Mictlantecuhtli Shrugs

Imagine you could conjure a word and then watch generations of your enemies destroy themselves trying to prove they are not that word. It must be one of history’s most gratifying spectacles. I can imagine the prim satisfaction in observing ostensible conservatives adopting liberal liturgy with greater fanaticism than its progenitors. Though that isn’t surprising since jewish communists understood from the outset they were creating code that attacked rather than complemented the western operating system. And no one is particularly enthusiastic about drinking their own poison. But to grant grudging admiration where due, it’s all been a breathtakingly successful enterprise. That success is on most lurid display among conservatism’s priest class, whose 11th commandment is thou shall never support your own.

Perhaps the most histrionic of these priests, and thus aptly deferred to by peers as Cuckservative Prime, is Redstate.com’s Erick Erickson. As his role requires keeping conservatives docile in line at the abattoir, he is understandably chafed at Trump’s insurgency that has roused the herd from its more pleasantly quiescent stupor. He has written and spoke extensively on his disdain for the intemperate mooing, though all of it is boilerplate sniveling and hardly worth mentioning. Until now. He recently penned a piece that was interesting for reasons he may not even consciously understand. You can view it at the attached link or accept my honest paraphrasing below for sake of brevity.

Donald Trump is running a racist campaign that attracts many racists who are full of racism. And while Trump looks, act, and talks like a racist, we should not necessarilly accuse him of racism. He may not even realize how racist he and his racist supporters are. Racism is something he must deal with, but our appeals to the Gods must be precise. Because the racists I accuse of racism should be shunned. And if I were to invoke racist and no one subsequently turned to dust, then my prestige as a shaman may fall into disrepute. And that would be the worst racism of all.


I added some explanatory meta-communication to the conclusion so readers wouldn’t need to dig for concealed candor themselves. And for sake of fidelity to the original text, variants of racist appear the exact number of times (12). Though it’s important to understand what is being communicated here. The high priest is frantically signaling Mictlantecuhtli’s dissatisfaction. But to maintain power over the laity requires religious belief.

If Erickson fully denounces Trump and his supporters as heretics and they actually go on to win, then fear of the vengeful god is shattered. And in that scenario, it is the heads of defrocked priests, rather than irreverent racists, that metaphorically tumble down the temple steps. This is why we see the hyperbolic threat posturing that veils a hedge. Erickson is saying I’m warning you wayward flock. Don’t make me invoke Mictlantecuhtli’s bitter wrath. This being an invocation that current polling figures make highly inopportune. Because if Erickson calls in the racist thunderbolt on what becomes a majority of the electorate, and Trump’s only injury is to secure the nomination, then several job openings appear under native headdresses. When the gods fall at odds with a furious nation, the prudent shaman stays circumspect.

And so the bluff is made as an exasperated Mictlantecuhtli looks on.



8 thoughts on “Mictlantecuhtli Shrugs

  1. Which is precisely why Hillary’s buddy Trump will not be getting the nomination:

    yes, but as matt parrott has pointed out, even better for our people.

  2. I hate Erick Erickson with the passion of a thousand burning suns. His smug idiotic pronouncements are part of my rush hour home. I hardly listen.

    I say we take out as many of these establishment assholes as we can as we sink into a third world shithole. If we have to sink into it then lets pull them down with us.

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  4. “Which is precisely why Hillary’s buddy Trump will not be getting the nomination.”


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