Eggs and Omelets

Unless your reading palette is Kakistocracy-or-nothing, the news of this morning’s double GoPro murders will not be fresh. In it, two 20-something white reporters were dispatched live and in color by a fat, entitled, homosex, malcontent, negro named Vester Lee Flanagan or Bon’Zezi Melandrea or something. Mr. Flanagan released a manifesto and several tweets just prior to his own self-inflicted mortal wounding in which he articulated, in a psuedo-English patois, resentment toward the white people who had, naturally, dun him wrong.

And though we are assured by Ivy League faculty that race does not exist, Flanagan somehow seemed able to discern a difference as he navigated to an exclusive firing position on three of the so called “white people” just cited as his betes noirs. One of whom had reportedly made racist comments, another racist discussions with HR, the third a racist breakfast. And as any Weinstein movie attempts to make apparent, racists must be refreshed from time to time with 180 grain hollow points.

But of course none of the victims actually were racial antagonists, other than by dint of being hated by a black. By worst fortune they became merely more broken eggs in the cooking of America’s omelet. It does not require spacious contemplation to grasp the inevitable results of years of liberal hostility incubation in blacks. Fomenting a sense of bitter victimization among a low IQ, high impulsivity population has few alternate endings. When that population is told their sorrows have a specific source, the advice is eagerly taken. This morning that source was just two young reporters trying to do a job. Generations of these people did this to you manifested in a manner as predictable as a parent’s tears. Liberals were, as always, admirable in circumspection. Gun nuts did this!

While none of the architects or principals of this ongoing incitement were harmed today, it amazes me to think they imagine themselves impervious. Militant blacks aren’t particularly finicky in distributing violence. They are little inclined to evaluate the content of their victim’s character. And once liberals, both white and whitish, have tutored a vibrant racial antipathy in blacks, do they think their students will be sufficiently discriminating outside the classroom? “Anti-racists” like David Ruenzel and Kevin Sutherland received sub-optimal feedback on that question. Today’s miserable display suggests they won’t be anywhere near the last. As far as liberals are concerned, it’s a prospect I will bring myself to accept with equanimity.

I think there has never been a more determined folly than the religious effort to shoehorn disparate peoples into harmonious close cohabitation. Diversity drives conflict always and everywhere. With each faction seeing themselves–often justifiably–as victim. Prudence dictates a sober acknowledgement of differences, while piety demands the pretense of parity. That pretense bears a cost. And it has only begun to be paid.


11 thoughts on “Eggs and Omelets

  1. It’s interesting to contrast the behavior between this guy and tactical bowl-cut immediately before their respective shootings occurred.

    God grant peace to the dead.

  2. Everywhere he go, peoples know tha part he playin’. And so now the rainbow fag…the rainbow fLag is a Symbol of Hate. Is this thing working?

    The definition of “racist” now mirrors that of “anti-Semite”.

    This violence now matters, briefly, since it’s not just fly-overs, but actual Members of the Media. Coincidental, though. Not targeted. Just workplace violence, which is how it will be packaged before being dropped in the memory hole.

    Trump has a natural gift of real talk that hits emotional associations, such as, “go back to Univision”. How does he play this vis-à-vis Hillary and “victim’s” parents insistence that “once again a madman gets a GUN” ? It’s as though he keeps groping for a boundary but can’t find one, while his polling numbers climb.

    Can he say, “we don’t have a gun problem, we have a violent criminal problem, and those criminals mostly have brown skin” ?

    Meanwhile, Kuntzler calls for him to get whacked. He’s…wait for it…worse than Hitler. Fucking madhouse.

    Best blog on the web, Porter. A harbor of hate and sanity. Bless you.

    ps Is it me, or is “Hate!” just so goddamned gay, compared to the NOUN “hatred”?

    • I like to think Trump would say something veiled, like “Businesses need to be more careful who they hire.”

  3. When I see you have a new post up, I save it to read last so I can savor it.

    Ironically, the diversity-loving POC “ally” whites won’t just be collateral damage of the forthcoming “muh revenge” impulses. They will be the primary targets.

    Race-aware shitlords will be savvy enough to separate themselves from the simmering dinducalypse. Or at the very least, signal that they are hardened targets best passed over. The Odin-tatted skinheads don’t seem to be the polar bears that get hunted.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, bigots. More importantly, thanks for stopping in. That my time could be engaged in more profitable activities than catapulting Hate into the ether is something rarely escaping notice. I don’t always respond or agree, but the commentariat is what makes the Kakistocracy interesting on this end.

  5. This morning that source was just two young reporters trying to do a job.

    Let’s not lose sight that of the fact that the job they were trying to do was to serve the MSM that is our implacable enemy. That same MSM whose destruction is an essential prerequisite to turning this cultural disaster wherein we live around.

    I don’t condone this shooting. I don’t condone any attack on Whites by negroes. It’s our place to punish our traitors, not theirs. I mourn the loss of two White people who might have become racial assets. But I can’t get all cut up about it. Maybe their deaths can serve as an “I-told-you-so” to their professional colleagues.

  6. >two 20-something white reporters were dispatched live and in color by a fat, entitled, homosex, malcontent, negro named Vester Lee Flanagan or Bon’Zezi Melandrea or something.

    Best summary of the event in question I’ve seen anywhere on the web. To be fair, it’s not a hard prize to win: all the various news outlets are tripping over themselves in their confusion as to whether to mention that the poor dindu was a victim of racism in the workplace or to piously underplay the race factor altogether.

    I suspect the omelet that these two kids died for isn’t the American Experiment. That particular dish is long cold. What’s cooking now is the awakening of white racial consciousness, and the awareness that there’s a race war already raging, and that it’s been extremely one-sided for quite a while. At least, so I hope.

  7. I’m not necessarily going the route of saying this episode is a total fabrication; but it is interesting to note that Jewish-looking reporter Alison Parker’s very, very Jewish-looking father Andy, who came out stomping for gun control the evening of the attack, has been identified as an actor in television commercials:

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