Sharing the Trough

Like the returning Swallows of Capistrano, some events can be easily predicted. We all understand the mechanics of the “civil rights” apparatus. And thus there is little suspense in what is forthcoming from its newest homosex operators. The recent Supreme Court decision has made accessible a Ghawar Field of bigotry that will soon be mined for maximum resource extraction. If any hetero-male readers have previously harbored even the slightest ambivalence about their anal cavity hosting foreign engorgements…well, your Hate is going to cost you. “I’m not homophobic!” is about to peal from the throats of millions soon straining to keep their mores, and employment, in sufficient proximity to the nimble Mr. Overton. There are few institutions in America more powerful than “racist.” Its rainbow sibling is now being quickly erected.

A phenomenon just as predictable, though still farther afield, is the obligatory pique and spite now quietly accumulating among our imported helots. I see two very prominent vectors for its eventual manifestation. On the bell curve’s left slope are millions of mestizos and their multitudinous offspring who will be coached to embittered vexation by those specialists in discord. We’ll hear a litany of woe so relentless, not even intravenous tequila will deaden its onslaught.

My father was brought here by lazy Anglos who wouldn’t do their own work and paid him only a nickel/week to pick lettuce in 137 degree heat for 19 hours/day. All the while they sat on the veranda sipping juleps and calling him Jesus (his name is Jose!). Without latinos you’d be eating saladbowls of crabgrass. You are lazy and our people built this country. YOU OWE US.

And with tedious synchronicity, the same exercise in fleecing white gulls will take place on the curve’s opposite slope. There a sizable cohort of hindu subcons will have fully reconnoitered the gibsusdat landscape (a geographic feature unique to western civilization) and selected their own lucrative LZ.

My father came to this country to help Americans who couldn’t even code an Atari on their own. He and other Indians developed the Internet, put men on the moon, and created a third generation Netflix algorithm for “movies you might like.” Despite these enormous accomplishments, he was paid only 60 paise to the rupee, compared to the incompetent American whose position he assumed after it was vacated in shame. Without Indians you wouldn’t know a MAC address from a subnet. You are dumb and our people built this country. YOU OWE US.

I do not pleasantly anticipate this choreographed flimflam. Though, perhaps surprisingly, there is an element of it I do. And that is knowing the you owe us platform is going to become awkwardly cramped. Consider the wildly disparate elements of the left’s Rube Goldberg political machine.

Billionaire globalists
Barely employed white baristas

That an individual can feed themselves and still believe this riot of competing tribal interests represents a coherent coalition is a remarkable overachievement. Of course I realize it is presently coherent to the extent these factions share a unifying goal. But devouring someone else’s civilizational capital is a dish best served solitary. And so far the ratio of trough to swine has been ample enough as to provide each diner with lavish private accommodations. Don’t push, we have plenty of country for each of you…and the credulity to relinquish it all.

Unfortunately for porcine comity, this situation is evaporating rapidly. Conflict is the result everywhere these parts contact without milky lubrication. I have written previously on several examples, with another amusing entry today.

Chicago’s 47th annual gay pride parade was disrupted several times by the usual city disruptions — gang activity, gunshots, and drunks — but…there was an even larger interruption by “black lives matter” protesters.

…by far the biggest disruption was from a large group of “black lives matter” protesters. The group was joined by members of the black queer community of Chicago who announced the disruption on their website.

After noting that they had “purposefully disrupted the Chicago Pride Parade,” the queer group explained their reasoning.

“We do so,” the group said, “because our people are dying at the hands of police, military and state-funded militias around the globe. We do so because we refuse to be tokenized by the same corporations that sponsor state violence, refuse a living wage and profit off our poverty. We do so because young queer people need a better outlet to celebrate themselves than a mire of consumption and sexual violence.”

The queer group was also attacked by the “black lives matter” protesters who held signs and walked as a group to push their own message.

Though unsure if the combatants have been accurately catalogued, if I understand: a white homosex group was attacked by a black homosex group, who was themselves attacked by a hetero African supremacist group, all while black and brown gangs provide the percussion of gunfire across the periphery. #LoveWins!

If such an entity existed, a ruthless traditionalist movement would seek to funnel the feuding components of their opposition into the tightest possible quarters. Provide an “integrated society” in spades and note how the appetite for diversity wanes with snouts in the same space.

Section 8 Haitians in the Technology CEO Council compounds
Somali muslims encircling every synagogue
A Folsom Street fair in black churches
Black panthers patrolling gay promenades
H1Bs with MS-13
Muslims and Mestizos
Asians in the ghettos

But is that constitutional!?

I don’t know conservatives. But the pride parades are going to be hilarious.


11 thoughts on “Sharing the Trough

  1. “I’m not homophobic!” is about to peal from the throats of millions soon straining to keep their mores, and employment
    They’re in for a big surprise. Yelling will not long be acceptable proof.

    • hope must be accompanied with the courage and determination to arm yourself; be prepared to defend your faith with all means necessary. there is no hope but being a victim without them. Jesus brings not peace, but the sword: PICK IT UP!

  2. “Unfortunately for porcine comity, this situation is evaporating rapidly”

    I don’t know about that. There is a lot of ruin in a nation and no greater enforcement of unity than a common object of hate. These scuffles seem to be more of a pissing contest to see who can claim to hate the white man the most. I could see this motley coalition hanging together long enough to ride a minority population of Legacy Americans right down into the dust. Even after white America is effectively gone, the litany of their crimes can still form the basis of a disparate nation’s animating purpose, the way the media culture still beats on the corpse of the 1950’s even though it stopped breathing by 1973 or so.

    Therefore while we should celebrate dissension among the enemies of civilization, Legacy America is going to have to wake up and fight for itself. Keep ringing that bell, Porter.

    • The anti-white animus isn’t going to disappear when whites no longer have any political power to speak of; but, as Porter suggests, the coalition constituents’ unity tends to fall apart as they endure proximity to each other. Look at blacks and Mestizos in Los Angeles. Their common hatred of whites hasn’t kept them from coming into combative physical contact amid territorial skirmishes.

    • That is the problem. When you build the greatest civilisation the world has ever known, it can endure the depredations of its enemies and parasites for a long time. But one can only hope that there is enough greed and mutual loathing among them to make their plan of destroying us a bit more difficult.

  3. I have mixed feelings about the immigrants in my area. I of course would prefer to see them removed the hell out of my vicinity, but at the same time I occasionally marvel at such comparatively unspoiled people. These Mexicans have actual families, with masculine fathers, feminine mothers, and impressive quantities of kids. They have social capital in spades and support each other’s ventures on a basis of an ethnic solidarity. It makes me ashamed to see so many self-loathing toilet bowl lickers among my own people, who have mostly earned their trendy lodgings in history’s garbage dump.

  4. Mestizos generally hate blacks guts… many formerly black ghettos in L.A., were overrun by Mexicans and are now no go zones at your own risk for blacks. The real question that will need to be answered is, after the whites are gone, who provides all the free Shit they’ve been living off of?

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