Paying for a Rainy Day

A true grifter feels justified in taking a mark’s money. The best grifters have their marks literally thrusting their money at them.

Women, land, resources, and dignity could have been added to the detriment of brevity. I read the above bolded quote on some forum deliberating techniques for separating gulls from their money, though its macroapplication is unmistakable. In fact, I don’t know that any more elegant description of the modern West has ever been penned in fewer words. Well there is a single word that might go some distance, though the operating principle of grifters and their devoted marks is what I’ll discuss today.

We really have become quite an incubator for cultural con-men. Even the most indolent are nearly dragged off the couch by our bleating appeals. Please fleece and dispossess us! Alright, for shit sake, alright. Of course there are also a great many boll weevils who aren’t lazy at all about burrowing into lucrative Western niches. And we accomodate their banal con-games with equal tail-wagging. If there is any mitigating amusement to be mined from this masochism, it is in the belief of childless liberals that their brown posterity will revere the memories of their marks. Oh they’ll remember you all right…with gales of laughter punctuating ambient contempt.

Though misty water-colored memories aside, there are always new scams percolating in the minds of those who can’t grow a turnip. The latest of these is laugh-out-loud in its audacity. Though chuckles will likely recede when Kennedy finds our disobedience unconstitutional and another new “law of the land” appears.

Poor nations want U.S. to pay reparations for extreme weather

Poorer nations suffering from extreme weather disasters, so much so that their citizens are seeking refuge in safer terrains outside their borders, want rich nations like the United States to pay for reparations and to relocate populations.

I'm sure they do

I’m sure they do

We had previously been assured that by now hurricanes would be landing like Africans in Italy. And while nature’s plodding has trailed the left’s plotting, we can take some solace in an impending flurry of cashnados. Someone’s got to pay for all these gibsmecanes.

Preparatory talks ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to be held in Paris in December has representatives from developing nations asking for more than an already agreed upon $100 billion per year for climate change mitigation measures. They want additional compensation for weather-related disasters as well as a “displacement coordination facility” for refugees. And they want all this to be legally binding as part of the larger anticipated Paris accord.

The U.S. and wealthier nations in the European Union are balking.

That is perturbing, I imagine. $100 billion/year just doesn’t buy baby a new pair of shoes anymore. We’ll need some additional rainy-day accessories. That, of course, including automatic citizenship in their country of choice in the event of a quote-unquote weather-related disaster. This would only be used for rare exigencies, as with war refugees. Because, honestly, how often is there ever bad weather or conflict on Earth?

The rationale for the additional funds and refugee facility is based on donor country failures to follow through cohesively on aid pledges following weather-related disasters. For example, last March, Cyclone Pam devastated islands in the South Pacific but attention quickly turned to the massive earthquake in Nepal soon thereafter. That left small nations such as Vanuatu, which was devastated, to manage its own cleanup without much in the way of international assistance.

How does a man pen such expedient gibberish without even the courtesy of snide self-mockery? Just a parenthetical (LOL) would have been considerate to those reading You owe me money today because I wanted more money than the amount you gave me yesterday. Or less succinctly, you actually gave me lots of money, though another beggar materialized, thus drawing teat away from lips before satiation. Therefore you *really* owe me.

Poorer nations blame extreme weather-related disasters on climate change stemming from emission-polluting countries that have more developed and wealthier economies.

The U.N. Paris conference aims to reach an international, legally biding agreement on climate change that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thwart global temperature rise. A separate agreement is being eyed to address losses and damages from extreme weather events, thought to be a result of climate change.

As it stands, the Warsaw Mechanism, adopted in 2013 at the U.N. climate conference in Poland, established a structure to address losses and damages associated with climate change impacts. However that mechanism is due to expire this year when a new climate agreement is reached. Poorer nations who say they are on the front lines of climate change and suffer the worst of its extreme weather ramifications aren’t pleased by the expiration. They want loss and damage provisions to be extended and expanded upon.

Meanwhile, environmental groups are lobbying to make reparations even more punitive and require polluting companies in the private sector to step up and also pay for extreme weather-related damages.

You have to roll that concept around before the bouquet can be fully appreciated. Reparations. Taxpayers in Topeka owe punitive compensation for typhoons hitting a South Sea atoll. This is the mentality of a mark on bath salts. Sober rational men would hear pleading such as “front lines of climate change” as not even rising to the level of insult. It would be viewed instead as almost an amusing minstrel show from a beggar offering the facade of serious demands as entertainment for charity. Though rational men do not parley on our behalf. If they did, Vanuatu’s president would probably get more mileage from clanging cymbals like an organ grinder’s monkey than in preposterous table pounding.

The $100 billion-a-year-commitment by 2020 seems like a lot of money, but increasingly it isn’t looking like enough funding. With extreme weather events on the rise, so too will be the costs of cleanup and the tolls on people’s lives.

