Symbols Clashing

I was reflecting on the day-to-day treachery of the republican party and its stampede into our cultural latrine to defecate on the symbols of white southerners. These being the same constituents without whom the party’s senate majority would dissolve to approximately 30-70. So coming from republicans, the sentiment of “thank you” has some odd spellings. These typically taking the form of $$$$$!, Toda Raba!, Gracias! or the earthier Nigga please.

Though for South Carolinians to be lectured by a governor Nimrata Randhawa on the symbols of their heritage is an indignity no people should have to bear. Because most westerners are constitutionally capable of producing only a cheap, ersatz solipsism, we do not appreciate the high-grade variant on routine display from others. For a paleface to arrive in the state of Punjab and explain to locals why the festival of Holla Mohalla should be denounced as glorifying death and xenophobia is an act even beyond the capacity of most SJWs. Yet the Indian governor manages to execute an analogous maneuver without even a trace self-consciousness. Here’s what the confederate battle flag means. Take it from a native southerner. Though this obviously won’t cause any sheepishness in plying them for votes. As Jay Fivekiller quiped, it’s always Please to be voting Republican. Thank you please vote again.

Symbols are important, and flags are some of the most recognizeable. They are markers of culture and kin…blood and soil. They are not indications of tolerance or inclusivity, but rather logos of exclusive membership. And contrary to infantile narrative, not being included is not a slight. The Hinomaru will never represent me or mine no matter what governmental forms or location of residence may have to say on the matter. And while I can always hope for courtesy and mutual respect, I can not hope to ever be a member of its tribe. It belongs to them and is not my boundary to draw. Mature adults accept these benign disqualifications with equanimity. SJW drones do not.

But the symbolism of flags isn’t limited to our status in the moment. They are also reflections of our past and guideposts to the future. They are a thread in the bond that connects our fathers to our sons. They are visceral representations of the civilization we hope to steward to our posterity. And because symbols are anchored at greater psychic depth than mere rational thought, they have the power to partially transcend agitprop. And this is why they are attacked by the left.

Destroying the confederate battle flag has nothing to do with an institution practiced previously around the world that ceased in America 150 years ago. It has everything to do with deracination of the left’s most reviled domestic opposition: white southerners. I notice even some of those flirting on the alt-right frontier periodically succumb to the perpetual slander campaign. Dumb, toothless, bare-foot, inbred, trailer park hicks. And most importantly, RACIST. Which tribe is it that put those wholesome images in your mind, I wonder? And which of your own cherished symbols is soon to find itself in the glare of feral opprobrium? As always with conservatives, it’s a frantic scramble to be eaten last.

Banning symbols is important for the left in the same way as banning “hate speech.” For what men stop seeing or saying they eventually stop thinking. And while acknowledging the inspiration of Conan and Joe, controlling your enemies’ very thoughts is truly what is best in life. And that thought must culminate with one conclusion:

You were nothing, you are nothing, you belong to nothing.

One can already witness this in macabre clarity among legions of programmed western youth. These culturally denuded wretches openly lament that whites “have no culture,” “aren’t even a real people,” and “stole everything they have from others.” You might think we could at least get credit for being crafty in this narrative. But even that goes to the noble gypsies, alas.

I recall noting a poignant anecdote recently on Twitter. The image wasn’t captured, though some young liberal–customarily imbued with more certainty than knowledge–offered something to the effect of: America was never 90% white, that’s bullshit. We’ve always been a diverse country.” Just so. And we’ve always been at war with Eastasia racism.

And so the confederate battle flag will fly no longer, even in the auction air of Ebay. It won’t be anywhere near the last. The West is replete with symbols of the people who created it. All must eventually come down. And if the right keeps dashing to the back of the buffet, firing into its own flank, and desperately attempting appeasement, it will leave only one symbol of our civilization behind.

Two vast and trunkless legs of stone…as the lone and level sands stretch far away.


39 thoughts on “Symbols Clashing

  1. They are markers of culture and kin…blood and soil. They are not indications of tolerance or inclusivity, but rather logos of exclusive membership.

    And this is why, in liberal Soviet-speak, they must die. Liberalism = altruism = egalitarianism = inclusivity, in denial of nature and logic, as a means of satiating the empty hearts of its audience and inducing them to remove social standards so commerce can execute a “rotten angel of death, flying free” maneuver.

