Transmission Not Received

Apparently Germany never much embraced the spirit of the third amendment. 17,500 infantry have occupied the city of Munich alone in just the last 48 hours. The invasion is now so frenetic it seems the only perverse hope of the German people is in a muslim overthrow of the Merkel government. As we know by precedent, a succeeding Sunni Kingdom would take a comparatively pitiless approach to the phenomenon of global flight from the Syrian war.

If you believe the nature of man changes at a very languid pace, it’s impossible not to wonder how we survived to this point. By any honest evaluation, modern Europe-derived people appear to be the most weak, gullible, groveling, and maladaptive beings conceivable. Prone to the most extravagant cultural whimsies along with mortal displays of moral preening, it seems we’re less suited for Earth’s competitive environment than fish on wheels. Which is impossible given that we are here to complain about it at all.

Every tribe still screaming is a living testament to its own evolutionary fitness. History is littered with those less so. Our ancestors, along with whatever creatures preceded them, were extraordinarily cunning and resilient in outlasting the countless species and civilizations that now watch this scrum from the grave. It can not be overstated how demonstrably successful at adapting and thriving we have been.

And yet our countries lie spread like $2 whores, while we wimper and scrape before the same antagonists who rely on us for their very sustenance. Our competitive advantages are incalculable, and yet it is our numbers, confidence, and territory in recession, as theirs blossom like fungus after the rain.

It’s a difficult circle to square. There has plainly been a dramatic environmental change to which we have very poorly adapted. I think this change is largely in the evolving framework of societal signaling. Before mass communication, this occurred horizontally. An impressionable young person absorbed beliefs and behaviors from a relatively tight knot of good-faith peers and relatives. Individuals formed a cohesive family as families formed cohesive communities. Mores were transmitted like the old telephone circuits: person-to-person.

This not only generated high social capital, but drew a cultural cordon around those most susceptible to malign influence. If one’s aim was to corrupt via moral suasion the natural in-group mating preferences of a young woman (these being critical to there even being an in-group), there were typically fathers and brothers to be surmounted first. Those physical communication barriers are largely gone.

In the age of mass communication, the primary means of societal signaling became vertical. The seemingly innocuous entertainment and news programs radiating from glowing screens began to bypass and replace the neural web of family and community. Instead, cues began being taken from polished charlatans, mercenary mouths, and lesson-embedded Hollywood scripts. And just as the young and impressionable are designed by nature, they digested the content whole.

The effects of vertical messaging in the hands of those hostile to cohesive western communities are pernicious in multiple ways. Probably foremost in that it provides an avenue of influence from unrelated–and more importantly–unvetted parties. That white southern christians would not want their daughters absorbing sexual messaging from profligate jewish film producers goes without saying. Literally. It unfortunately goes without ever being said. And then there is concentration. Vertical transmissions are highly efficient. A few powerful backers or charismatic personalities can now reach millions without moving from their seat. At least the fictional Elmer Gantry needed a personal audience to propound his hypocritical self-serving expedients. Now he chatters in our ear from every media outlet. And we have proven to be as defenseless as the dodo bird to his appeals.

This is why I do not cavalierly dismiss the most pessimistic forecasts. A thing can thrive until one key environmental change is introduced…and then perish promptly. Yet as plainly as we have not adapted to concentrated mass communication, that environment itself is succumbing to an era of supermass. We are again–to some extent–communicating with each other horizontally. This modest website being an example.

The vertical broadcasters are not viewing this with particular equanimity and have developed certain terms for those who deny their messages via peer exchange. Perhaps you’ve heard a few, most ending in ‘ic,’ist, and ‘ism. And howls are most piercing from the conservative gatekeepers, whose flocks are now having several unapproved conversations. The previously reliable dictation of We’ll decide what’s conservative and then tell you whether you’re a good one or not is now returning a worrisome error message: Transmission Not Received.

Get used to it Elmer.


10 thoughts on “Transmission Not Received

  1. I think two big factors that are also contributing the situation is the fact that Europeans made cheap, safe and reliable transportation available to the world. It opened up commerce, but it also allows the hordes to move great distances without much risk or expense. Secondly, we also made available cheap and effective medicine which has enabled (along with our cheap and effective farming), third-world populations to boom and want to spread well outside what their natural environment would normally allow.

    Watching Europe commit suicide is frustrating. I’m thinking that eventually an identity crisis will be reached and the jack boots will once again come out of the attic to start cleaning up the mess.

  2. Like Shiv I think eventually the jackboots will come out in Europe. It’s frustrating to watch a great civilization destroy itself for people who frankly are scum.

    In the US a reaction will only happen with another large terrorist attack and then we’ll see the rounding up and deportation we should have had after 9/11. We’re too politically correct and cowed by the terrorists at CAIR. Though I’m sure we’ll see citizens take things into their own hands.

    We have to get the third world to control their population. I can see a future where a real fascist will do it for them if they don’t do it themselves.

    • Reaction to another 9/11 will be much the same as the first. “Don’t let the terrorists win…”, “religion of peace…”, etc, followed by forced introspection into what about us makes them hate us so. This will be repeated with diminishing returns until about a dozen 9/11s, and then it will probably be too late as our mestizo overlords will just give us all up in return for autonomy over the former Louisiana purchase.

      As for getting control over the third world population, isolation and quarantine would take care of that for us, if we only had the balls to let it. Within a decade human feet would be considered a delicacy from Cairo to Cape Town.

  3. It’s essentially the same with the women’s movement. The men of the western world freed women by advancing commerce in general with every conceivable household convenience item and appliance imagined. This was a sea change for homemakers or housewives call them either at your own peril. What’s a woman to do, become more like a man and less like a woman and here we are. A similar perhaps a bit more subtle evolution happened in the male work place, work became easier, power equipment, automation, safety, general work conditions allowed a more palatable work environment for women in the man’s world. White collar work, no problem, non-traditional roles for women, no big deal, fighter jet pilot, a birth right. What is amazing in the societal upheaval is the speed of the transitions, almost instantly within the context of history.

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  5. We are disconnected with nature. Whites had fewer children in difficult economic times. “The Pig In the Python” demonstrated this, and people accept the theory but do not connect it to nature, where predators and prey keep an ecological balance. In short, species compete. They compete for food, water, and shelter, whether they are animal or vegetable. White have been successful in past by keeping that ecological balance and adapting, or learning from their errors. When the resources became too scarce, they conquered new lands, violently at first.

    What about the “others”? Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. They are shite-holes because they have degraded the environment through overpopulation. They can’t feed themselves. Germany can’t feed itself domestically, but they invent and make useful things to trade so they can feed themselves. The only thing coming out of the Indian sub-continent is more people. It has been a shite-hole since the Aryans lost control. The same can be said for Africa. Nothing but useless turds being flushed into white countries.

    Any advanced cultures in the Americas cultures have been shown to have had white origins. The population explosions have come only since re-conquest and the cessation of cannibalism. Tribes such as the Plains “Indians” were nomadic, because they killed everything that moved in the area where they set up camp. They were, in essence, living in Stone Age, as were most Africans and Polynesians.

    As for the Far East, ancient Chinese scripts referred to a “green-eyed Emperor”. When was the last time anyone saw a green-eyed Chinese? Only whites have green eyes.

    This manufactured “refugee” crisis is nothing more than an acceleration of introducing foreign species into nature. Just as the Zebra mussel and Asian carp have devastated North American waters, and Purple Loosestrife the landscape, the “others” flooding into our countries will have the same effect. There are no half measures for dealing with invasive species, it’s all or nothing.

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