A Few Good Men

Let’s start with some name association. I have a list of 153 individuals. Though that’s too many to type. So as to not be discriminatory, I’ll just submit the last 50 entries with no sampling for effect. As you read, attempt to guess what this listing represents:

Reynaldo Zuniga
Rodolfo Zuniga
John Yanez-Camacho
David Wolkiewicz
Cory Whitfield
John Weaver
Kirk Washington
Ramiro Villarreal
Fidel Villarreal
Raul Villarreal
Rafael Velazquez
Jesus Velasco Esparza
Luis Carlos Vasquez
Alonso Vasquez
Christopher Vanzandt
Dario Tomas
Ernesto Tellez
Hopeland Staples
Rudy Soliz
Fabian Solis
Nora Reyes
Thomas Silva
Juan Sanchez
Devon Samuels
Manuel Salazar
Rizwan Saeed
Salomon Ruiz
Andrew Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez
Marian Riley
Jorge Reyeros
John Rendzia
Luis Ramirez
Harlan Peterson
Eligio Perez
Manuel Pena
Hakan Ozcelik
Oscar Ortiz-Martinez
Oscar Ortiz
Jason O’Neal
Jose Olivas
Jose Ochoa
Alex Moses
Elizabeth Toala
Cindy Moran-Sanchez
Leonel Morales
Jose Montano
Ricardo Montalvo
Merlin Mireles
Amy Miller

That last one is most suspicious, though what are we reading here? The member rolls of Riverside County’s MS-13 chapter? A roster of the Bush family reunion? No actually these are the All-American sentinels who protect our borders from unauthorized entry…by Central Americans. And though you may be dumbfounded to imagine, there is apparently a problem of corruption within the corps.

All of those listed above have been convicted of various crimes, most relating to abuse of position. I do not know if the demographics of agency corruption correspond to their percentage within the service generally. Though just seeing the name Jason O’ Neal makes me cringe at the ludicrous proposition of dispatching paddy proxies to guard our own border. Is this another job we won’t do, or just being criminal while employed as such? I don’t know. But not only are legacy Americans failing their criminal responsibility as border guards, but also in society as a whole. It’s quite a damning indictment that America now relies on foreign nationals to commit a full 37% of federal crimes. Illegal aliens built our criminal underworld; WE OWE THEM.

Though the more this situation is pondered, the more questions percolate from its penumbras. For instance, how prevalent is this practice of racial/ethnic outsourcing of national security? Apparently it is quite wide throughout the enlightened west, since we know migrants are homogenized when crossing our borders, and thus become simply “Americans” or “British” upon doing so. Though this human alchemy is apparently not universal, as I did not become “Chinese” upon last entering Peking. And not from a failure to try, I’ll add.

So given that people stay who they were upon crossing other national borders, I wonder how serious foreign governments are in staffing their portals with personnel who have a vested interest in maintaining their country’s composition. I do not know the answer, but would be fascinated to learn how many Israeli border guards and agents are named Haaziq, Aaqib, and Hamdan. One would think a great many, given that country’s significant Arab population combined with the sound and principled advice of jews on multiculturalism. Though I’ll leave the matter open until receiving definitive guidance.

But before we all rush to San Ysidro lavishing gratitude on Hakan, Rizwan, and Hector for their assiduous stewardship of our national sovereignty, I had one more question: just what were these centurions doing to get nabbed? Here’s the list of offenses in descending order of prevalence:

Drug trafficking
Human smuggling
False statement
Unlawful/unauthorized use of computer
Aiding and abetting
Document fraud
Money laundering
Unauthorized use of property/theft
False statement to federal agent
Harboring and transporting illegal immigrants
Conspiracy to smuggle illegal immigrants
Wire fraud
Theft of government funds
Filing false tax return
Possession of gun in drug-related crime
Workers’ compensation fraud
Acceptance of gratuity by public official
False writing
Encouraging illegal immigrant to stay in U.S.

Encouraging illegal immigrants to stay in the US is against the law. So when does the paddy wagon roll up in front of the White House? My God, this is a criminal pandemic. Jeh Johnson of the DHS is obligated to arrest every single democrat in the country, along with the chamber of commerce, and himself. The entire party, the whole liberal movement, is an organized crime ring. I’m almost giddy awaiting the mass RICO prosecutions. What a day! Take care, I’m going to frolic in the sunshine.


9 thoughts on “A Few Good Men

  1. Truthfully, most of these jobs are on the border, where the population is heavily Hispanic. There’s a lot of fine Hispanic members of the Border Patrol. Unfortunately, it’s a demoralizing “catch and release” policy from up on high.

    • MR I don’t disagree, though acknowledging that there are many fine people from all groups in varied occupations is somewhat of a tautology. It’s true, but not particularly informative.

      You are plainly correct that policy is crippling the effort, but more fundamentally there is also a strategic flaw in Trojans assigning Greeks to guard the gates.

  2. The biggest mistake the White man makes is to project his own values on to non-Whites. Corruption and morality are social constructs.

  3. One of those “Am I being detained Am I free to go” youtube heroes was stopped at the Temecula CA checkpoint (70 miles north of the border), was getting nowhere with Agent Joe, who had to summon his Supervisor Jose. His struggle to speekee de Eengee was kinda funny, but the aforementioned hero lost points in my book for not demanding to see the supervisor’s green card.

    • I fear many of those intrepid youtube heros believe a disintegrating scrap of paper in the national archives is going to stay Sgt. Ortega from mounting their “free to go” head on a traffic light when mestizos achieve regional hegemony.

      • People have great faith in these scraps of paper that give them goose bumps when they quote them. I suppose every long-forgotten tribe clutched desperately to some talisman or other that they thought would miraculously save them from extinction, as they heard their enemies coming over the hill to slaughter them.

  4. Q: Who is the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
    A: Sarah Saldaña.
    Q: Who is the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services?
    A: Leon Rodriguez.

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