Submitting to Subhi

Europe. There’s real psychic injury in watching one’s ancient native homeland destroy itself. In seeing what great men sacrificed for over centuries being cavalierly discarded. And for only the brief intoxication of a cheap moral preen.

I love the people and places of Europe. The proud heritage and true diversity from place to place. The living blood of millennia. The existence of actual organic nation-states, rather than some propositional GMO monstrosity. It is a place of continuity, where the lives of parents can be shared by their grandchildren. Where even a man alone stands in the company of his forefathers. A place of art and architecture, culture and civility. A place now behaving as if it were on bath salts.

Everyone by now knows of Vienna’s fallen gates. What Suleiman the Magnificent could not achieve by force of arms in the 16th century, his descendants now complete by force of altruism. Imagine the fury of Europe’s past invaders to learn that all conquest required was columns of filthy screaming men and pregnant women. A military resource always smirking right under their nose!

As typical, the NYT offers an unintentionally surreal portrait of current enemy maneuvers.

Haggard and defiant, a large number of migrants marched from the Keleti train station in Budapest towards Germany today, pledging to walk 483km rather than remain in a country where they are not welcome.

“This is going to go down in history,” said Rami Hassoun, an Egyptian migrant from Alexandria who was helping corral the crowds on a six-lane highway, where the migrants were being watched by the police.

I do hope delusional Europeans take Mr. Hassoun’s advice to heart. For it assuredly will “go down in history” if his cohorts are allowed a demographic, and subsequently political, power base. Because Europe’s native people did not open their arms, legs, and wallets with sufficient alacrity for Rami Hassoun’s sensibilities. As a result his posterity will see that yours is gouged, humiliated, indoctrinated, and physically attacked for the affront. As an American I can promise this with the certainty of a sunrise.

I’d also like to highlight that ole Rami hails from Alexandria, Egypt. And thus is fleeing the Syrian war from quite a safe distance. Interestingly, half the human population appears to be doing the same. What a global conflagration this war in Syria is.

A Turk fleeing the war in Syria

A Turk fleeing the war in Syria

Pakistanis fleeing the war in Syria

Pakistanis fleeing the war in Syria

Africans fleeing the war in Syria

Africans fleeing the war in Syria

Guatemalans fleeing the war in Syria

Guatemalans fleeing the war in Syria

Indians fleeing the war in Syria

Indians fleeing the war in Syria

Chinese fleeing the war in Syria

Chinese fleeing the war in Syria

And though I’m not inclined to post the image here, some Mexicans didn’t quite make it out of the war in Syria. Their blood is on Europe’s hands.

The police put the number of migrants who were walking at 500, but photographs from the scene and eyewitness accounts suggested the figure was at least twice that.

Other migrants remained locked in a tense standoff with the police at the Bicske station outside Budapest, while more stormed out of a camp in the country’s south, highlighting the desperation of migrants determined to flee Hungary.

A country has done something very right when migrants are as determined to flee it as they are the Syrian war.

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, who has been reluctant to admit more migrants, said today that his country would take in thousands more Syrians, while Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary said that migrants could turn Europeans into a minority on their own continent and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said that Europe was responsible for every migrant death.

As usual, Cameron is duplicitous, Orban is correct, and a muslim is ululating.

But the scheduled talks offered little comfort to the migrants in Hungary, who hope to make it to Germany but find themselves stuck in a country that has made clear they are not welcome.

Why is that NYT? Why are no professional journalists able to pierce the veil of why it is Syrians from all over the world are vectoring to Germany?

Subhi, a 17-year-old migrant from Damascus, Syria, was among those heading to Germany on foot, even though he walks with a limp. “I’m fed up,” he said. “I’m going to walk all the way to Germany to get treatment.” Imad Sbeih, a 50-year-old man in a wheelchair who is also from Damascus, was equally determined. “Nothing but death will stop us,” he said.

Subhi is fed up! And wouldn’t you be as well? Imagine breaching the border of a foreign country unbiden and unwelcome. Then having to actually walk the entire way to the city of your choice to receive free medical care paid for by the white taxpayers you despise. My God, the gall of those Germans.

