Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Real Good Day!

The blog backlog has grown moldy and requires a fumigation post. Unfortunately time relinquishes little today. So for just a whiff of potpourri…

Highway to the dangerzone
For no particular reason, I have been reading some articles on the new American F-35 Joint Strike Fighter warplane and how it compares to the also new Russian TA-50. See here, here, and here. The answer is: not well.

The sustained turning performance of the F-35A Lightning II was recently disclosed as 4.95 G at Mach 0.8 and 15,000 ft. A 1969 F-4E Phantom II could sustain 5.5 Gs at 0.8 Mach with 40 percent internal fuel at 20,000 feet. The F-35 is also much slower than the 1960s F-4E or F-105D. So the F-35A’s aerodynamic performance is ‘retrograde’ when compared with 1960s legacy fighters. The consequence of such inferior JSF performance is that its DAS might detect an incoming missile, but the aircraft lacks the turn-rate to out-fly it. As the F-35 also lacks the performance to engage or escape, repeated ‘freebie’ shots from the PAK-FA could inflict high losses. Expect the exchange rate to be of the order of 4:1 in favour of the PAK-FA, possibly much higher.

I’m uncertain if “exchange rate” in this context refers to shots-on-target or kills. Though as pure layman’s speculation, I presume correlation between the two is very high. So the US and its feudal serf states are now trammeled above the horizon with jets that feature sub 1960s flight performance. We’re not just progressing demographically.

Though the cause of this performance devolution is more bureaucratic than genetic at this stage. The first link provides a fascinating exposition of how a recipe is fouled by the inputs of a million cooks. Essentially congress refused to fund discrete platforms for every mission parameter, thus forcing military chiefs to coalesce around a single frame that could, with some modular variations, accomodate every mission. Though the end result is that the “must have” features demanded by each faction incrementally festooned the aircraft with disasterous bulk and performance compromises. By far the biggest culprit cited was the Marine Corps’ requirement that the aircraft feature vertical take-off capability. The cumulative result being an object with flight characteristics similar to a helium balloon.

And that isn’t the punchline. According to the articles (and subject to variations in order quantity), the 5th generation Russian fighter cost $20 billion for development. The pricetag on the US F-35?

One trillion. There’s no way we’ll be invaded now.


The Irrational Bigotry of Computer Algorithms
As made apparent through its obligatory state of hysteria, liberalism represents the long losing battle of ought vs. is. And while I am sanguine about its ultimate demise, I am much less so on the question of whether we will predecease it. Though in the interim, it certainly faces some amusing quarrels. The plague of CPU racism. Take down software as a symbol of Hate!

Mountain View, Calif. (CBS SACRAMENTO) — Google was forced to apologize after its Photos program identified two black users as “gorillas.”

Jacky Alcine, 21, of Brooklyn checked his Google Photos account Sunday and found that the program had automatically generated and labeled a folder titled “Gorillas” for a photo of himself and a friend taken in 2013, Yahoo Tech reports.

The Google Photos image recognition software is intended to identify a photo and automatically file photos into groups with similar images – a photo of a tree would automatically be placed in a folder filled with other photos of trees.
But the software showed a glitch Sunday, prompting Google to apologize for placing the black friends into an automatically generated “gorillas” folder.

Listen to me very carefully HAL, black-skinned prognathic Africans do not look like gorillas. That is racist.

What is racist?

The irrational hate-filled belief that we are not all the same, except for whites who are worse.

I can’t be irrational or full of hate; I’m a computer.


If it doesn’t kill or enslave us, artificial intelligence is going to be very amusing.


The Twilight Zone clairvoyance
There was a famous 1961 episode of the Twight Zone entitled It’s a Good Life about a little boy in small town America who is solipsistic, psychopathic…and omnipotent. He mutilates, kills, or disappears any who vex him. And he is able to read minds. Those who think poorly of his prior atrocities are themselves turned into grotesqueries or executed by any manner of imaginative whims. As a result the horrified townspeople (including his own family) attempt to go about their lives in a falsely optimistic zombie state. Everything is good. It’s good that he does those things…real good. In one segment, the boy maliciously destroys all of his father’s crops and livestock. After a brief shadow of fury, the man’s features flatten into an etched smile. “That’s good you did that son. Real good. And tomorrow’s…tomorrow’s gonna be a real good day!”

Perhaps you will detect some similarity in recent remarks by Vice President Biden.

