Pounds per square inch. That’s a concept with which I presume western rulers (leaders being an antiquated term for current circumstance) have some vague awareness. Because that is the metric they seem intent on perpetually increasing. I was going to write on this in a comment of the prior piece, but it will work as well as a companion.

I’m talking again about the saga of Kim Davis, the incarcerated Rowan County, Kentucky clerk and the meta-PSI that is building as a result of this very humble woman. She is, of course, a nearly textbook demon for the ululating left. A drab, physically unattractive, middle-aged woman who has–like every vacuous starlet they adore–been married multiple times. Though far more incendiary is that she is also a Southerner and Christian, thus absolving detractors of all burdens related to decorum. She may be savaged without fear of retaliatory ‘isms. And being the craven pack animals they are, the left has held nothing in reserve.

It’s fascinating to note the rigid structure of their obloquy. Whether expressing racial horror or hatred of whites, a standardized palette always applies. In this case of the latter Ms. Davis has come in for the dreary strafing of hillbilly, redneck, and inbred. Always inbred. They return to that like the Cumswallows of Capistrano. Which would be only slightly less grating if this weren’t the same mob that swoons in mass at the first hint of racial impropriety. Wait, is that white cracker, inbred, teabilly a RACIST?! Given the weight of such cognitive dissonance, it is a mercy that the doublethink is lost on them.

Though the barking of those seals isn’t much of a factor on the pressure gauge. But consider the situation of Ms. Davis’ incarceration. She works for the commonwealth of Kentucky and is abiding by its marriage law. If her constituents find the discharge of her duties unacceptable, they may vote her out in the next election. If state representatives deem the situation severe enough they may impeach her in the legislature. Though in this instance a federal judge has bypassed both and ordered her incarcerated by marshals under his jurisdiction. And if the people of Kentucky find the actions of this unelected, lifetime appointed princeling to be unacceptable, their options are…nothing. Sweet fuck all. Pound wet sand. In fact, if every single citizen of that state unanimously demanded enforcement of mankind’s ancient marital arrangement, it would make not a whit of difference. The people of Kentucky haven’t one word to say on the marital laws of their own state.

And obviously it’s not limited to there. The people of California wished to not subsidize a tsunami of squatting mestizos. Similarly, those in Arizona and Alabama wanted to secure their territories from foreign encroachment. The federal courts’ imperious response to all: no. That’s unconstitutional. It’s right there in the penumbras, plain as day. Thus it is not only Kentuckians beleaguered, but all of us. 300 million and however many Guatemalans could all scream in unison for the laws of their choosing, and the federal courts could just as easily issue their adverse ruling and retire. The laws you live under are not yours to choose. Is it conceivable the founders intended to create a polity that enshrined their children’s servility to black robes?

Critics of this complaint could rightfully point out the amendment process by which millions of people could theoretically enforce redirection of the court. I have already considered that. Here is my suggested verbiage for the 28th Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.

And yes we really mean it you unctuous loathsome shits.

That is to say, if the topic in question does not explicitly appear in the enumerated powers, then the Supreme Court and its constellation of federal courts have no jurisdiction. Actions to the contrary will lead to jailings in the opposite direction.

Though I am not so autistic as to imagine this pedantry will ever actually sway the exercise of power. As words on a scrap of paper never will. Whoever has more troops and tanks is always the party on firmest constitutional ground. And that is why this document’s many fetishists are bound for perpetual disappointment. As long as the federal courts can summon more guns to their interpretation than the states, the constitution will continue to faithfully serve their ever-expanding ambitions.

Some contrarians might note that an independent judiciary is something that cuts both ways, and an element we might one day come to cherish as it stands as a bulwark for our own interests. I honestly doubt it. As American institutions trend in sympathy with their changing demographics, Big Man politics will prominently emerge. And if some few dissident judges issue rulings resistant to the will of these politicians, they’ll soon enough find themselves escorted out of chambers and replaced with more constitutionally minded successors. No people but whites (and asians) are inclined to so docilely suffer such judicial abuse.

So while we still constitute some bare majority, I presume imperious courts will continue to release legislative dictates to a bitterly captive nation…as the PSI needle floats gently into the red.


8 thoughts on “PSI

  1. Odd, isn’t it, that they never ridicule that other group of “whites” for their famous (and documented) inbreeding.
    The number of guns and tanks notwithstanding, it would be refreshing to see a State actually produce a holstered gun once per century, to at least make the statement that a statement might be forthcoming. The best opportunity for that was a dozen years ago, when a low-level Federal Court ruled that the Alabama Supreme Court could not display their Ten Commandments monument – as if it were a rusty Chevy on cinderblocks on the front lawn. Rather than defend their own guy (a “fellow” right-wing Christian) by reminding the other 49 States that their Chief Justice was also a learned scholar of the black magik we now call Law, and was equally-qualified to ascertain the constitutionality of displaying that particular chunk of granite, Alabama’s governor and attorney “general” instead chose to cuck-tail and run behind the Statue of Liberty’s skirts.
    With all the Second Amendment debates we used to hear about “the militia” being The State and not The People, it seems like no State even has its own militia any more. Just assorted National Guard units that get shipped off to Iraqistan or Vietcong when the regular Army gets winded.

    • I don’t disagree, though I think there’s a resignation in projecting where that path leads. Starts with a holstered gun, ends with an infantry battalion.

      • The other resignation is to continue getting stomped slowly to death, while singing “You Shall Overcome”. Neither is optimal.

  2. The National Review law podcast of all places had an interesting idea, which will never see the light of day, Congress can pass a law similar to your amendment simply saying state issues are limited to state courts. That would kill most of the horseshit the Supremes have forced down our throats and so it won’t see the light of day. Well that and the fact that our Congress is filled with rich old pukes content to suck us dry and sell us out to globalists and Marco Rubio, a young puke in Zuckerberg’s employ selling us out to globalists.

    • I presume, with no sarcasm intended, a federal court would declare it unconstitutional.

      Any people who want the reins to their future will eventually have to ignore the courts and face down their marshals. As I mentioned above, this won’t be a problem for third-world strong men.

  3. What did Kennedy say about making peaceful change impossible?

    >Some contrarians might note that an independent judiciary … might one day … stand as a bulwark for our own interests.

    Nah. O’Sullivan’s Law: Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.

  4. Powers that be arrest the County Clerk as she is an easy submissive target and doubtlessly guilty of several isms. The boarders are open (here and in Europe) and the emasculated powers that were do nothing to stop the invasion. Up Side Down, the reverse war.

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