The Misery of Faust

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is a man who he has lost his soul. No matter the success of his moonshot bid for the presidency, he knows a part of himself has been left behind in the pursuit. Like most who sacrifice their honor, he will rationalize its loss. Though the absence will gape wide as an old man tallies his life.

Though we’ll come back to that. First a question: are these lines coming together or moving apart?


That’s a matter of horizontal perspective. So are the trajectories of contemporary political movements, where convergence is often mistaken for convenience. And convenience–as in marriage of–is a fair description of modern American liberalism. A concept that, in reality, spans everything from The Nation to National Review. Though I’ll use the Democratic party as a proxy for these purposes.

By appearances, the left has assembled a coordinated political apparatus that has been fairly remorseless in crushing both its political and cultural opposition. All constituent parts spinning in a low viscosity environment toward effective dissolution of the western nation-state. There’s certainly something to offer everyone.

🚮 Wall Street and GloboCorp get frictionless international markets.
🚮 Non-white tribalists get a long position on gibs with a call option on hegemony.
🚮 Liberals receive absolution in pursuit of their religious mandate.
🚮 And conservatives get to keep taking saliva showers. But they’re not racist!

These appear to be congruent interests as they convene. Though the rueful view from hindsight will reveal a far different trend. As the demographically thin right flank of liberalism toils to eradicate the nation-state, its far more flush left half is working just as assiduously to replace it. They don’t want to end the western nation-state, they want to own it. They don’t give a damn about margins or cost of goods sold. Nor are they remotely intrigued by daydreams of a raceless global brotherhood. They are pursuing what men always have: power, territory, resources, and capitulation of their enemies. Rather than ascending into the clouds, their minds remain tethered firmly to Earth. And for the white liberal and business elite, here’s why that’s a problem.

A town hall for liberal activists featuring two Democratic presidential candidates was interrupted by dozens of demonstrators on Saturday who shouted down the contenders and demanded they address criminal justice issues and police brutality.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders planned to attend a public sit-down interview with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas in front of a left-leaning crowd here at the annual Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of progressives, when the tone of the program shifted just a few minutes into the event.

O’Malley was answering questions from Vargas on stage when dozens of boisterous conference attendees flooded through a side door and shouted down the White House contender.

“What side are you on my people?” they sang in unison as they approached.

Tia Oso of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, who represented the demonstrators, climbed onto the stage, secured a microphone, and delivered a speech while O’Malley looked on.

“We are going to hold this space. We are going to acknowledge the names of black women who have died in police custody. And Governor O’Malley, we do have questions for you … As the leader of this nation, will you advance a racial justice agenda that will dismantle — not reform, not make progress — but will begin to dismantle structural racism in the United States?”

“Yes,” O’Malley replied, but before he could say more, the demonstrators in front of the stage shouted over him by reciting names of black women who have died in police custody. While they shouted, O’Malley stood in silence. At one point he turned to Oso on stage: “My people came here as immigrants from Ireland.”

Below, dozens shouted several chants in unison.

“Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” they shouted toward O’Malley, and began a call-and-repeat rallying cry that activists have been using in the wake of the death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, who died in police custody last week. “If I die in police in custody!” one of the chants went, “Burn everything down! That’s the only way mother******* like you listen!”

Conference organizers begged them to allow O’Malley to respond.

“I think all of us as Americans have a responsibility to recognize the pain and the grief throughout our country from all of the lives that have been lost to violence, whether that’s violence at the hands at the police or whether that’s violence at the hands of civilians,” O’Malley said, before being interrupted again.

“Don’t generalize this s***!” one person shouted back.

O’Malley said he wanted to require police departments to report all police-involved shootings and brutality complaints and he called on departments to implement civilian review boards. He vowed to release a wide-ranging plan on criminal justice reform.

The demonstrators started shouting and booing again when O’Malley said: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

O’Malley later apologized for the remarks, telling This Week in Blackness, a digital news site, that he “meant no disrespect” to the black community.

“That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect,” O’Malley told the outlet. “I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.”

And when he stepped off stage, he chanted, “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! --The sound of a soul's dying wheeze

Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!
–The sound of a soul’s dying wheeze

Do these appear to you as aligned political components? We have an event openly moderated by an illegal alien featuring a white liberal groveling for black tribalists to accept retraction of his universalist sentiments. I’ll wager the protestors would be equally unmoved by a presentation of second quarter profits. For liberals, convergence will pass quickly to divergence.

Though that good news doesn’t imply there will be anyone here to applaud it. It is a grim mindset politicians like O’Malley are cultivating. Having elites concede that white lives do not matter matters a great deal. There is enormously heavy freight in that notion. And blacks will not fail to notice. Pathetically Martin O’Malley has a wife and four children. Do you imagine their faces flashed briefly before commencing his marionette cringe? I think of my own and don’t know how he managed to choke the words out. Some men are born to lick ass, and some have ass thrust upon them.

But beyond the bitter prostration, there’s something cosmically exquisite about a man appealing to a monolithic voting bloc that he himself has helped groom to foaming hostility against his own demographic. As purely speculation from a layman, the political gambit of Hate all whites except me! would seem overly fraught when applied to a people not renowned for peeling away the filaments of rhetorical nuance. Yet this is what the graying prog heads have cast upon their 1.3 children. Advancing liberalism requires always increasing tribute to the most tribal. And this little convulsion is only a glimpse of the claws to be unsheathed when the left’s menagerie sails past its intersection.

I do hope the melee will be a tolerant one.


13 thoughts on “The Misery of Faust

  1. I’m trying to imagine what Trump would have done, and can only narrow it down to “Shut up”, or “You are rude and uncivilized; your life doesn’t matter to anyone”, or “[off-mike] Security, get this bitch outta here”. Either way, he would gain 24 points overnight, and cause Mrs. O’Malley to ovulate two weeks early.

  2. Not a mention of this story on the Liberal sites. I don’t think they quite know what to do with it. Its obvious they can’t defend that kind of logic openly, some have rationalized as O’Malley has done that it was in the “context” of the situation. But pretty much radio silence on this while we focus our barbs on Trump. White liberals have chosen to align themselves with a certain demographic that isn’t reliable, which will slit their proverbial throats in the dark alley if they get the chance not knowing the difference between a “good” white and a “bad” one. In fact the various special interest groups that make up the Left in 2015 are like feral cats impossible to herd. Fascinating period in history to observe.

  3. Behind Hillary’s cold sneer the vice-presidential calculations are proceeding with robotic ruthlessness. O;Malley might have just the right combo of craven submission and whimpering obsequitude to win the ticket. Pray she doesn’t suffer a stroke during one of her rage outbursts.

  4. Some men are born to lick ass, and some have ass thrust upon them

    No man slings deadlier barbs.

    Porter, you are truly a Jonathan Swift for our times.

      • Roissy et al. are respectable as prose stylists. It’s simply that their subject matter is childish. And if anybody has to be that much of a try-hard to get a slut, that’s a sure indication that nature has ordered you out of the pool.

        Pleasurejew? Good one. You made me laugh.

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