Mr. Sbeih, in contrast, offers his new hosts a more forthright perspective from a billion of his global peers: “Nothing but death will stop us.” Yes Imad, that’s always been the case with history’s invasions. And much of the reason machine guns were invented. Because those who do not stop you become museum exhibits. It’s a future Europe’s parents may wish to spare their children…even if Subhi is fed up.


15 thoughts on “Submitting to Subhi

  1. Goodbye White Europe…

    These lines from ‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley, reflecting on the transience of glory,
    seem apt at this time:

    ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

    Though funnily enough, it was Horace Smith, the friend of Shelley’s who wrote
    a thematically similar poem ‘On A Stupendous Leg of Granite…’ who turned
    out to be more prescient:

    ‘We wonder,—and some Hunter may express
    Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness
    Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
    He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
    What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place.’

  2. There’s real psychic injury in watching one’s ancient native homeland destroy itself.
    Watching one’s adopted homeland do it hasn’t been a picnic either.
    “Erdogan of Turkey said that Europe was responsible for every migrant death.”
    Next he’ll blame them for the Armenian Genocide.
    Btw, I viewed this page with images off. Reading your captions before clicking each photo turned my scowl upside down. Thank you for that.

  3. Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, who has been reluctant to admit more migrants, said today that his country would take in thousands more Syrians

    Good thinking, Dave. Don’t let the dastardly Hun hog all the ‘migrants’ for himself.

    Subhi, a 17-year-old migrant from Damascus, Syria, was among those heading to Germany on foot, even though he walks with a limp. “I’m fed up,” he said. “I’m going to walk all the way to Germany to get treatment.”

    Can’t say I blame him for being fed up. All he wants is world-class medical treatment for free, plus a lifetime of government benefits while squatting in someone else’s country, and he wasn’t going to get that from Orban, was he?

    It’s about time these hideous Anglo-Germanic types…

    were properly enriched…

    good and hard…

  4. Too funny to mention, that migrants (like water) flow in the path of least resistance. The west is the path of least (no) resistance. No backbone, no will, complete unconditional surrender. The invading Syrians should have been given arms at the start of their “walk” to freedom t least then they could have been shot. The very successful template has been crafted and put to the test, like unwanted relatives on holidays, they show up at the doorstep and refuse to leave. They eat your food, enjoy your comforts, they are rude and complain afterwards ..and you can’t shoot them either.

    • Netanyahu actually cares about his people. So does Shinzo Abe.

      South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China are at one in shunning almost all asylum seekers, no matter how deserving they may be. But even by East Asian standards, Japan is remarkably stone-hearted. It accepted a mere six asylum seekers in 2013 and eleven in 2014.

  5. The tone deaf nature of EU elites and media, coupled with the inevitable transgressions of the invaders (a reality rendered unconcealable by the rise of the alternative media) is driving people to wake up. There’s a reason Mr. Orban’s popularity far eclipses that of Mr. Hollande. There is a reason the Sweden Democrats are now the most popular party in their nation. That the leftists claim to be on “the right side of history” is but damning evidence of their profound ignorance. To everything there is a season, and the pendulum is straining at the limits of its swing. There is much work to be done, but the true children of Europa must and will do what is needed to survive.

  6. I rarely comment twice but this one really stuck with me.

    I work with a Greek immigrant. She’s an open Socialist. She is the embodiment of Ann Coulter’s statement that we need a moratorium on immigration from everywhere and that immigration makes us less free.

    We had a conversation on this subject which went like this:

    G: What can we do, they’re having children on the boats, they’re starving, they need help.
    Me: They’re not fleeing war, they’re Muslims and throw Christians off the boats, they’re mostly young men with cell phones who are well dressed and don’t look starved, they are coming as an invasion. Don’t you remember the Greek genocide?
    G: *shrugs her shoulders* The Greek genocide, there have been many genocides.
    Me: These people have the same Islamic beliefs as those who committed that genocide and they say they hate everything about the West. They say they plan to invade the West through migration and smuggle terrorists into the EU and through it to the US.
    G: *shrugs again* It’s all globalism.

