The Debate II

I notice the junior cringe edition is playing presently in California. So far I’ve just caught calls to transfer all US military technology not already stolen to Israel. It’s sometimes said that country is equivalent to our 51st state. Though I doubt they’d appreciate the demotion.

Regardless, I’ll blog the debate tonight barring drone strike or boredom. I can’t really recall a time when an entire political firmament, every candidate, and all the cockroaches under the floorboards were so unified in opposition to a solitary figure. Trump has certainly made the right enemies. All of whom will be hissing in concert. It would take a prodigal display of savoir faire to nimbly navigate this long-practiced fusillade, and numbers alone dictate some of the blizzard of barbs will land. That’s all the establishment wants: anyone but Trump. Hillary in 16!

Of course the menagerie is entirely too flush presently and much of the herd must be culled. Since there’s five competing/overlapping factions within the GOP, I expect only a champion for each in short order.

1) Legacy America
2) GloboCorp
3) Hispanicky
4) We’re not racists!
5) Hallelujah!

Let’s set the players into position and turn on the vibrating floor.

Idiotic opening by Rubio. Water joke fell flat.

Cruz: immigrantsimmigrantsimmigrants…

Simply do not see the draw to Carson. No charisma whatsoever.

Jeb Bush wants you to know he’s a rock-solid conservative.

Walker appers to have swallowed only three Quaaludes this evening.

LoL. Kasich reciting bullet points.

Christie says “take the camera off me…” Camera stays on him. Oh-kay.

Shit question out of the gate by CNN. Attack on Trump and then…”Do you agree?”

Trump lays into Paul for some reason. Pointless.

Paul takes opportunity to upbraid Trump. Trump rather dumbly charges into the cape with a sophomoric insult.

Trump is coming off quite poorly with the bragging.

Walker jumping on Trump now. All according to plan.

Kasich offering to be the adult. Canny.

Carson mumbling something.

Fiorina talking about producing results. Hey what were her results at HP?

Bush and Trump debating blackjack in Florida.

Trump backhands Bush and sets him down. Bush sits.

Carson says he doesn’t lick boots. I wonder if he’s been to Tajikistan.

Rubio begins describing historical events in 2016.

Fiorina ready to send in Harrison Ford against Putin.

Fiorina: “Putin is a bad actor.” Has she ever seen Tyler Perry?

Cruz going to rip things to shreds.

Kasich is doing well in projecting a cautious moderation.

Paul the only candidate to not shriek about needing to nuke Iran.

Bush calls for massive Ashley Madison cyber hack on China.

LOL. Huckabee says Israel is about “the survival of human civilization.” Christ. You’re running for president of the wrong country Mike.

Trump makes valid point about the foolishness of Obama’s “red line” in Syria.

Rubio says planned attack on Syria wasn’t massive enough.

Paul making unusually adult observation that deposing Assad likely results in something much worse.

Why do none of these “bomb Islamists!” candidates ever suggest we not allow them in the country? Kill them there, or pay them here is the party position.

Huckabee making sound points on gay marriage issue. Jurisdiction of courts that are never examined. Other candidates looking on like flummoxed chipmunks.

Bush says we need accomodations for conscience against supreme court “laws.” Hmm, how about Brown v. Board of Education?

Cruz looking a little more relaxed than Lurch.

Christie bringing a decent mix of passion and jocularity.

A Fiorina/Clinton debate might drive a lot of men into the sanctuary of hard narcotics.

Trump with a goofy attack on Bush for being “against women.”

And now it’s all womenwomenwomen. Trump looking petulant.

lol troll. Trump: I think Fiorina has a beautiful face. She appears even less beautiful in response.

Trump: you wouldn’t even be talking about immigration if not for me. Correct.

Christie plans to protect the border with drones and fingerprints.

Christie and Carson: we have a horrible illegal immigration problem…but what can you do?

Bush rhapsodizing about his statuesque all-American wife.

Bush: Invasion is an American value.

Trump: We speak ENGLISH.

Rubio: my grandfather…immigrant…loved Ronald Reagan…son of a sugar-cane. Good lord.

Carson: Americans don’t like to work in agriculture.

Cruz says he is the only candidate that has never approved amnesty. Cites Jeff Sessions.

Rubio says he’s found Hey-Sus on amnesty.

Carson reiterates that Americans won’t grow food.

