The Past Is Always Changing

But the present is monolithic. As readers here will recall, we believe a people’s past is critical to anchor its present and guide its future. A people who lose control of the former soon find the latter in grave jeopardy. Allow me to define what you were, and soon enough your children will be carrying mine in sedan chairs.

Consider the fact that in living memory America was a thriving 90% white ethno-state while the geography of present day Israel was a fractious majority-Arab scrum. Today postbellum America has always been a constitutionally mandated beacon of multiculturalism standing firm against “white privilege;” while Israel has always been the sacred Jewish homeland. Eventually the past comes in line with the present. And given what the present is evolving toward, the past is going to have many new ideas.

Canada is no exception. The linked story is interesting in that native ‘Canadians’ (those being the Canadians we all think of with pronounced epicanthic folds) are growing incensed about the influx of ‘foreigners’ (it’s quite difficult to write these pieces sans mockery quotes) and the effects upon a now largely unaffordable Vancouver housing market.

After years of watching Vancouver housing prices climb, driven in part by Chinese investment, Eveline Xia came to a painful realization: Despite having a Master’s degree and solid career prospects, she might never be able to afford a home in the city where she grew up.

That didn’t seem right, and so the 29-year-old grabbed a marking pen, hand lettered a sign listing her credentials, snapped a selfie, and posted it to Twitter under the hashtag #DontHave1million.

The tweet went viral, and hundreds of other young Vancouver residents soon began expressing their own frustrations in tweets about the red hot housing market – and the feverish foreign investment they believe has fueled it.

“Average, hardworking Canadian residents are being forced to compete for housing with the global wealthy,” said Xia, who immigrated to Canada from China as child. “People here are getting angry.”

Isn’t it interesting the fluidity of these terms? Let’s review the progression of “average hardworking Canadians.”

Average hardworking legacy Canadians (bad)

Average hardworking legacy Canadians (bad)

Average hardworking new Canadian (good)

Average hardworking new Canadians (good)

We’ve also developed a compilation image of both legacy and new Chinese so that readers may contrast the ongoing demographic evolution of the two countries. See below.


I have a suspicion that the past is going to be much more stable in China than Canada. It may even come to the point where old George Vancouver himself no longer resonates a mystic chord within the souls of his city’s occupants. Though there is absolutely no reason we can imagine why that might be and so…hey wait, where are they taking that statue?

Not the only George whose past will darken

Not the only George whose past has a bleak future

Though let’s return to something a bit more solid, Vancouver’s here and now.

That anger has contributed to a simmering xenophobia in Vancouver, a multicultural coastal city long known for its inclusiveness. With virtually no official data on foreign buyers available, many of those squeezed out of the market are left to believe the worst.

That has residents like Xia pressing the government to track international buyers, scrutinize the source of their funds and tax property speculation, before the anti-Chinese sentiment gets out of hand.

Vancouver is presently 40% Asian, projected to be 50% in 15 years. We don’t want the anti-Chinese sentiment to “get out of hand” until its full colonization is a fait accompli. And then it won’t really matter so much. There’s always a proper way to deal with xenophobia.

Last summer, a small anti-immigration group covered up Chinese symbols on real estate signs in the affluent suburb of West Vancouver with stickers reading “Please Respect Canada’s Official Languages.”

And police are investigating incidents on neighboring Vancouver Island, where anti-Chinese pamphlets appeared in affluent neighborhoods and signs for Chinese real estate agents were defaced with racial epithets and messages like “Go home” and “Not welcome”.

A recent poll found that two-thirds of metropolitan Vancouver residents believe “foreigners investing” is a main cause of high housing costs, and 70 percent said the government should work to improve affordability.

I don’t think these daft local rubes understand the purpose of modern western governments. Hint: it’s not to help you afford a house. Well, not for people who look like those red-coated fascist equestrians at least.

But thankfully taxpayer resources are being well deployed in police investigations of pamphlets. If not quickly apprehended it’s difficult to say how many shoes they might stick to the bottom of. Because xenophobia is the real crime here, not industrial population replacement, which is as natural as a rainbow grizzly bear.