    Summary: destroy all liberalism, in yourself and others.

  2. “The West is replete with symbols of the people who created it. All must eventually come down.”

    This is true, and your post is spot-on; but you have to wonder why this particular conflict, this business of the Confederate flag – this totally contrived TV dinner of an issue – has been selected right now, all of a sudden. There’s only the most tenuous connection between Dylann Roof and the movement to have Confederate flags removed from public places.

    We’ve witnessed how weepy tales of black-on-white brutality have been receiving intensified media coverage during the past couple of years, with obvious intent to stir street anarchy, while the day-to-day reality of black savagery goes unnoticed as always. This Confederate flag ban media push, it seems to me, is designed not only to promote the culture-erasure you indicate, but to goad residual white resisters into making stubborn displays of the flag in the same way that this cohort was pushed into patronizing Chick-Fil-A to show their support for the owner’s stance toward gays.

    My suspicion is that the media wants what you say they want, but that before they get the total deletion of southern culture, they’d like to foment another summer of newsworthy riots and incidents of violence. I expect that across America there are whites buying Confederate flags and merchandise bearing its image just to show their solidarity with the South. What could be better from a cynical media perspective than to exacerbate already artificially heightened racial tensions by getting whites to adorn their bodies and vehicles with “racist” symbols that are bound to provoke chimpout situations where blacks come into contact with these whites?

    Whether this is the specific idea or not, it’s consistent with the media motive of keeping the flame hot under America, hoping for the worst. Blacks who last week weren’t even thinking about slavery or the KKK (at least any more than usual) are today up in arms about it, for no good reason whatsoever. It’s too convenient, too perfectly staged and synchronized, not to be the hostile brainchild of some cabal.

    • What / Who is “the media” which stands to benefit from filming / inciting race wars? To answer this question to know why / what “the media” intends. The Babylonian woe is upon white European civilization; four thousand years after it collapsed that ancient empire. The Father of Lies and his Sabbatean worshipers laugh as we jostle willingly in line to burn in their fire.

    • You could be right there. But the powers that be have always been gunning for the Confederate flag, with a campaign supported by people like Morgan Freeman to remove it from the Mississippi state flag, for instance.

      Anyway the present campaign is part and parcel of a process that has been going on for decades now – i.e. to remove or degrade everything that whites could feel attached to, or have affection for as part of their heritage. Even displaying the Stars and Stripes is already under attack.

      The attack on Christianity has been going on for decades now (although the leaders of the mainstream Christian churches have all cravenly capitulated to most of the Left’s agenda on race and immigration).

      They have made the concept of marriage meaningless, by extending it to homosexuals. They’re busy trying to destroy any sense of a sexual divide in humanity, by celebrating every deluded freak who claims to have crossed the line.

      They won’t rest until whites are a cowed, neutered, rootless people with nothing they have the courage to call their own.

      • “They won’t rest until whites are a cowed, neutered, rootless people with nothing they have the courage to call their own.”
        That skirts dangerously close to “nothing to lose”. You’d think people lauded for their Average 125 IQ and Thousand-Year Future Time Orientation would understand that.

    • GREAT comment. but it does really make you think: the media needed something to the level of the Charleston event to arouse this “spontaneous” attack on a historic American symbol…. these perfectly timed events just always seem to fall directly into the lap of the next waiting, baiting media narrative. a quick $29 Mil to the families of the victims from the federal government? skinny white dude sitting in an all black church for an hour without a word from the members? they held another church service the FOLLOWING NIGHT? what about biohazard cleanup crews for the blood that must be everywhere? and detectives/forensic specialists/whathaveyou for the bullet holes in the walls? thats a several week operation after a shooting like that. sorry, you dont go back into that church for another service that night. this “shooting” doesnt pass any sniff tests.

      • Good points. I don’t really know what to make of Dylann Roof, but I’m definitely a little suspicious of the narrative-perfect official presentation. Any white nationalist worth anything knows that such an action would be the worst possible thing for his cause, constituting a self-defeating endorsement of the mainstream caricature. I know people who think it was a false flag, but I’ll only say that I can’t rule it out.

      • The smaller Wed night meeting was probably held in a different room, whereas the next day’s service would have been in the main auditorium.

      • These false flag theories always lead down the rabbit-hole of endless objections, refutations and counter-refutations. In cases like this, an application of Occam’s razor usually indicates that things happened much as described in the media – that may be the wrong conclusion, but it’s the least implausible one.

