As usual, modernity disgorges more to mock than what our plodding pen can track. Here’s a temporary teaser backlog.

Black hating black bigots searching for non-diverse Shangri-La.

Sleepless-till-we-get-more-Muslims in Seattle.

How can Somalis sleep when their beds are burning?

Anti-white is good, but anti-asian is bad. The affirmative action paradox.

Starbucks knows the only thing a Congolese bushman needs to be western is a mocha grande.

Precedent has been established. No symbols of hate on government property.

Boehner vows to destroy conservative opposition on immigration. He asks for your vote in 2016.

Militaristic Alzheimer does not ❤️ barking tycoon.

Hee-Hee-Ho-Ho, whitey gone away.

Whitey come back!

The worst thing about starving Greeks? Golden Dawn!

People Magazine’s most beautiful woman.

Any oversight of the FRB would be very very bad for “the interests of American families.”

Hate turns toward the rising sun.

Hillary tells racist La Raza to basta!

The European people want an end to open borders. How many divisions have they got?

A Cohen attacks the “dark soul.”


8 thoughts on “Trailers

  1. The first link is stuffed with chuckles. “Five great places for blacks to expat”, and they gush about the low crime rates in those countries — which co-in-ci-den-tal-ly have a low percentage of black residents. But the best suggestion is Dubai, where married tourists get lashed and delimbed for kissing in public. American blacks, who cannot follow the simplest rules of public etiquette, will just love it there. If they don’t get sold into slavery again.

    • I agree. The pristine absence of self awareness should be its own exhibit in the Smithsonian. And where are the selections in Africa? Only the shaman knows.

      • If we had a sensible, Fair-Trade, Zero-Sum immigration policy, it would be more like an Exchange Student program: For every thousand immigrant candidates from another country, that same country must accept (and recruit?) a thousand emigrants from here. If it didn’t prevent us being flooded with Somalian detritus, it would at least guarantee a matching export of domestic De’trytuses.
        Anyway, a system like that could facilitate a bulk trade of Boers and Afrikaners, for American Mandelistas. Should be win-win for everyone, right? The whites should want to GTFO of ZA, and our blacks should love living in the Ultimate Fuck Whitey-opia. With the wealth they’ve accumulated here, they’d live like kings over there. They could probably finance a coup d’etat with their collective pairs of Air Lebrons and 20-inch rims.

      • I had to laugh about your claim that American blacks are could live like kings in South Africa. However you’re right.

  2. “Five great places for blacks to expat”, and they gush about the low crime rates in those countries — which co-in-ci-den-tal-ly have a low percentage of black residents.

    Good point. There are about 50 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, plus another dozen and a half with black majorities in the Americas. Why didn’t any of them make the top 5?

    And there are many spectacularly situated cities in the Greater African World ™ to choose from. So why not Cape Town? Or Rio? Montego Bay? Nassau? Cause they’re too damn black, that’s why.

  3. You really have to wonder if any of these “journalists” actually read anything they’re writing, let alone believe it…a couple of LOL moments included in the 5 places for American blacks to live. The laundry list of black victims of mistreatments by whites, contains not 1 single person who actually had a job, let alone was a “professional” of any kind, unless drug dealing counts as a “profession”. Of course the unspoken problem is the need for actual money before being able to relocate, let alone some skill set required by these wonderful open minded, diverse destinations; and the sad fact that blacks generally possess neither. Needless to say I’d be interested to see what the opinion of the prospective host countries would be to a large influx of Negros. 1 breath of fresh air was the comment section below the article, that had a number of “hate facts” posted concerning black behavior.

  4. Say what you like about blacks, I don’t think there ever existed one stupid enough to stand up at a Klan meeting and boast that whites are moving in and taking over his neighbourhood, the way that mayor of Kansas City is talking to La Raza.

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