting them to productive use against us is the new definition of “government efficiency.”

And reunify your contempt and amazement for this statement: Canada needs to put refugee children first. Over Canadian children? I understand the answer is yes, though it limits one to mere guesswork as to why then there is a such thing as Canada. If other children are to take priority over its own, then reasonable Canadians should seek to dissolve the country so as to not be encumbered by disadvantage. One of the more radical proposals in this space is that Canada should put its children first. Though that presupposes more love for them than a tally-ho! to a Mexican train ride.

Like the other panel members at the conference, B.C.’s child advocate Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond asked the Canadian government to help reunite refugees with their families.

“I can’t justify to you the slowness of the process, it’s inexcusable,” said Turpel-Lafond. “I’ve found the bureaucracy far too complex and burdensome.”

Other refugees separated from their families stood up to share their stories as well.

Nasteho Abdhurhman’s mother brought her and her three sisters to Canada three years ago from a refugee camp. Separated from their father, she and her family are trying to bring him here.

“I love him, he’s my dad,” said Abdhurhman.

Hers is not an unfamiliar story, said Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer, who runs a specialized primary health care facility for refugees in B.C.

“We see children who cry at night for their fathers,” said Wiedmeyer.

“Imagine that you have already lost immediate family members to violence in the region, the mental weight of this is almost unbearable.”

What’s the mental weight of burying your young son to a drunken Honduran? Answer: it doesn’t matter; foreigners come first. And in contrast with Western families who have been permanently gouged by The Immigrant People, Nasteho Abdhurhman and her three sisters are at liberty to join her living father at leisure. It is telling that they decline. Though with persistent discipline, I’m certain we can avoid noticing.

Here are your priorities.  That's me on top.

Here are your priorities. That’s me on top.


14 thoughts on “Racket Reunification

  1. When it comes to xenophilia, aka wog-worship, Canada makes Sweden look like Hungary. But there seems to be some pushback against the immigrant-pandering political class coming from, of all places, readers of the Toronto Star, which–to use another lame analogy–makes the New York Times look like Der Stürmer.

    Here are some of the ‘most liked’ comments on a story about Justin Trudeau’s proposal to double family reunification limits that allow people to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada, amongst other outrages:

    “He’s lost my vote. Just not ready. Dancing pony. I don’t want more unqualified immigrants, thanks. Canada can’t solve all the world’s problems.”

    “@ach55 Exactly. Not happy with Harper, but these immigration comments means I will not vote for Trudeau. Our hospitals can barely keep up with our own seniors, let alone more. I was actually in hospital for an extended time not long ago, and met sponsored elderly parents who needed prolonged hospital stays while waiting for openings in nursing homes. Staff had big trouble as many had not been here long enough to know even a few words of English. The visiting kids were new in Canada as well. This is a great humanitarian deed if we had all our current senior’s needs taken care of, but we don’t. Read some of this very paper’s reports on the conditions in senior homes.”

    “More proof Liberals will do anythign and say anything to get elected, Listen up Fellow Canadians, they will sell you out to foreigners for votes, ANYBODY BUT TRUDEAU.”

    “@Fubar Hey folks…Trudeau is saying he’ll let moms and dads, AND grandparents to for family reunification.

    That means…elderly grandparents who have NOT PAID A SINGLE DIME into our healthcare system via taxes, will now GET free health care.

    And after a few years they will be automatically eligible for the GIS or OAS pension from the federal government. Again, without having ever paid any taxes in this country.

    So, two married adults could theoretically bring in 8 more relatives (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, EACH) who will be sucking on the government teat from the moment the set foot on Canadian soil.”

    “Yah, that’s what we need: more grandparents, in the hospital rooms straight from Pearson. This guy is so out of touch it’s not funny. No, we don’t want grandparents, relatives, friends and the rest of the village to come if we accept one person. If you can’t live without the village then move back there.”

    “@Struggling middle class we don’t need any more non-contributors. I think justin is about to see the silent majority rise up and show him what real Canadians want.”

    “He just lost my vote.”

    “So now we can wait 22 hours in Emergency while fresh Trudeau reunification immigrants get wheeled right past us into our tax enriched hospital beds.

    Get this Trudeau guy out of my face !”

    “•make it easier for potential immigrants to come to the country if they already have Canadian siblings
    the khadr clan are licking their chops in anticipation……”

    “I was going to vote Liberal, but Trudeau just lost my vote. Close the borders and get ppl working in Canada FIRST. Now we get immigrant parents, grandparents added to the burdening social payment lines like welfare, OHIP and hospital lineups.”

    “@grayemm yeah but a lot of people with liberal views that don’t feel the same about immigration as him. This could be suicidevfor justin…”

    “The cost of bringing in parents and grandparents is staggering. Few if any taxes paid and pensions and health care. If a parent is brought in a age 55 they get full guaranteed incomes supplement at age 65 plus health care. Who is going to pay Justin?”

    “What next? Overseas voting booths for prospect immigrants? Or future vote credits? Dream on little boy Justin. May your party be delegated to 4th place come election day.”

    “Raise age limits for dependents….thats exactly what this country needs Justy, we need older immigrants coming here mooching our healthcare system they didnt pay into, Imagine being a Canadian senior who fought in WW2 forced to wait behind 30 people that came into the country yesterday or having a 4 year old son or daughter who cant get leukemia treatments because there is a line up of elderly foreigners in front of them.


    And they go on and on like this for more than 800 comments. There is almost nothing but condemnation for Trudeau’s plan from the left-liberal readership of the Red Star.