Just imagine you’re a Chinese guy who decides to live in Canada: whose choice is it but yours? Anyway, how the hell are you supposed to know what you’re looking at if everything is written in English gibberish? That’s why we…ummm…Canadians need to have signs in Chinese. Otherwise the place feels like a foreign country. Then add the bigotry of “Please respect our language” and it’s like being shoved into a gas chamber. Finally, who’s this statue of a round-eye supposed to be? Doesn’t look like any of the Vancouverites in my neighborhood.

But not everyone is convinced that Chinese money is primarily responsible for the rise in housing prices, noting that it has also been fueled by interest rates that are near record lows and a tight supply of detached houses.

“The reason why we’re seeing this racialized narrative is people are looking for a scapegoat,” said Victor Wong, the Toronto-based executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council.

“It’s infected the population,” he added. “People have bought into this narrative that there’s a flood of foreign money into the market when there’s just no evidence beyond a few anecdotes.”

Mr. Wong has put his sedge hat right on the issue. People see millions of Chinese swarming their city along with seven figure median house prices and they just start leaping to wild assumptions. It’s another example of western racial scapegoating. It reminds me of the many American neighborhoods that have been turned into filthy barrios over the last generation. And who got blamed for that? Mexicans. It’s just sad.

But even those who benefit from the housing boom have mixed feelings. At a recent open house in Vancouver, real estate agent Fatemeh Nouripour watched group after group of prospective buyers, most of whom appeared to be from mainland China, trudge through a fixer-upper listed for C$1.58 million.

“As an agent, I want to sell to whoever will pay the most,” Nouripour said. “But I’m also a mother. My daughter has a Master’s degree, she works hard and pays taxes, and she can’t afford to buy because foreigners are parking their money here. How fair is that?”

And isn’t that the rub Fatemah Nouripour? You want to maximize income, but foreigners are colonizing your city. What’s a hardworking Canadian to do?


23 thoughts on “The Past Is Always Changing

  1. When scrolling by that pic of George Vancouver’s statue I was half-expecting to see “Yellow Lives Matter” scrawled across the plinth. Dodged that bullet … for now.

    That article states that the median price for a residential property in Vancouver is $1.1 million, and a mind-boggling $2.1 million for a detached house. So the already-established have made out like bandits from this influx of immigrants and big Asian money. As for the up-and-coming generation, well they’re just going to have to move further east if they ever want to be able to afford a house and raise a family. Like to Saskatchewan.

    I recently watched a documentary about the gangs of Vancouver, and they differ from any other gangs I’ve ever heard of in three main respects:

    1) They’re multicultural. Rather than ethnic gangs — which seem to be the norm everywhere else — the rival groups are a mishmash of whites, Chinese and Indians (dot and feather). So when liberals want to tout the otherwise non-existent benefits of multiculturalism, they can point to the we-are-the-world ethos of murderous Vancouver gangs like the United Nations and Red Scorpions as shining examples of multiracial cooperation.

    2) They don’t fight over turf. Many rival gangsters live in the same neighbourhoods, usually in the suburbs rather than the city itself, another anomaly compared with other cities. Instead, they fight over ‘dial-a-dope lines’, drug trafficking operations conducted over the phone rather than on the street. Now with free delivery!

    3) They’re not poor. Not only are they not hoodrats from the ghetto, but many if not most of them grew up in multi-million dollar homes in the Vancouver suburbs. I guess being a gun-toting, drug-dealing gangbanger has a certain cachet of coolness that being a doctor, lawyer or stockbroker doesn’t (except for minor trifles like the virtual certitude of long prison terms and/or early death).

    So the transformation of Hongcouver is complete. From a staunchly British outpost of Empire, clean, green and peaceful in one of the world’s most beautiful settings, to an overcrowded, unaffordable, high-crime hellhole full of multiracial rich kids killing each other over dial-a-doobie hotlines. Thanks for that, Canadian government.

  2. signs for Chinese real estate agents were defaced with racial epithets and messages like “Go home” and “Not welcome”.