        It’s hard to establish the exact details of what happened, but if there was a service in the church the following night, that is strange. But it’s less difficult to believe than the theory that the whole thing was a stage-managed illusion, and that no post-crime police work was necessary because there were no bodies (if the murders didn’t happen, the powers that be would be careful to keep the church closed in order to maintain the illusion that they did).

        At first sight, it would seem that Roof’s choice of target was deliberately calculated to alienate as many potential sympathisers as possible. But when you look at it more carefully, you can see that, once he decided to carry out a political murder with a high body count, he had to choose victims like these.

        If he had shot into a crowd of black criminals (e.g. in the ghetto or outside a courthouse), he would have been overpowered and and stopped before he could do much damage. Also, if he wanted to leave no doubt as to his political motive, he had to kill innocent people. He had been arrested for drugs before. If he had shot black criminals, there would always be the suspicion that the shooting was about a drug deal or some other criminal matter.

      • I appreciate the non-attacking and well-reasoned responses. It is very difficult to discuss these things openly without the classic “tin foil hat” and “thats unAmerican” responses… both of which I admittedly held before I saw undoubtedly what actually happened at the boston marathon through the videos taken of the “victims”. no limbs flying, fake blood, people who were clearly walking uninjured and later showed up on CNN almost needing or actually needing amputations, and of course the double amputee Jeff Bauman lying on the ground for 5 minutes bleeding out only to be wheeled away by “our Mexican hero” (insert amnesty ploy here) Arrendondo with his fake stumps flying all over the place. I admit there is not sufficient evidence yet to call this Charleston “shooting” a hoax, but since I’ve seen it before, and the 24/7 coverage and Propaganderson Cooper interviews are back, I absolutely cannot rule it out. This event was too perfect for the narrative and made no sense for this apparent “widespread” white nationalist movement, which we havent heard about for years, but now is a greater threat than ISIS. lol

    • By the way, in my comment above, I meant to write white-on-black instead of black-on-white. Clearly, American TV is a long way from exploitatively publicizing black-on-white crime.

  3. Ban the Confederate flag?? Negro, please…

    It’s interesting that Obama’s first comments on the Charleston shooting were to call for gun control, then quickly concede that it was impossible in the current political climate.

    It’s good to know that while the GOP will happily cheer on the Third World immigration invasion and conquest of the United States, and they will take the lead in throwing the heritage of their most ardent supporters (white Southerners) under the bus, but they will stand firm in their conviction that the black & brown majority of near-future America must have unfettered access to all manner of offensive weaponry.

    God bless America and pass the ammo, homes.

    • The gentleman in your picture is clearly an anti-Semitic bigot and KKK Nazi who wants to gas six zillion Jews and mandate female circumcision for every woman in America. Note the tell-tale “W.W. J.D.” hate symbol bracelet.

  4. “Here’s what the confederate battle flag means. Take it from a native southerner.”
    It’s an American tradition. E.g., “Here’s what your Constitution means. Take it from a Russian Bolshevik.”

  5. Two comments:
    1) This free commentary is orders of magnitude superior in both quality of prose and clarity of thought to any of the stale pap found in paid publications.
    2) I have far more respect for the Democrats than the Republicans. The former pander to their base. The latter shit in theirs. Which is a better long term strategy for success?

    • NR regarding your second point they do have one very germane element in common. The democrats actively seek to grow their base, and so do the republicans–actively seek to grow the democrats’ base.

    • Democrats shit in their base by importing huge numbers of immigrants who oppose or will destroy everything on the Demo agenda except immigration itself. Labor rights? Destroyed by immigration. Abortion and gay marriage? Opposed by immigrants. Dismantling rape culture? Yes, how did that work out in Rotherham?

  6. These are some of the best essays I have read in years: concise, witty, pointed, deliberate, etc. etc. etc. Radical truths in a disguise which does not hide, but rubs the hypocrites faces in their own shit. Awesome.

