Cuckholm Syndrome

As the #cuckservative pincer movement continues to encircle the jellied gut of concessionary conservatism, one can’t help but marvel at the wailing. As many have noted, the defensive squid ink ejected by discombobulated cons has been indistinguishable from that deployed by cephalopods of the strictly liberal genus.


That conservatives have come to view this hoary meme as their most potent parry, and now unashamedly (perhaps unconsciously) adopt the rhetorical tools of their long-time liberal tormentors reveals much. Most poignant is what it reveals about the mentality of these cultural captives. They suffer a medically catalogued condition now ocurring on a societal scale. They are victims of Cuckholm Syndrome.

Cuckholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which failed opposition to the dominant cultural regime begins to absorb and express the same sentiments as their accusors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the obvious injury they do to the victim’s interests and posterity. The FBI’s Demographic Dissident Database shows that roughly 88 percent of conservative victims show evidence of this affliction.

Cuckholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a political scenario, but which describes strong emotional ties that develop between two opposing movements where one harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other. One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that racist-bonding is a response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor’s hackneyed insults is one way that the ego defends itself. When a conservative embraces the same values as a liberal, they cease to be perceived as a threat, and are spared subsequent verbal punishment.

A similar reaction has been noted in regard to emotionally abused women. If one is relentlessly called a bitch, bitch, bitch, what is the first term her mind conjures upon casting for an insult?

Though perhaps the more pertinent question to examine for cons now squalling in umbrage is Who bitch this is? And cuckservatives…the bitch is you.


19 thoughts on “Cuckholm Syndrome

  1. From a battlefield perspective, the feverish firing of bigot batteries by beseiged cons is a tactical blunder of cosmic proportions. The left has one venerable weapon that has been in use against conservatives for generations. By trying to turn it on their own right flank, witless cons are serving to validate its meaning and maintain its potency. Potency that the left will continue to merrily use against cons themselves into perpetuity.

    If they had any glimmer of movement strategy, they would assiduously seek to minimize the effectiveness of their opponent’s only tactic. But these people lose for a reason. And for them, that reason is always a mystery.

    • I wonder how many cucks are actually fifth columnists. Of course they all are, but some of them may even be aware of it.

  2. The only appropriate response the the wailing accusations of ‘WAAACIST’ is, to quote Heisenberg, “You’re goddamn right.” The zeitgeist is shifting all over the West as the economy collapses and the foreign invaders grow more brazen in their numbers. A great many White people entertain racist thoughtcrimes in private, with no idea how widespread those opinions really are. “Racism” as a pejorative is a very new concept and one that had to be imposed through massive propaganda, and that tribalism, not pluralism, is the natural feeling of man.

    As soon as the word “racist” loses its power to cow White people in racial cuckoldry, the game is up. We’re still the majority population in our homelands; we still have the power to ensure the existence our people et cetera. All that’s keeping the giant asleep is an inculcated shame at the idea of acting in our own racial interest. So when a red-faced cuckservative starts huffing that you’re a racist, own it, and throw it back in his teeth by asking how his grandchildren will enjoy growing up in Aztlan or dar al-Islam.

    • forget raaaaacist…you’re nazis

      This is the type of supple-minded conservative who can transition fluidly between perfunctory liberal memes as situations warrant.

    • I deleted the second of Mr. Buch’s comments, it being lurid emoting about nazis. Though the liberals he nominally opposes will be heartened by his effort if nothing else. Despite persistent attempts to identify interests–such as this very post–conservatives like this remain oblivious to the notion that liberalism will continue moving left. And he will either move dutifully with it, or become himself a nazi!

      Though no one has accused these people of forward thinking, and there’s no cause here for me to start now.

      • Please clarify yourself, Porter…lest others do it for you.
        Being obtuse – though a vaguely interesting writer – does nothing to help you.

        So: you claim you are NOT like the other posters (found at the link/s).
        Are you going to claim you’re just doing the “Derbyshire” thing?
        As I began: please clarify. Without your own emoting.

        What *are* “your” intended goals, and some of the methods/tactics to get there?

      • Lest others do it for you.

        The unbidden lesting of others on my behalf is their concern, not mine.

        There’s 400+ posts here of my own actual words available for cross examination–even one directly above. And yet you arrive onsite and introduce yourself by foaming about nazis in Vanity Fair and demanding I speak to unknown statements on a site I’ve never visited. This compunded by you confusing your own internal dialogue for an actual exchange (So: you claim you are NOT like the other posters found at the link/s. Fine.–I went to no links and so made no claims)

        Criticism is fine if that’s your purpose here. If so, select the words I’ve written and try to refute them. Otherwise your vague interest is vaguely reciprocated.

    • “Please clarify yourself, Porter…lest others do it for you.
      Being obtuse – though a vaguely interesting writer – does nothing to help you.”

      Concern Troll seems to be concerned.

      • There’s something to be strangely admired about a man with the faculty to look about the world as it is, and focus his resentments on “nazis.”

        I’ll look forward to future harangues on the absorbency of paper towels.

  3. Thought you might enjoy these wonderful memes Porter and Co.

    As always I’m enjoying the refined yet visceral writing here at the Kakistocracy. I liken it to the prose equivalent of a gourmet dinner prepared by Hannibal Lecter.

    Germany keeps on cucking…

      • Sometimes it feels like the people of the White Western world are all in a Raelean/Jim Jones type cult about to commit mass suicide with the only task outstanding being to pass their worldly possessions on to the “young” races [read: youfs?] before the UFO collects them.

        “Simsalabim, that’s your money… I won’t be needing it when I ascend to the U.F.O. as pure soul energy”

        They seem to have reached the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and now due to an utter lack of imagination and drive all that’s left for them to do is too jump off it like lemmings.

      • Exhibit 4,167 that the confidence and testosterone of the German people has been wrung out like a pliant dish towel

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