The Infidelity of Change

You should be open to change. Experience new things with different people.

Have you ever noticed lines such as these are what a man feeds someone else’s wife or girlfriend and never his own? Why is that? I believe I know. It is because “change” is a quality neutral concept. One that men view with favor or fury based entirely on which direction in relation to their interests it is moving. I’m not particularly keen on my own wife’s receptivity to change, though my neighbor’s shapely spouse should definitely explore the world outside her doors. Change is entirely a public and principled good for exactly how long it accrues to my benefit. But when when change results in impoverishment of my own welfare (or sex life) well, enough’s enough friend.

Thanks to the immigration deluge, we can witness one group’s odd unclenching from change’s loving embrace in almost real time. You won’t believe what effusive former advocates now turn a wary eye. As all eventually come to learn too late: change is a faithless little bitch. I’ll let the LA Times tread gingerly from here.

The women set out on a brisk walk every Friday morning — past broken bottles, graffiti, an occasional stray dog and the smell of marijuana.

They circle the rim of their home, the Jordan Downs housing project, not just for the sake of exercise but to show the world that Watts, these days, is brimming with Latinos.

“We want people to know we’re here,” said Amada Valle, 58. “And it’s time for our voice to be heard.”

Fifty years ago next week, when rioters set Watts on fire, the neighborhood was nearly all black. Today, Latinos make up more than 70% of the population.

Straight outta Tijuana. The photo that accompanies this introduction appears below.

Negros adios!

Negros adios!

Now we both know that change is good, though often painful. Nativists sometimes resist this salubrious natural phenomenon, thus obliging journalists to spangle their pieces with ominous references to hate, resentment, bigotry, and painful pasts. That’s why readers will be pleasantly surprised to witness an evolution in racial reportage, as none of those dismaying terms makes a single appearance here. It’s as if there aren’t even any antagonists at all in this story of cleansing and conflict. Where is our eternal bete noir when we need him most?

They fill schools, churches and clinics, and their colorful minimarkets dot the streets. Yet for all of Latinos’ presence, their political power remains nearly nonexistent. Just about every organization, committee and board is headed by African Americans. When the Christmas parade marches down Central Avenue, it features high steppers and gospel singers, never folklorico dancers or charros.

Happily filling the "parade gap."

Happily filling the “parade gap.”

“We (africans and amerinds) compete for the tiniest pieces of the pie,” said Cynthia Gonzalez, an anthropologist raised in Watts. “Instead, we should be asking: Where is the rest of the pie that was promised? Where are the jobs, the quality education, the youth programs and the shopping options?”

It seems we both suffer a deficit of promise fulfillment, Ms. Gonzalez. I was promised my tax dollars would fund a border enforcement apparatus that would keep parasitic foreigners like yourself demanding pies from their own societies rather than mine. And as you survey what remains of my country for the jobs, education, programs, and shopping options you are unable to natively supply, please bear in mind that only so many of these things appear magically from the ether–and we whites guard them jealously.

Of the four elected officials who represent the area at the city, state and federal level, two are white and two are black. The four housing developments are primarily run by all-black boards.

Why Latinos have so little power is a complex, sensitive topic in the neighborhood, which saw its demographics shift rapidly in the 1990s.

Some say that black leaders are reluctant to share control of Watts…

Actually it’s not a complex topic at all. Until Anthony Kennedy et al reconvene, illegal aliens may not vote. And thus can not yet manipulate the levers of democracy until their multitudinous “American” offspring arrive at the age of majority to demand recompense for the travails of their put-upon parents. These being the same hard-scrabble citizenship entrepreneurs who sloshed across the Rio Grande uninvited, to receive only free room, board, medical, and education from the pitiless gringos. Where is the hispanic Tennessee Coates to chronicle their story? Between the EBT and Me.

And if some say blacks are reluctant to share control of “their” territory with alien encroachers, that either makes them completely normal human beings as observed in civilizations through time immemorial…or hateful racists. The authors coquettishly decline to clarify which.

