The Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time

It would be highly felicitous if utilities could be surreptitiously loaded on all devices to convert media euphemisms to clarity. “Civil Rights” is one term I’d particularly enjoy seeing forthrightly displayed. For CR is simple American short-hand for the alchemy that turns white liberties into black prerogatives. It’s not your right to decide with whom you associate, live beside, or allow into what is definitely not your country. Nor are you at liberty to freely choose the songs you sing, jokes you tell, opinions you express, or whether you’ll be rendered prostrate by a Good Boy. Those are the prerogatives of others. Facilitating that ongoing conversion is the sole function of what we blithely call civil rights.

And civil rights still has a long distance to travel. At least that is the boilerplate qualifier inserted into every mainstream piece on this grand engagement. So much still to accomplish. “Like what?” I routinely query the stoic fonts. And in the company of sobriety never receive a response. Though it would be gratifying to hear others in possession of a larger mega-phone than this blog press for an answer. What is the still-so-far-away end-state? And what steps are required to achieve it? I doubt we’ll receive an honest response from anyone but Farrakhan. Though always leaving the presumption of an unspoken more dangling like rotted meat on a hook is something I find less palatable than even the good minister’s bracing candor.

And while no one is much talking about civil rights’ ultimate destination, we can certainly note its direction of travel. And its latest highway flop-house is nowhere of surpise to readers here. Enjoy this article on the newest faces of Hate. They’re getting better all the time.

University of Alabama sorority slammed for ‘racially-homogeneous’ recruitment film
University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi uploaded the video to YouTube
Was used to attract new members and has been viewed 500,000 times
Shows the 72 sorority sisters partying in their sprawling sorority house
An op-ed in an Alabama newspaper said it is ‘reductive and objectifying’
Others claim it skirts the issue of diversity in the college Greek system

Those whose loins are caught in mid-gird for the inevitable racist climax, may begin a measured exhalation. There is none. No ****** on a bus. No micro-aggression. Not even a painful past. Just these damning photos.








I found it all so macabre, my eyes could barely be forced aside. I would imagine battalions of male high school seniors are presently imploring their parents to never cast them into such a den of undiversity.

But the point requires little belaboring. A sorority at the University of Alabama is being (internationally) attacked simply for being white. Homogenous. It was not long ago at all that such a thing wasn’t even conceivable. Civil-rights is moving at a brisk pace. And though I’d enjoy hearing it put to the record, no one much needs to wonder where the vehicle is going as tires role over innocent college girls. Dissolving the homogeneity of one other organization is even more important. For the smallest groups bear the greatest hate.



22 thoughts on “The Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time

    • The brief trailer at DM is all I’ve seen. It just looked like a pop music video. Regardless, its being attacked for homogeneity is quite a bit creepier for all of us.

      • The banquet of White beauty is breathtaking. Not a whiff of tattoo or misplaced safety pin through an eyebrow.

        No wonder the dark side is upset. The strength and power of the spirit of joy and happiness these young ladies genuinely exhibit strikes the shabbiness we’ve become like a thunderbolt.

        Authentic femininity on bold display, it warms my heart.


      • Richard: I’m not sure I see joy and happiness when I look at this. What I see is narcissism. There is no joy in narcissism. Maybe I am in the wrong on this. I haven’t seen anyone else with my reaction, actually. But I really could not watch more than like a minute. I was just revolted. The music is awful. The girls seem like morons for the most part. Can you imagine one of these women reading Camus or Heidegger? No? Then WTF are they doing in college in the first place? Just seems kinda smothering. I was in a fraternity in college and was really put off by the whole Greek thing.

      • Can you imagine one of these women reading Camus or Heidegger?
        I’ve never once tried to imagine any woman reading Camus or Heidegger. Just doesn’t do it for me.

      • Richard: I’m not sure I see joy and happiness when I look at this. What I see is narcissism

        It’s true enough: american women are on the main narcissistic children. At least most of these women warrant the narcissism, however temporary the bloom of the rose may be. I’m sure that most will be perfectly passable mothers eventually.

        On the coasts (outside LA) you have fat harpies with all the narcissism you see in these pictures, and none of the warmth.

  1. This all started because some (presumably less attractive) woman wrote an opinion piece for, basically complaining that they were all so pretty and white-boy, that’s damning stuff-and that the video was “unempowering.” Why must everything be “empowering?” What an idiotic stance. These girls were having fun and trying to promote their sorority as fun, so that other like-minded fun girls would want to join/rush that sorority, not trying to make a feminist statement about power.

    Either way, I’m sure the girls that made the video felt mighty empowered when they were getting all those views and having fun. I guess Ms. A.L. Bailey just didn’t feel empowered, and, so, F You, makers of video. As we all know, the only real “war on women” going on is that from other women.

  2. I like to believe that, as the diversity/empowerment/cultural enrichment crowd reveals more and more blatantly what its real goal is, that White people are going to be roused from their stupor en masse and take notice of what’s being done to all of their societies everywhere in the world. All we have to do to stop this is acknowledge what’s happening and decide that we’re going to make it stop, no matter how many screeches of “RACIST!!!” we have to endure in the undertaking.

  3. As refreshing as it is to see all the beautiful blonde white women without an orc in the bunch; the sad fact is they’re probably at Bryant Stadium every Saturday falling all over the erectus SEC football team… roll tide

  4. Exactly: the so called Civil Rights Act was the abolition of free association, the latter being one of those that’s actually explicit in the Bill of Rights. Up is Down in the United States of Freedom. Maybe a goddamned piece of paper will protect us from those who use words to obfuscate rather than to clarify.

  5. Porter, I second tsnamm’s comment – you should have watched the whole thing. The only visible male appearing in the show was a vibrant-American stoodent-afflete, around three minutes in, surrounded on the football field by the young southern belles. Plus the mascot, but we don’t know who was under the costume. They now have the chutzpah to complain about videos that insult us subtly rather than overtly! If I didn’t know any better I’d think the video was directed by a progtard.

  6. The ridiculous bread and circuses of sports is as much a malign cultural narcotic as anything. But it’s a mistake to always extrapolate cheering and revelry (in short, the simple desire for communal recreation) into worship of the performers on a personal level.

    Here’s a photo from the Kentucky Derby. How many of those ladies are likely interested in equine copulation?

    • Perhaps more than one would initially suspect: despite each of those women being at the wrong end of their 20s (or older), of the three visible ring fingers, not a one is adorned.

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  8. The double standard is hilarious. We can be homogeneous but you can’t. We can hate other minorities but you can have no opinion. Whatever. For this particular controversy, come on, it’s a sorority, they’re whole appeal is built on exclusion. Deal with it.

  9. The goal of Diversity(TM) is to hunt down every white, every where. No exceptions, except for maybe where the purveyors of Diversity(TM) actually live. We’ll get to diversifying those AFTER we’ve settled the dusky ones in Lapland.

    One might think there might be some kind of programme of extermination, of hate, of genocide. One of global reach.

    This might be the first time in history that an ideological programme against a race of people has truly gone global.

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