A Catastrophe

Whenever I see words like ‘catastrophic’ in context of modern politics I almost unfurl a smile. For terms such as that are only deployed at the prospect of an encroaching irritant in an otherwise placid program. The catastrophe occasioned today being that which would occur in a bizzaro world of border enforcement. It’s right there in the headline.

Trump migrant proposals could be β€˜catastrophic’ to both U.S., Mexico

Personally, I’m willing to risk it. Sure things could decline quickly under a waning tamale. Things like corporate campaign donations, democrat voter roles, and paws in the public fisc. Trump’s migrant proposals could even have a catastrophic effect on San Francisco pier shootings and tequila-lubricated collisions. Jaws-of-life manufacturers have to earn a living too, you understand. Though overall I suppose I’ve coarsened to the consistency of bark on these issues. I know republicans have calculated they can make up a 30% share of the mestizo vote with volume, but I simply don’t care. Foreign nationals weren’t invited here, aren’t owed a piss in a pot, and they and their squirming hatcheries can either declare war in good-faith, or leave.

Though that is not precisely the position of the ‘Mexican experts’ cited in the linked piece. I’ve meticulously summarized their counterpoints as follows:

Businesses serving Mexicans would suffer.

And that concludes the article’s list of catastrophic consequences. Though writers are paid a pittance for submissions that lean, and so it is marbled liberally with adjectives such as:


To whom?

While we await that response, let’s review the most recent polling data. As discussed previously in these pages, Republicans and their pilot fish have been reassuring one another (with hardly veiled trepidation) that The Plutocratic Pout was all but finished. His campaign having suffered a catastrophic grounding on the red soil of Mt. Kelly. Well, catastrophes just aren’t quite so catastrophic these days.

Trump: 25%
Carson: 12
Cruz: 10
Bush: 9

It may just be that Bush’s love-based immigration platform is simply not going to find purchase in the wake of Donald’s swaggering Hate. Which is going to leave Republicans understandably flummoxed. They are so accustomed to prescribing placebos and palliatives, I doubt they yet comprehend the state of agitation within their previously docile flock. Many operatives are now scuttling about checking off the standard campaign flight-list.

πŸ’Έ Bomb someone for freedom
πŸ’Έ Defend borders…of Israel
πŸ’Έ Placate corporate donors
πŸ’Έ Loathe constituents

Goddamn it, we’ve done all these. What more do they want?

What they want is for the malignant status-quo to suffer a catastrophe. And Trump is peddling the explosives. I’m sure most of you are already advised of his recently released immigration policies. They are the most robust on offer by a leading major party candidate in living memory.

🚷 A wall across the border
🚷 A tripling of the mestizo border guard.
🚷 Nationwide mandatory e-verify
🚷 Immediate deportation of criminal aliens
🚷 End catch and release practice
🚷 End all federal funding to sanctuary cities
🚷 Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa
🚷 Increased wage requirements on H1-Bs. [How about an increase in ending the program?]
🚷 End birthright citizenship
🚷 Pause legal immigration

The last two are paradigm defenistrators. Though they are hardly victories beyond the moral. There are levels and there are flows. And stanching the latter has little effect on the former. Even if ceased today, immigration from the past will grace us with a foreign majority in the future. Pat Buchanan recently said immigration is the issue of the century. Taken as euphemism, he is correct. But more specifically the issue of the century won’t be immigration, but rather its sedimentation. Now that Earth’s most incompatible human elements have been petri-dished exclusively in the West, a stable state will be sought. That is to say, a resolution. I’ll leave to your own intuition and grasp of human history what forms that resolution might take.

Tribal warfare didn’t end when liberals stopped recognizing it. Catastrophe will be the process of relearning.


11 thoughts on “A Catastrophe

  1. While we patiently await the predicted breaching of Trump’s OODA loop, a new poll now finds him only six points behind the USG’s 67 year-old IT department head. For comparison, Bush trails by nine points.