The article goes on to discuss hispanic frustration at what they perceive as the glacial pace of usurpation of local institutions from black bitter clingers. The institutional control most coveted apparently being for the Watts Labor Community Action Committee. This black advocacy and grievance operation wields a reported $15 million budget supplied by the USG, city of Los Angeles, and various corporate sponsors–all of whom find the concept of racism to be reprehensible and repugnant. And it is that succulent sloshing slush fund that has mestizo activists wondering…

How do you expect a Latino leadership to grow out of this within a period of 15 to 20 years?

Indeed, black leaders. How do you intend to transition resource control from yourselves to latinos? That is to say, what is your diversity plan? The irony couldn’t be any sweeter if it were sprinkled on churros. And some blacks are beginning to taste it.

As the demographics of the community have changed, Watkins (black head of the WLCAC) has worked to bring Latinos into the fold. He plans to add a Cesar Chavez exhibit to the museum and feature some of the community’s best tamales and tacos in upcoming cultural shuttle tours.

Still, the WLCAC’s staff reflects the Watts of nearly three decades ago — 63% are black and 31% are Latino. Only three of its 13 board members, who are elected by the employees, are Latino.

How demographics might change this deep-rooted organization is a difficult question, Watkins says. He can’t ask longtime black employees to leave so he can hire Latinos.

“This ship is huge, and it doesn’t just turn over night,” he said. “But it is turning.”

Sorry Watkins, but we can’t wait. Tacos and tamales aren’t going to suffice. And yes you will jettison black employees to hire latinos. It’s called Impacto Dispar motherfucker, do you speak it?

I often marvel at the myopia of blacks tacitly accepting open borders. They had an incomparable guilt racket all to themselves in America. The thought that millions of Amerinds, Asians, and Arabs will perpetuate it while gently swaddling their violent pathologies is so ludicrous I almost look forward to the show. Blacks are so tunnel-visioned in their anti-white antipathy that the what comes after never seems to dawn. But dawn is coming. And it’s going to be a tequila sunrise.


9 thoughts on “The Infidelity of Change

  1. The biggest difference with the old affirmative action and the new demands for “diversity,” is that there was at least a “rough justice” aspect involving blacks, who were subject to certain de jure and de facto discrimination for many decades. But the newcomers, supposedly coming here for a “better life,” are just getting in on the act without having had their great great great great great grandfathers held in chains or their great grandfathers subject to the evil segregated water fountains. I don’t mean to be an apologist for a flawed attempt at making something impossible–racial parity–but the moral calculus should be wildly different.

    • I don’t disagree. Sneaking in the backdoor somewhat constrains a man’s claim on the homeowner’s bad behavior. Though it’s also worth being aware that more blacks have migrated freely to America than were ever brought here as slaves. The fact bearing little weight on the moral invoice they present daily.

    • Very true, Roman. While continuing this line of attack, have no fear that you will start to hear more Reconquista claims, telling all us stupid whiteys (and the blacks) that these lands were theirs first, so gibmedats.

      • Reconquista, indeed. From spikipedia:
        “The area now known as Watts is located on the 1843 Rancho La Tajauta Mexican land grant…With the influx of European American settlers into Southern California in the 1870s, La Tajuata land was sold off and subdivided for smaller farms and homes, including a 220-acre parcel purchased by Charles H. Watts in 1886 for alfalfa and livestock farming.”
        Damn Imperial Whitey… purchasing the unimproved land right out from underneath their little brown feet.
        Note, how Spiki says Watts IS located on the Mexican land grant. Real slick, greaser.

  2. “Blacks are so tunnel-visioned in their anti-white antipathy that the what comes after never seems to dawn.”

    Same with Jews.

    “It’s called Allahu Akbar motherfucker, do you speak it?”

  3. “Blacks are so tunnel-visioned in their anti-white antipathy that the what comes after never seems to dawn.”

    Not surprising at all. Blacks have no concept of future planning or the long term ramifications of their actions. It also explains why black suicide rates are so much lower than Whites. Kinda hard to get depressed enough to snuff it when you never think about what happens past the day after tomorrow.

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  5. I just had a Wait,What? moment after reading “He plans to add a Cesar Chavez exhibit to the museum and feature some of the community’s best tamales and tacos in upcoming cultural shuttle tours.”
    I honestly thought you had written that. They’re getting harder and harder to satirize.

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