Facing the Backlash

You almost need to be a character conceived by Lewis Carroll to navigate contemporary discourse unperturbed. Because any man who bitterly clings to the sense of his endowment is destined for chafing. Contrived outrage, pompous sophistry, and sententious hypocrisy: and that’s just conservatives. I sometimes think perhaps persistent, languid mastication of a few philosopher’s stones might aid in maintaining composure. Cows never appear much agitated in the midst of contemplative cud chewing. Maybe a mouthful of mushrooms would produce a similarly sanguine demeanor. Our blogging pool would certainly be less cessed if so.

But to hurdle hateful hypertension requires one to eschew pieces such as this.

Report cites ‘Latinization of U.S.,’ warns of ‘backlash’ against whites

A study of the growing Hispanic immigrant population declares that the country is on the verge of the “Latinization of the United States,” a “browning of America” that by 2050 will be 29 percent Latino — and politically influential.

The analysis is focused on how to economically handle the surge so that Latinos do not get left behind — or out of the middle class.

A similar thought must have weighed heavily on the men sailing under John of Austria at the battle of Lepanto.

How do we handle this surge of Turks so that they don’t get left behind?

Isn’t that always the quandary? It seems that throughout history, when people arrive in countries unwelcome and uninvited either they or their erstwhile hosts eventually (often violently) get “left behind.” It’s almost as if man has an innate aversion to assisting in his own dispossession. Though getting past that is why we invented teevee, both political parties, and the chamber of commerce.

In “Latina/o Formations in the United States,” Loyola Marymount University’s Antonia Darder and University of California’s Rodolfo D. Torres write that already 20 percent of the 30 million youths aged 18-24 in America are Latino and are poised to influence American politics and policy.

“By the sheer force of numbers, the kinds of adults that Latino students become will dramatically shape the future history of this country, as the former white majority becomes a minority population, at least in terms of number,” said the study.

So whites are scheduled to become a minority among the races that don’t exist…at least in terms of numbers. Well I’m not sure in how many more terms than that I can bear, but we’ll note the implication that numbers are the least of it.

And then there is the solemn jabberwocky about latinos “shaping the future of this country.” This having become a sort of de rigueur tautology for migration masturbationists. Yes, I realize that who is in a place will shape its future in ways that those who are not won’t. Though if hidden inclinations were known, mine would be to conduct our own future shaping, rather than rely on the sufferance of others for the task.

I’d also like to start hearing analogous suggestions that homeowners should simply relinquish their keys to itinerant squatters with a dream because “whoever lives here will shape the future of this house.” I actually don’t give a shit about the future of this house in my posterity’s absence. But in the meantime, get my cattle prod and call the paddy wagon.

You can understand why this stance would be so upsetting to conservatives.

“Latinos have become more than an electoral voting bloc, emerging as strategic actors in major processes of democratic social transformation,” they added.

Yes, social transformation. I’m trying to think of when we conducted a national dialogue on that issue. Of what majority acceded to being transformed. And what friction might ultimately result from such a minority imposition. Ah, here it is…

And they warned that there could be a backlash as whites try to hang on to power.

“In fact, the current struggle that persists in Arizona may well be a bellwether for the potential backlash that is bound to ensue in others parts of the nation, as the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant population no longer enjoys the political security associated with their past majority status,” said the authors.

In case your head promptly leapt from its shoulders upon reading that, let me clarify as you reattach: the growing backlash of which to be concerned is not by whites who are being peremptorilly cleansed, but by the encroaching hispanics who may not find their hosts retreating with sufficient alacrity.

Smile on your way out pilgrims!

And while I have only modest expectations for the intuition of conservatives, we can be heartened that the above statement requires none whatsoever. It speaks candidly: lose your majority and prepare to suffer. A prudent man hears this as a clarion to preserve the security built with his forefathers’ blood and sweat. A foolish man hears “natural conservatives.”

I trust a surfeit of the latter will win the day.


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23 thoughts on “Facing the Backlash

  1. Porter, in case you weren’t aware, your blog was down last night, with this note from WordPress left in its place:

    kakistocracyblog.wordpress.com is no longer available.

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

    I’m glad to see it back up today, but I do implore you to make backups regularly if you weren’t already, lest your oeuvre vanish in a puff of smoke because you triggered some trigger-happy shitlib at WordPress.

  2. Great, horrifying post. And yet I believe that once the stigma of caucasian self-preservation disappears then all this insanity could end overnight.

    Off-topic, but I noticed that googling “kakistocracy” now returns your blog as the 37th entry, all the way down from 3rd… curious. Maybe the kakistocrats googled themselves and couldn’t bear seeing their own reflection in the mirror.

  3. As some have noted, WordPress pulled the blog last night. Only to be reinstated sometime today. No reason was offered for either decision, and a review of the TOS yields no clues. Though most human communication occurs nonverbally, and I imagine this half-day shutdown was a simple enough example: Get Out.

    So to the WordPress employee who reinstated the blog, thanks for providing the opportunity to gather my things before being cashiered.

    • “Ohhhh ffffuck.” I’ve been meaning to download all the posts, because they deserve to be archived somewhere in the world (dammit). Then my heart sank.
      But, TOS? Do 6-asterisk words make Google’s regexp engine explode? Or maybe they took seriously a little boy who cried ‘nazi!’ or ‘phobaphobe!’
      I’m glad the downtime was short, and you’re planning to keep on truckin, one way or another.

