The Mutual Contempt Club

Marketing is psychology in a suit. It is the art of attraction through an elixer of content and cajoling. A tease of substance opens the door, and flattery gets you through it.

Here’s what I’m going to do for you, and you’re just brilliant enough to take me up on it.

This is on routine display in the branding of products and politics. Regarding the latter, democrats understand fully that monolithic black support is required for their election to anything much beyond county clerk. And so they nurture this cohort. They coax and flatter; they truckle and lick; they make unprincipled racial promises and are principled in keeping them. They never think once about an average 85 IQ as they lampoon the dumb, inbred, anti-science of their opposition. And disagreements are uniformly settled with: blacks always know best.

Corporations are much the same. Aspirational brands flatter their customer base, and congratulate them on their good taste. Clients who complain are held in the most solemn regard, with pledges to right any unfortunate misstep. Ridicule is strictly verboten until it may be lavished in private.

Imagine, if you are able, an approach much different. Imagine a brand such as Lexus utilizing a contrarian technique. One that instead mocked its most loyal customers when they pointed out the product line’s persistent shortcomings. One that made no offer of contrition, improvement, or even platitudes in observance of their concerns. But instead bitterly challenged its supporters with: What are you stupid shits going to do, buy a Chevy? It would be a breathtaking gambit, if so.

Well loyal mainstream conservatives, consider your breath taken. Because that’s how the GOP rolls.

Greetings, Donald Trump super fans. I am a member of the GOP establishment. I’m writing to tell you that, no matter how much you wish it otherwise, the Donald Trump candidacy is almost over.

I know that Trump fans reserve special scorn and disdain for people in my line of work—card-carrying members of the Republican establishment, that dreaded political consultant class that is so clearly to blame for Barack Obama’s presidency and all that is wrong with the Grand Old Party. It would be just so much easier to have The Donald as president without this messy election business. But Trump supporters need to wake up before they help elect another Clinton.

I’ll continue on, though any readers seeking brevity can stop here. Because that is the entire message: Our only promise is to not be Hillary Clinton. So vote us in and then fuck off.

This technique proceeds with stock derision of border concerns: What most of you seem to want–a mile-high wall made of solid steel with auto-firing laser turrets every six feet and mass deportation roundups of 13 million people.

Helpful illumination of ignorance: You don’t know and don’t care.

And hilariously witty puns: Don’t be the last clown out of the tent.

Though ill-will is entirely assuaged with the assurance that: It’s not because we hate you or look down on you. Well, as long as you say so.

His brief is punctuated by a ten-point plan to convince the wary. This also can be quickly summarized:

1) Not Hillary
2-4) Trump sucks
5) You’re in a cult
6) I’m the professional, not you
7-9) You’re idiots
10) Vote Republican

And that’s their final offer.

Even if elected, I would consider it serendipity if Trump carried through with a single campaign promise. But the GOP is emphatic that you realize one thing: they aren’t even promising. And the promise to do absolutely nothing for their constituents is the only one they ever keep.


11 thoughts on “The Mutual Contempt Club

  1. The GOP is full of assholes that hate America. I voted for Romney but not McCain against Obama, and I had my reasons, not least that Romney seemed a good man, and an obvious moderate, but at least an honest one. Voted for Chuck Baldwin over McCain b/c he was an insult to me, and was not a good man.

  2. Tell him he better emigrate to Israel, or freshen up his resume for the DNC, cuz the Republican Party is dead man walking. If the millions of voters he’s insulting stay home, by the next election there won’t be enough white people left to matter. Apparently what he falls to realize and what a large number of Americans do, is that there’s not a lick of difference between Hillary and Jeb. You can have a shit sandwich on white or a shit sandwich on a roll. Finally a lot of people aren’t playing the shell game.

  3. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination, I’m buying TWO Chevies, and painting them black. With rattle-can
    Besides, how can we really know the R-tards will honor their promise not to be Hillary? Is there some law preventing Jeb!? from tucking his junk, wearing a pantsuit, getting surgically-augmented cankles, and insisting all the haters address hir as Hyllari?

      • Probably not much…maybe corporate income tax rates, or whether illegals will get to vote before or after paying a fine…

      • Maybe who has had sex with more Mexican women.

        I think we can be sure neither of them has had sex with Bill Clinton in the last thirty years.

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  5. Amusingly this post was just cited in an article at Cuckservative Prime’s As you will be unsurprised to learn, it was treated in a manner barely distinguishable from Salon.

    The Kakistocracy readership being: “the type of people who wish we could engage in ethnic cleansing, but they still are gaining cache and have to be effectively addressed.”

    That is to say, “until we freedom-loving conservatives can bury our right flank in the desert of Aztlan we’ll just have to silence them as best we’re able.”

    Oh, and vote Republican!

    And as for ethnic cleansing….it’s strictly a matter of cleansee that raises the specter for ConCorp. They’re not disparaging the cleansing of California, you’ll notice. And it will likely be some time before Guadalajara (or Lahore) is whiter than Erick Erickson’s ass in the winter. So hopefully he can breathe easier at the poor prospects for our success.

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