    “Hey Jinhai, whatcha doin?”

  3. The problem with Canada is that it’s full of Canadians!

    I’m reminded of a line from Braveheart where Edward The Longshanks ponders the question of the pesky Canadians and muses aloud “If we can’t drive them out, we’ll breed them out”.

  4. Here in Southern Ontario the situation is just as appalling, it’s like living in an echo chamber where the deafening cacophony of ethno-masochism overrides any other thought. Toronto is a veritable bizarro land of endless traffic jams and ethnic enclaves. If all other factors remain constant (economy, state of the biosphere, climate) including the half million or so “new” Canadians added each year, it is easy to envision a future timeline in a couple of generations in which legacy Canadians are a vanishing minority, replaced and interbred out of existence.

    Tomorrow’s gonna be a real good day!

  5. “Allow me to define what you were, and soon enough your children will be carrying mine in sedan chairs.”
    Fair enough, but everybody who could get away with it, did it once and again in the past. The English were consumated masters, eg against welsh and scots, black legend, anti german propaganda, etc. Now the tide has changed and being on the receiving end is not enjoyable. Ultimately is a matter of power so pretending to hold the moral high ground is childish. (Re)act or die.

    • Your moral high-ground sensor is malfunctioning.

      Though less succinctly: every advocate believes their position is just, so there’s little to add in remarking on it. But I’ll remark anyway. Although moral summiteering wasn’t the point of this piece or the passage you cited, it’s foolish to disregard the consequences. While utterly malign in intention and effect, the left has harnessed innate western moral impulses with remarkable success. I would not have thought it possible to convince a people that their own dissolution was the right thing to do. Yet here we are.

      A great many actually need to feel that holding their nose above the water line is morally justified. Fulfilling that need is hardly the worst a person can do.

      • I did not have you in mind when posting. Rather people like Anne Coulter now outraged about the mexican reconquista but a few months back celebrating the carpet bombing of German civilians during WWII. Or Derbyshire now in panic asking for an “ice people” alliance, but before goading on singing anti irish songs with a rabbi. Or the southerners now complaining about the flag, but always being the first enlisting to far away lands to kill the enemies of the self chosen.
        Who they think they are?

    • I was about to send you that link, making the same point you made. Note that they give CCTV pictures of the attackers (probably supplied by the police), even though in most such cases they make it as hard as possible to even guess what race they were.

  6. Forgive me if I’m not as moved to exasperation by this story as most of your others, Porter. Chinese? Sure, better not to have them around, but still . . . that’s sort of an upscale ethno-conflict to have. I wish all we had to worry about in our U.S. cities was Chinese out-achieving us.

    • ICR, I’ve tended to personally like the Japanese and Chinese people I’ve met and almost uniformely wish them well. Though not in the endeavor of colonizing our cities or diminishing our national sovereignty, both of which they are as perfectly capable of doing politely as Amerinds and Africans are sullenly.

      It reminds me quite a bit of an ancient running joke between friends based on this SNL skit. Chinese colonization equals sleeping sewer rats. Better than wide awake ones admittedly, though still not ideal.

    • If you’re not exasperated by the plight of corn-fed Canadians like Fatemeh Nouripour and Conniechung Xia, you might not have a soul.
      And when they’ve emigrated to your corner of the country by the millions, it’s not they who are “had around”, but you.

    • When a group reaches 40 per cent of the population of a city within a few decades, that’s outright race replacement. And in that case, it doesn’t really matter who inhabits our cities after we’re gone. I can’t understand people saying things like they’d rather America be taken over by Hispanics than blacks, or by Chinese rather than Muslims. If whites are wiped out in their own lands, it’s all the same whether they’re replaced by Chinese or mestizos or coyotes..

      • I second that. It’s about preserving yourself, one logical opposite of that being supplanting yourself, by whomever. I don’t understand the logic of missing that point, except by some extruded desperation like “well race X might treat us better, keep us as pets.” In a back-against-the-wall sort of way that might make sense, but it’s not the argument at hand in the first place. The prime argument is how do we keep what we have, not how do we lose it with the least bad odds.

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