  7. The antipathy of America’s urban elite to all things rural bubbles close to the surface, particularly so to Southerners. It was not so long ago that the South, and particulalry its Apalachian arc, represented an authenticity that elicited sympathy and a desire to do good works to help these downtrodden souls. They were powerless, without moral agency and without sin. Art was always a powerful and motivating force within the battalions of Northeastern altruists. Realist photography, black & white with deep contrast, was avantguard, and gaunt-faced, cotton-smocked mothers, surrounded by barefoot children called to them. Black-faced coal miners tugged at their heart strings. But that was before the war, and before store-bought clothes and shoes, and mobile homes. The post-war industrial revolution came to the South, and with it came synthetic fibers and cheap T-shirts, televisions and plastic lawn furniture, fast food and obesity. Honey Boo-Boo would come later, but the aesthetic of poverty had been lost. They now had moral agency. The children and grandchildren of the field hands and the sharecroppers, with their rednecks and hunting rifles and pickup trucks were…unattractive; And so they were given back their moral agency. We do not like them now. No, WE do not like THEM at all. They Battle Flag evolved to become their symbol, for most, an unconscious reaction to percolating Northeastern antipathy. They were rebelling, and the old rebel flag was a ready symbol.
    We found new poor people; brown people. If they have a drawl, we can’t hear it. If they like to hunt, or watch Miel Boo-Boo, we don’t know. We flip past Telemundo and the Sabado Gigante Sunday extravaganza on our way to public television, far to the south on the dial. They come into our lives as passive gardeners and housemaids, or remain largely unseen on the margins, on that other side of the city. If they have desires and tastes and preferences that we find ghastly, we don’t know. They are good, and simple. They are authentic. They are from Managua and Oaxaca, and how interesting! They have no moral agency. We like them. We like them very much.

  8. They won’t rest until whites are a cowed, neutered, rootless people with nothing they have the courage to call their own.

    If that’s the goal they should be resting easy now.

  9. You are missing the shubtika/swastika in that Aryan religion picture you posted on twitter. Of course I’m presuming you understand that the swastika is a Hindi/Sanskrit word for the Aryans’ own and holiest (and only) symbol of Hinduism, but that might be giving garden variety WN too much credit. Whatever happened to the NA ?

    Real far right units not only speak Hindi/Sanskrit words (Arya, swastika, unterlog) but adopt Hindu (Aryan) symbols. The ‘hakenkreuz’ is the related native German word for the same symbol (but you’ll notice not as widely used, on purpose).

    Namrata (Namrita) itself is an Aryan name in an Indo-European language…just like ‘Savitri Devi’, featured prominently on the NA home page of years. The first part of it (Namo) is where the word “Name” comes from.

    Joke’s on you.

    • How many did our Guyanese immigrant* have, 39 or 40 priors? This one’s just working his way up to the Boss Level.
      *We Are A Nation Of Immigrants

  10. Multiple good comments–and even a dash of dada. NR and Billy thanks for the kind words.

    Aufeis: 29 prior arrests. That’s one to roll around the palate.

  11. Wow, that was good. I’ve been reading websites like this for 10 years now and I can count on the fingers of one hand how many comments I have left. Keep up the good work!

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    • No doubt about it, big business is in bed with the Left, even though a lot of the stupid SJWs don’t know it and think they’re in a David-and-Goliath combat with the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Just look at how fast Amazon acted to stop selling Confederate flags. Big business doesn’t want countries, it wants economic zones filled with rootless, demoralised people who’ll never figure out that they don’t need any of the stuff that’s being shoved at them by advertisers night and day.

  13. “We’ve always been a diverse country.” Just so. And we’ve always been at war with Eastasia racism.”

    Burn the ungood history books. It is time for the daily two minute hate. After all…

    “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” Ingsoc

    They really are using 1984 as an instruction manual!

      • Hi Porter,

        After a tendentious sabbatical (Masters Degree) designed to improve my technical skills and perhaps future career prospects I am finding more time to visit my favourite places on the astral planes of the internet. I do however have some catching up to do at both your abode and Savants.

        Not that I have been lax in developing my already recalcitrant racist soul. I have expanded my understanding of memetics, propaganda and feminism courtesy of Daily Stormer and Sargon of Akkad (the later has interesting things to say on feminism too even if he is still on the fence regarding our friends in finance and the “issues” of the day).

        It was a much needed education I might add on the flesh eating virus of feminism and how it is a precursor to society saying things like “look at those poor 25 year old healthy exclusively male well fed jihadi refugees. We simple must help them”

        I do look forward to reading the back catalog of well observed articles I have missed here and at Savant’s and perhaps even offering an astute observation now and then amongst my semi-coherent tirades regarding our ever friendly “others”. 🙂

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