    Europe seems lost. At least it will be without open civil war. The problem now is, has the US and Canada been so infected by this same leftism that we are lost as well?

    The Pope is selling out the Catholic church as well, making it convenient to behead priests and turn churches into mosques – the end times loonies are going to love this –

    • “I rarely comment twice”
      Must be the egg whites.
      “G: *shrugs her shoulders* The Greek genocide, there have been many genocides.”
      Yet if one of these mobs were sprayed with bullets, this same bitch would scream “Genocide!” and openly advocate for another one — against the Euros.

    • This pope is pulling a wizard-level, er, a pope-level long troll.

      Non-autistic Catholics complain about Vatican 2, but Vatican 1’s infallibility overreach might end up causing more damage by forcing otherwise sane conservative catholics to destroy themselves.

      /hysterical, hollow laughter/

  7. Syrians or Africans? The blogger is a left-wing homo so I’m sure he failed to notice:

    “They tried to overturn the coach, in which I was travelling with a group. Excrement was thrown in our direction… they banged on the doors, to get the driver to open them. They spat at the windows.” — such is the report of Kamil Bulonis, the author of a travel blog.

    It’s difficult to accuse the author of this entry, who writes a blog called “Obywatel Swiata” [Citizen of the World], of right-wing, Catholic or nationalist “looniness”. For Kamil Bulonis writes about himself openly on Instagram as a “journalist, globetrotter, gay”, while on Facebook, his profile picture appears in rainbow colours.

    Last night Kamil Bulonis posted a report of his journey from Italy by coach. It is so moving that we are pasting it in full. Especially given that we cannot rely on mainstream media to break with their common narrative about “bad Hungarian nationalists” and “poor immigrants”.

    This is the account by Kamil Bulonis:

    One and a half hours ago, on the border of Italy and Austria, I saw with my own eyes massive incidents involving immigrants… in all my solidarity with people finding themselves in a difficult life situation I must say, that what I saw breeds fear…

    This great mass of people — sorry that I write this, but it’s an absolute horde. Vulgar words, thrown bottles, loud cries of “We want Germany” — is Germany at present some kind of paradise? I saw how they surrounded the car of an older Italian lady, pulled her out by her hair and wanted to drive off in that car. The coach I was on in a group, they attempted to overturn. Excrement was thrown at us, they banged on the doors, so that the driver would open them, they spat at the window… I ask, for what purpose? How can this wild horde assimilate in Germany? For a moment, I thought I was in a war…

    I really feel sorry for these people, but if they were to reach us [Poland] — I don’t think they would receive any understanding from us… For three hours we waited at the border, which ultimately we did not cross. The whole group was escorted back to Italy in a police cordon. The coach looks destroyed, covered in excrement, scratched and with broken windows. And this is the idea to solve our demographic issues? These great, giant regiments of barbarians? Among them, there were almost no women, no children — the overwhelming majority were young aggressive males…

    Yesterday, reading the news on all the websites, I was still subconsciously caring, worried about their destiny, but today, after what I saw, I am simply afraid, but happy at the same time that they do not choose our nation as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people — not culturally, and not financially. I don’t know if anyone is ready. A pathology is entering the EU, which up until now we never had a chance to see. And my apologies to anyone I may have offended anyone with this entry.

    Finally, I’ll add that cars arrived containing humanitarian aid — first and foremost, with food and water, yet they simply overturned these cars…

    • Left wing homosexuals have a vicious vendetta against Christianity, and have actively been doing all they can to undermine it. Some of this subversion has been to the benefit of Dar Al Islam…..

      On the day of the gay marriage decision, activists celebrated it with the Twitter hashtag #lovewins. The very next day, the folks at ISIS decided to make use of that very hashtag in their own special way.

      Mark these words, one day, perhaps sooner than expected, there will be the voices of even the wickedest sodomites, cowering in the shadow of newly erected minarets, crying out for the return of Christian mercy.

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