Well then Vanuatu better start saving up now. Because my inclination to compensate tin-pot grifters for “extreme weather events” is zero. We can only thank God no emissaries from Venus have yet arrived with tentacles outstretched over their own 900 degree front line.

And while these cons are grating to absorb, I suppose its hard to blame the shysters. We beg for it. There’s hardly a racket yet conceived the West won’t enthusiastically embrace. And no professional mark ever lacks for business.


19 thoughts on “Paying for a Rainy Day

  1. $100 billion per year in climate ‘reparations’ is chump change compared to the Third World’s next logical demand: 100 million climate ‘refugees’ must be admitted to the West per year.

    Speaking of invasive parasites…

    Just weeks after saying it expected to take in 800,000 refugees, Germany appears to be changing its rhetoric regarding migrants.

    Trains heading from Austria to Germany have been suspended after Munich said it was struggling to cope with the huge influx of people.

    Around 13,000 new migrants arrived in the city yesterday, prompting temporary border checks and the suspension of the Schengen Agreement, the treaty which allows people to travel between EU member states unhindered.

    In the last few weeks Germany has been held as a shining example for its response to the refugee crisis. But over the weekend that seems to have changed. The country even told Greece that it needs to do more to protect Europe’s borders.


    In an N24 poll, two-thirds of Germans said they felt the country was handling the influx of people badly and it has been noted that the pro-migrant rhetoric that peaked following the death of a Syrian toddler seems to have faded.

    On 1 September, Angela Merkel said that reintroducing border controls to stop migrants was ‘not the Europe we want’. Less than two weeks later, border controls have been introduced.

    In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has introduced a strict border clampdown.

    The country has built a four-metre-high razorwire fence patrolled by armed guards and unmuzzled dogs on the border with Serbia.


    • I agree, a $100bil just buys a fleet of Bentleys for some fat African autocrats. The real dig is that a) they want much more $$, and b) they are angling for permanent mass migration without need of inconvenient pretext like Syrian Global Warring. They’ll just say you must take a billion refugees because climate change, QE fuck you D.

    • There is more going on here than what US and UK media show. Česká televise (Czech TV) gives a different view:

      Merkel is not changing her mind. She wants this influx of foreigners, but she wants all of Europe flooded as well. She is angry that other countries are not taking in their fair share of invaders per EU agreements. But the other nations are saying that they can’t force the invaders to stay in their countries when they are bound and determined to get into Germany, short of putting them in prison. Merkel is violating Schengen by closing Germany’s borders to punish / force the other countries to take in their quota of invaders, the quota that they are refusing to accept, again because they cannot force them to stay. If Merkel cared about protecting Europe, she would be helping to protect the EU borders, thus keeping the Schengen agreement by keeping the borders open.

      The part you snipped hints toward this: “Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told Taggespiegel that if refugees want protection from Europe, they must accept that they cannot choose which country.” Translation: We want you to come. We just want the rest of Europe to deal with it too.

  2. I’m still waiting for The Elites to kickstart their insidious plan to reduce the world’s population to 100 million, as we’ve been promised by the Alex Joneses. The composting of 7 billion useless breathers should solve our carbon footprint problem for the next 2000 years. Or, we could hire yogis from Oregon to teach their brown brothers how to reduce their respiration rates to 1/minute. Either way, they can just STFU.

    • “Civil war has been ravaging Syria.” This being an act of nature completely divorced from Syrians themselves. Civil war just happens to alight upon certain people like an indiscriminate mosquito. One moment you’re enjoying a latte grande, and the next you’re being ravaged by civil war. They should put up civil war nets in the middle east.

      Though as it is, civil war just happens and the Syrian people (including those of North Africa) must find refuge on another another continent that is unrelated by blood, culture, or religion–and absolutely nowhere else.

      As I said, professional marks never lack for business.

  3. This is just standard operating procedure for the fuzzy wuzzies. If you have a high wind, blame a tokoloshe (a small knee-high demon) or a spell. This variant is better, because you don’t have to fear the demon, he volunteers for abuse and gives money. “What’s not to like?”

    You know where this is heading. If you can blame “climate change” (White people) for bad weather, you can blame it for illnesses, stock deaths, meteorites, earthquakes, solar eclipses – hell, anything you like. And they will, and claim compensation. And get it, too.

    I just finished reading State of Fear by Michael Crichton in which the climate scam features. He pretty much demolishes all the claims made in that article. With footnotes.

  4. If I were so all powerful as to control weather with my air conditioning the third world’s population problems would be solved pretty quickly with AC conjured super storms. Since I’m not, they can fuck off, my air conditioning bill is expensive enough already.

  5. If any Australian readers can provide color on the recent prime minister rotation, I’d be interested in gaining some insight. Is it positive, negative, irrelevant? What’s the flow there?

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