Trump making solid points against birthright citizenship. “We are one of the only ones dumb enough to do it.” Fiorina flatly refuses to address the issue. “We can’t make the 14th Amendment go away.” It’s right there in the 14th A…or something.

Trump discusses the disaster that is Hewlett-Packard. Fiorina yelps about bankruptcy.

Christie unloads on Trump and Fiorina for navel gazing.

Huckabee wants to defenestrate the income tax altogether. Touts fairtax.

Carson has expansive perspective on “socialism.”

Carson and Paul both want flat tax.

Walker asked about minimum wage. Responds that he will repeal Obamacare on Day 1.

Carson makes valid point about high minimum wage pressuring employment of young people.

Kasich discussing potato chips as near as I can determine.

Christie volunteers to prosecute Clinton over her IT department.

Trump coming across as brittle on many exchanges tonight.

Rubio says it’s important to properly pronounce the names of Arab militants.

Rubio: you must be able to lead on Day 1. I sure hope Sheldon is picking up his phone.

Rubio: I’ve missed dozens of senate votes because American children deserve a better future.

Trump mentioning that he’s the only one who was against the Iraq war. Follows it up with another dumb swipe at Paul for some reason. Paul says he was against it as well.

Carson says he personally recommended GWB not go into Iraq. “Dick, get me the best neurosurgeon you can find on this Iraq problem.”

Mentions of Syria tonight: dozens
Mentions of South Carolina: zero

Paul: we are always the world’s patsies. The middle east should fight their own battles. Yes.

Fiorina calls for intergalactic American expeditionary force.

Cruz ripping former Bush presidents for Supreme Court selections. Says they were too weak to fight for better candidates. True enough.

Huckabee speaks out strongly for the 10th Amendment. At least Kakistocracy readers might know what that is.

Paul: Drug laws are discriminatory against blacks. Just ridiculous.

Christie calls for social security means testing.

Carson claims the medical literature does not support a causal link between childhood vaccines and

Huckabee comes out strong against mortality.

Rubio, Cruz, and Trump call for Rosa Parks on $$$$. Fiorina says she wouldn’t change any of the currency and calls for respect for our history. By far her best response of the night.

CNN asks candidates what type of bug they would be…or something.

Does someone have a big-game tranquilizer dart for Fiorina? What a bloviating bitter harpy.

And a series of boilerplate drivel to conclude.

This did not strike me as a strong performance by Trump and I expect some material leveling as a result. The appeal of either Carson or Fiorina continues to evade me and so I won’t predict their course. Christie probably forklifted himself up a few points and Walker may be returning to Wisconsin. Cruz seemed stiff, Rubio callow, and Bush nondescript. No matter who gets elected, the middle east appears to be in good hands. Goodnight.


28 thoughts on “The Debate II

  1. Crrrrly (!) , despite being every bit as good as any man, had to lobby to have the entry rules “adjusted” just to be PERMITTED to participate.

  2. It would be comedy gold to have Porter announcing the play by play over the debates live like at an NFL game. What a circus! Definitely way more entertaining than the crap we have in Canada…the best our cuckservatives could do in the news today was to bend over backwards and allow the niqab to be worn at swearing in ceremonies for “new” Canadians.

  3. I don’t get the appeal of Fiorina. I’m ready to say ‘sexism’ like some lefty. If she were a man, instead of marveling at how well spoken she is the men on that stage would have pointed out ‘Hey America, this asshole is full of crap’ on a good many issues. She’s an establishment shill. I think Cruz is waiting for a go at her but he never gets the opportunity. I’m sure he’d love to repay some of the kindness she’s showed him as McConnell’s mouth piece in the press.

    The best part of the whole ordeal was Trump’s utter dismissal and destruction of Jeb. Bye Jeb. All that’s left of him will be some flailing attack ads.

  4. Watching the replay now. I’m wondering if Ben Carson has had his lower lip bleached. His fingertips are also very pink, but that may just be an optical illusion.

  5. Carson’s doin’ it for the children. That’s fresh.

    But these poll results…I swear, it’s as though likely voters just don’t appreciate that these guys (and grrrls) hit all their tested talking points. “We” can either have immediate and total war with Russia and Iran, or we can have nice things like Western Civilization (aka what “we” have now). Real, tested, experienced, conservative leaders discuss the options with their polling consultants and then make the rough and tuff choices.

    The Trump/Bush alpha/beta display (“go ahead, Jeb”) was lolztacular.