    The great, unwashed hoser masses have spoken and they clearly don’t want increased immigration. Of course this being Canada there is no political option for *decreased* immigration, only a choice between “lots” promised by the Conservatives (sic), and “shitloads” promised by the Liberals.

    But now that the “shitloads” option is being shat on by the Liberals’ own supporters, how long will it be before even the “lots” option becomes untenable with the bulk of the peasantry? And then, Allah willing, the populace will rise as one and tell the invaders, in the properly approved, bilingual Canadian/Canadien fashion, “Va chez vous!/Go home!”

    • I’ve always thought xenophilia captured it well. It’s a term that deserves far broader usage.

      As for the Red Star comments…

      * It’s interesting, in a Chinese proverb way, how the will of the people has become so irrelevant to the course of their state. If all the right, and seemingly now significant portions of the left, want immigration drastically lowered then we can reasonably expect the Canadian government will…continue to increase immigration. Across the West it’s plainly now an existential race between state and nation to replace the other. Though only one side is seemingly aware of the stakes.

      * Bringing in Bangladeshi retirees to sip pensions and healthcare really is a gratuitous shit down the shirt of Canadian taxpayers. Though with the criminal and reproductive period of these migrants having expired, citizens should clamor for billions more if in lieu of their still fecund and pathological offspring.

      * “If you can’t live without the village, then move back there.” Of course that’s the essence of this post, and one I am continually amazed isn’t forcefully repeated to every eighth sister of Ahmed blubbering about her daddy.

      * It still hasn’t dawned on these commenters, or most of those in America, that immigration will neatly pivot the decision-making authority from you to them. All of those quoted above speak from the mindset of how to best manage *our* country. They seem almost oblivious that soon enough this burden will be lifted as democracy ensures others ascend to dominance. I need to conjure an apt portmanteau for the combination of arrogance and myopia that afflicts us like sickle cell in Africans.

      • And they still only argue from the only angle they can politely argue: economics. It’s almost like Canada is not a real nation. They, like America, are a corporation, populated by little economic cogs to be replaced at the whim of their betters. So, what are their complaints? Only that the invaders are going to take from the state’s coffers without paying taxes. But being dispossessed? No big deal.

      • I need to conjure an apt portmanteau for the combination of arrogance and myopia that afflicts us like sickle cell in Africans.
        Perhaps cancer would be more apropos; sickle cell has the positive side-effect of resisting malaria. (Ministrel Reverend Louie Farrakhun doesn’t know this, but the CIA actually invented sickle cell to save African lives, not kill them.)

  2. Western nations should be more like the Japanese. They’ve taken in all of four refugees. Hell, I say we start repatriation as soon as political situations stabilize in whatever hole they crawled out of. We can start with the Somalis and the Hmong. We’ll save billions. We should stop taking in the Rohyinga. How screwed up a people are you if drive Buddhist monks to start packing guns.

  3. After reading this I was so pissed that I almost fired off a “Nazi salute.” In the end I felt it was giving in to baser tendencies and refrained. Little worth in defending losers like the Nazis in any way.

  4. Many years ago I commented to some very liberal friends in a particular Canadian city that the immigration system they are using is out of control and will change the city for the worse. They insisted that I was basically a very mean man.

    Years forward and the city is now approaching less than 50% white. Walking the streets feels like you are in a different country. Crime and social dysfunction are off the charts compared to what Canadians are used to. Culturally, my liberal friends do not like the change. They must have thought it would just be a rainbow of happiness instead of squabbling cultures they have gotten.

    The response from these liberal friends is of course that the immigration system is out of control and I was right, but now they’re not sure the momentum can be stopped with votes. You have ethnic interests voting for their people, and traitorous whites voting with them. The two blocs together are almost insurmountable and city politics have been subverted.

    I wish I had a witty joke for this whole description, but I’m afraid I don’t. It’s just sad, but I have hopes that there will be a reckoning for pols like Trudeau (who’s father implemented the first multiculturalism policy in any Western country BTW). I don’t imagine whites are going to sit back and take this abuse forever.

  5. “One of the more radical proposals in this space is that Canada should put its children first.”

    OMG you are SO behind the times! Jews put Palestinian kids first, right? Somalians put Swedish children first, right? Muslims put non-Muslims first right? Right?!! Only a RACIST would say otherwise! This is the modern era, don’t ya know? (It’s never been NOW before!) Canada, like other White countries, should put Pakis, Afghans, Kurds, Syrians and Africans first. Obviously. Or are you a HERETIC? This is 2015 after all!


    The stampede to murder the White people of this planet will inadvertently unify us. We are already abandoning the old stupid hatreds. You see it in every comment on every blog worldwide. Who wouldn’t want the people who haunt this blog, Irish Savant, Occidental Observer, Bob Whitaker’s Bugs, Harold Covington’s audience and friends etc. as neighbours? Imagine it. What would it be called, this, this better America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, South Africa and of course the racial root Britain and parts of Europe? Caucasia!

    There is an African League, an Asian League, an Arab League, and a Jewish rights lobby festering and undermining us in every White country! There is even the hilarious La Raza! Las Razas more like! Are you not incensed at the hypocrisy?

    You see if you want a Caucasian League then all these groups will attack you and say you are racist and if they could would imprison anyone who wants White people to have the same rights to freedom of association that they enjoy.


    Rise Caucasia.

  6. Nastyho Abdhurhman and her three sisters are at liberty to join her living father at leisure.
    I don’t think they can just waltz into Guantanamo like that (assuming extra cots are even available).

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