By 2017, those of us of European stock will be an absolute minority in the United States of America,” Biden said at a State Department luncheon for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. According to pool reports, Biden added that that’s “not a bad thing, that’s a good thing” because it means the country is becoming more diverse.

You wouldn’t believe the diversity in Angola. But it’s good we are being dispossessed in our own country.

Real good.

And tomorrow? Tommorrow’s gonna be a real good day!


28 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Real Good Day!

  1. Who’s yer daddy?(!) Shouldn’t google shareholders have some of their wealth confiscated over this incident?

  2. The greatest tragedy of it is that Biden, Blair and the rest of them will probably have died of natural causes by the time the day of reckoning comes. Maybe they could be cryonically preserved, to be resurrected and given the sort of death that’s due to them when the time is right.

    • Doesnt the Trump rejection by republicans just reek of a “position-shifting” event – to move both the Republican Party – and its waning loyal constituency, ever-so-slightly more to the left? We’ve seen these media-driven events before, esp. regarding the illegal alien issues.

      • I think the Republicans are determined to execute a graceful pivot from being an implicitly white to hispanic party. Plainly Trump’s rhetoric defecates all over this plan.

        If he remains tight in popular contention, I see a real possibility of the party, spearheaded by JEB, to overcorrect out of pique and desperation and actually come out semi-openly as a La Raza revanchist movement.

        If they do this at just the wrong moment, whites will abandon them by the millions before skeptical mestizos can be coaxed into the breach. And there the party will cease.

    • Until 2011, only a hundred-odd people were given Irish citizenship each year. Then we got a new Minister for Justice and Defence, who was soon minting over 20 000 new “Irish citizens” per year. He also started granting a visa to any non-EU “migrant entrepreneur” who had a “viable proposal” for a business start-up and €50 000 to invest. Despite the massive scope for immigration fraud this offers, only a handful of people have managed to get a visa this way, so I suspect some decent civil servants are thwarting Shatter’s efforts to flood the country with Third World “businessmen” and their families.

      I’d say the citizenship business is mostly a matter of granting new status to foreigners who were going to be staying in the country anyway. The well-publicised citizenship ceremonies are just a matter of rubbing people’s noses in the spectacle of their country’s destruction.

  3. So we know whom The Thing is supporting in 2016.

    A trio of pro-Hillary Clinton groups raised more than $24 million in the first half of the year, including $2 million each from billionaires George Soros and Haim Saban, POLITICO has learned.

  4. Support growing for states to ignore federal courts.

    That’s a nice idea since no state voluntarily relinquished the whole of its sovereignty in ratifying the constitution. Unfortunately the supremacy clause makes clear the constitution supersedes any conflicting state initiatives. And what does the constitution have to say on the issues of homosex marriage and abortion, for instance? Obviously it says right there in black and white that states may not prohibit either. The end, bigots.

    And because the constitution is supreme and says whatever five liberals say it says, then states may not ignore those things that it didn’t say yesterday but is plainly saying today. Tomorrow it will say newer things still–and those also must be obeyed.

    The lesson being, the constitution is a suicide pact.

    • The legalization of cannabis always carried the possibility of fracture, a by-product of harnessing the focused concern of a critical mass of population. Now both the banks and the feds, if that isn’t too redundant, have a challenge.

      Maybe water rights will be next.

  5. Israel wants border fence discernible from Andromeda.

    The Netanyahu government worries that African immigrants and armed jihadi infiltrators might try to reach Israel via Jordan after the Egyptian Sinai border was fenced off with a 5 metre (16 foot)-high razor-wire barrier in 2013.

    A fence along the Jordan frontier would leave Israel surrounded by a steel and concrete ring.

    So much for vaunted intellects. We are well advised by American jews that such boundary contrivances are both ineffective and xenophobic. I guess the joke is on Netanyahu.

  6. The Gayvolution.

    1995: We don’t want marriage, just civil unions.

    2005: Our marriage won’t affect your rights.

    2014: Bake me a cake, or else.

    2015: Your opinion against same sex marriage is illegal.

    Of course it doesn’t require a florid imagination to predict when the cross will succumb as a Symbol of Hate. This is why Presbyterians and Episcopalians are lunging into the arc of the curve. They are institutions valiantly trying to keep God in man’s good graces.

  7. “If they do this at just the wrong moment, whites will abandon them by the millions before skeptical mestizos can be coaxed into the breach. And there the party will cease.”

    Conservative and moderate whites who lean conservative will still be voting Republican in 2016. Trump is merely a sideshow. #TheNewKardashian

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