      • Regarding the brief suspension…Obviously I violated no conceivable term of service aside from something I found buried in the very fine print. From Chapter 27, subsection 12, Title III a(c)i: And no rightwing shitlords. As mentioned earlier I expect the action was unveiled encouragement to change themes or leave, with a more enduring banishment to follow in my negligence to heed it. But WordPress isn’t talking, and so that’s just speculation.

        Though I was honestly unperturbed at their decision aside from its occurrence without warning. An appropriate time to move on to more profitable projects. Something I probably need to do without external prompting.

  4. Porter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WordPress

    Now, about that amorphous blob of humanity that the US government insists on calling “Hispanics.” They may be from any of two dozen countries on three continents, may be of any race or combination of races, and may or may not even speak Spanish. The “Hispanic” category makes about as much sense as if all Americans (black, white, Jew, Gentile, Eskimo, Hottentot, whatever) were lumped together as a single “Anglo” ethnicity.

    Anyway, I’m curious about how many of these “Hispanics” are actually white. By ‘white’ I mean at least 90% European. As an example I will post this gratuitous pic of “Hispanic” actress Genesis Rodriguez:

    Close to half of “Hispanics” in the US claim to be white, or about 25 million out of 55 million people total. Surely that’s an exaggeration, but it seems like a solid majority of prominent “Hispanics” in politics, business, the media and entertainment industries are in fact white. So there must be millions of them, maybe more than 10 million.

    I don’t know, I’m just guessing. Can anybody come up with a reliable estimate for the number of white “Hispanics” in the US? Cuz there must be an awful lot of white people who magically become eligible for the affirmative action gravy train by checking the “Hispanic” box on the census form. Cameron Diaz, anyone?

      • Would you venture a guess as to how many whites there are, out of 55 million “Hispanics” total?

        I think most (but not all) Mexicans and Central Americans are mestizos or Indians. Most but not all PRs and DRs are mulattos or whatever the mestizo-mulatto mix is called. But the majority of Cubans and South Americans in the US are white I believe.

        There are old-stock (17th century) Spaniards in New Mexico who are white. And there are probably considerable numbers of newer-stock Spaniards and their descendants (or part-descendants) in the US that are counted as “Hispanics.”

        In Canada the Latin American population is much smaller, maybe 500,000. And Mexicans are only a small fraction of that number. I would estimate that 50% or more of these Canadian “Hispanics” are white, meaning more than 90% European if they took a 23andMe DNA test.

        Obviously American “Hispanics” are darker on average than their Canadian counterparts because of their mainly Mesoamerican origins. But I don’t think a rough guesstimate of 15-20%, or about 10 million of them being white is out of line. Do you?

      • Yeah Jeppo, I do. Though understand I’m basing that on nothing more scientific than one man’s accumulated visual inputs. Though by that suspect metric I think it is much lower than 15-20%. By my own reckoning, something more on the order of 2%…generously.

        About the only place I can recall seeing an abundance of women like the one above was in the Cuban community of Miami. And as an aside, they were equally striking. In contrast, squat mestizos are everywhere.

    • The federal government’s racial categories aren’t very helpful in this case, and the white percentage is way off. A few years ago, they split the race/ethnicity category into two separate questions. Now they ask if you are Hispanic and ask your race independently with multiple races permitted. So you could be a white or black or whatever kind of Hispanic, but among the racial categories there is no mestizo which is what most US Hispanics are. There is “American Indian or Alaska Native,” but that is more for the Cherokees and such and is specified as being for people who maintain “tribal affiliation or community attachment.” So mestizos tend to just put white. Then for most reporting purposes, the race and ethnicity categories are almost always recombined and Hispanics of whatever race are thrown in the same bucket and presented alongside the other races. Another oddity in the definitions is that people from the Middle East and North Africa are classified as white.


  5. Could there be a way that Whites could turn this mess to advantage and make some lemonade? All of these predictions are based on present trends continuing, which doesn’t necessarily happen.

  6. Hmm, 2% seems to be really lowballing it. But who knows? We can both agree that 53% of “Hispanics” themselves claiming to be white is ridiculous.


    There’s some interesting self-reported data on that page. Cubans are the whitest “Hispanics” at 85.4%, and Dominicans are the least white at 29.6%. 76% of “Hispanics” in Florida claim to be white, while only 37% of those in New York and Illinois make that claim.

    Some of the notable “White Hispanics” Wikipedia lists are pretty hilarious: Admiral David Farragut, Rita Hayworth, Christy Turlington, Alexis Bledel, Kevin Johansen, Ariel Dorfman, Martin and Charlie Sheen. Almost anyone with any remote connection with Spain or Latin America is considered “Hispanic.”

    Which makes me think that there are a lot of otherwise white Americans who check the “Hispanic” box for affirmative action bennies, or as part of the socially mandated flight from white, or maybe just for shits and giggles.

    • Another way to say it is when I hear/see a Spanish surname, I would approximate the odds at 98% that the body attached to it looks more like these south-of-the-border ladies

      than these south-of-the-border ones.

  7. “…browning of America” that by 2050 will be 29 percent Latino — and politically influential.”

    “This will not lead to the browning of America” Ted Kennedy on the Javits Cellar 1965 Immigration Bill

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