    • I love all the conservatives types saying ‘we MUST denounce her’. Okay whatever, boyo. Ann has more balls than most commenters out there. Like she says – shock troops. Besides, is there any possible way she could make a comment about the Jewish lobby that could be construed as anything other than RAAAACIIIST and nazi sympathizer? Don’t think so, so why not go full out?

      • Kelzat, there actually is one way. It being pioneered not only by facetious shitlords, but our own Vice President of America. Back in 2013, Biden spoke to one of the 4,378 jewish interest groups and basically substantiated every implication about their ludicrous degree of influence over the country. Though his conclusion that it’s all wonderful spirited those observations from the mephitic realm of anti-semitism.

        “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good.”

        It’s all to the good. That’s the immunization. Speak freely then conclude with a coquettish smirk…”it’s all to the good.”

  6. There was a huge missed opportunity, when Heb! said “My brother kept us safe”, followed by the orgasm reflex of the audience:
    “I can name 2800 people and their families who would disagree.” Rand should have picked that one up, because what’s he got to lose, 1%?

  7. Awesome post, Porter.

    I still think Trump is only there to try to light a fire in the bellies of the others. He’s probably as surprised as we are that he’s still in the race. Last night there was a little fire in the room, but not enough to get Trump out of the race. He may be in it for the long haul at this point.

    Fiorina? She came across as a mean old woman. Oof.

    I was talking to some students today, and we think that a Trump-Hillary debate might be the most watched TV show of all time. To watch him absolutely skin her alive would be the best thing EVAH.

    • Hillary got skinned alive by her NY Sen opponent back in Twenty-whatever. She shrewdly put on a “Why are you picking on me – I’m just a girl” act, and people bought it. That won’t work against Trump, because we’re expecting him to thrash her. I still don’t think she’ll win the nom, since she’s an unlikeable cunt.

    • These headlines are killing me. I keep getting excited, then click through, and then…. Oh, he said… nothing. I have an unsettling feeling he may be our Chance from Being There, and all his best qualities are nought but our projections. Because it really is that hopeless, and the other ‘leaders’ really are that vacuous.

  8. Here’s the latest post-debate polling I’ve seen:

    Trump continues to lead the Republican primary field. Thirty-six percent of registered voters who watched the debate said they would choose Trump, compared with 12 percent for Carson and 10 percent for Fiorina. Rubio placed fourth, at 9 percent, followed by 7 percent for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and 6 percent for Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

    So Trump, Fiorina, Rubio, and Christie higher; Carson, Bush, and Walker lower.

    I’m beginning to think Trump may have completely escaped containment at this point. And with Kid A cratering, GloboCorp is going to need a basket to put its eggs in by Christmas. Looks like that basket will either be Carly or Marco.

    And an aside challenge: watch his debate performance and tell me you’d let Ben Carson open your lid for some cerebral roto-rooting. Anyone who says yes has likely already done it.

  9. Just a little FYI to the Kakocrats: if you are upgrading your magic hate box to Windows 10, do not select the express install. Instead go to custom deployment and politely decline the Hindu King’s multiple requests to capture and submit your data “to help Microsoft improve your experience.”

  10. “Fiorina: ‘Putin is a bad actor.’ Has she ever seen Tyler Perry?”

    Has Tyler Perry ever seen Donald Trump? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Trump is not a conservative, much less a nationalist. He’s an entertainment industry guy and doing his best to discredit the cause he half-heartedly pretends to champion; but whites are hotter than Bonnie Tyler for some dashing man on horseback and have thrown their support behind this media-whored Jewish-controlled buffoon by default.

      • I don’t have a quick answer for you. Clearly, the pickings are slim; but I don’t see that continuing to support the least disgusting Republican candidate, no matter whom that happens to be, constitutes any sort of solution. A lot of white nationalists and alt-righters are supporting Trump only because his reluctance to embrace fully-cucked political correctness seems to be pushing the envelope and widening the Overton Window. I understand that perspective, but a lot of other folks seem to have been taken in by all of this and believe Trump is the real deal when he’s really just an attention-seeking celebrity capitalist and money launderer.

        The Republican party is going to have to feel the pain and fear of abandonment before anything politically useful occurs. Right now we’re still in phase where people have to be educated about who their real enemies are, because the sad fact is that most people don’t have a clue. I just don’t see how whites lending support to a pro wrestling guest star and issue flip-flopper whose staged foray into politics is being managed by an ultra-Zionist AIPAC operative is productive of any desirable outcomes.

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