    You will recall historical assurances that only moderate marionettes can possibly win the general, and so it is entirely fruitless to support a candidate that might cause ripples in the program. We may need to revisit our OODA loops.

  2. alt right pundits are increasingly invoking the “silent majority” catchphrase in referring to Trumps popularity. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out. Are those of us aligned with him on this singular issue as numerous as we suspect, or have decades of brainwashing done their work to morph a critical mass of whites’ self perception to the wigger/Shaun King/rachel dolezal end of the spectrum? If the latter, there exists the possibility of patriot incited violence born of frustration. If the former, there exists the possibility of violence in reaction to reclamation of sovereignty. The fascinating could become inconvenient quickly.

  3. Trump is going to win, not just the Republican nomination but the presidency. You heard it here first. Not only does he have the best ideas, by far, on the existential crisis facing America and the rest of the West (immigration), but he has the royal jelly or whatever it is that all truly successful politicians must have. He knows how to connect with people, and people genuinely like him.

    Look at the non-stop media onslaught against Trump since he first announced. He’s been called a racist, a sexist, anti-Mexican, anti-veteran, uninformed, stupid, a buffoon, a joke. But has Trump backed away from any of his statements? Not by one millimeter, he’s doubled down instead. And rather than getting defensive when attacked, Trump hits back at his tormentors twice as hard, at least.

    And much to the MSM’s puzzlement, all these attacks haven’t weakened Trump in the slightest. The more dirt they try to dig up on him, the stronger he becomes. It’s almost like the American people, rather than meekly following the dictates of the hostile Jewsmedia, hold them in utter contempt instead πŸ™‚

    Steve Sailer has compared Trump to Arnold Schwarzenegger, both being celebrities who somewhat transcend ordinary party politics, and can get away with a political incorrectness that would destroy any ordinary candidate. I agree with that, but Trump’s indestructibility reminds me even more of another politician. A man who exemplifies Nietzsche’s maxim that what doesn’t destroy him only makes him stronger, a star of the Kakistocracy’s rotating banners, and a guy who lives two streets away from where I’m typing this.


      • I hope you do decide to come up, Porter, it’ll be an opportunity for me to buy you a drink. Then maybe we can swing by Ford’s house and smoke some rock in his basement πŸ˜‰

        Is it worth making the trip? Well, with a 75 cent Canadian dollar it’s a pretty good deal right now for American tourists. Otherwise stuff here is generally pretty expensive, particularly those all-important staples of a healthy lifestyle: alcohol, tobacco and gasoline.

        The American city that most resembles Toronto is definitely Chicago. Both are big, bustling hotbeds of moral degeneracy, kind of like a latter-day Sodom and Gomorrah if they were on the Great Lakes rather than the Mesopotamian desert.

        Sodom/Chicago has more impressive architecture, a bigger and better subway system, and a nicer waterfront. Gomorrah/Toronto has better demographics (more Asians but far fewer blacks and Hispanics) and is therefore a much safer city.

        So if you do choose to visit you should know that Canadians have a reputation as an impeccably polite and well-mannered people who warmly welcome all people and all viewpoints.

  4. Porter, I’d like to believe that European America has finally realized it’s “2 minutes to midnight”, to borrow a catchphrase from the cold war. When viewed in the light of DE & WN, most of Trumps policies are straight common sense, downright pedestrian. It puts in perspective just how far US has gone in the wrong direction, that such ordinary ideas should cause such an extreme reaction from the multi-cult left.

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  6. The Reconquista is much worse for black Americans than for whites, because neither economy nor politics needs two low-IQ underclasses. Mestizos kill blacks all the time, and the media pays no attention unless the perp has a Germanic surname. Black voters will have a real choice if Trump wins the nomination, but 90% will vote for their own annihilation.

    So welcome to Latin America, where there is no racism because there is no race. True, the richest Latinos look strikingly European and the poorest look very African, but anyone who tries to make political hay of this is likely to fall down several flights of stairs in a one-story police station.

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