The Devil’s in the Diversity

I was reading a post at the Amerika blog on a new Danish survey evaluating the, by now, well catalogued pathologies of diversity. The findings of which tend to mirror those of liberal Robert Putnam who found that “People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to `hunker down,` that is, to pull in like a turtle.” That’s a well advised response given diversity’s tendency to shoot first and scream racist later.

The findings from both papers suggest that diversity tends to erode social capital and civic cohesion. That perspectives tend to harden into distinct contours where tribal divisions are manifest. And the more people view institutions as non-responsive (or even hostile) to their own implicit affiliation, the less involved with and supportive of those institutions they become. They ultimately withdraw to a viscerally defensible perimeter. This being perfectly intuitive to anyone even vaguely honest with themselves, and an insight that could be gleaned just as easily by venturing into the urban outdoors for an hour.

Though neither of these studies address, to the extent I have seen, the most malign aspect of our diversity submersion. That is not the effects on society at-large or its institutions. Nor the prosaic observation that proximity + diversity = furrowed brows. But rather its profoundly corrosive effect on relations within group. Contrary to popular narrative, diversity hasn’t put whites at the throats of oppressed “minorities.” It has put them at the throat of each other.

Diversity shuts down dialogue and cleaves irreparable fissures between otherwise amiable acquaintances. Venture onto any forum that hosts such discussions and note the venom dripping off fangs. Its prime vintage reserved for in-group apostates. Conservatives (broadly applied) regarding their counterparts as traitorous lunatics, with liberals reciprocally seething at their evil bigoted brethren. You want hate distilled to pure essence? Here is where it may be found in abundance. The irony of goggle-eyed vein-bursting liberals deploying that term as a bete noir seems wholly lost in the purple-faced apoplexy. I hate you so much, you hater is really quite an amusing sentiment if given a moment’s consideration.

Though amusement is hardly the end-result. Most of these bitter skirmishers are neighbors, co-workers, or even kin. They live, laugh, and love together. They are all children of the same endowment and stewards for what will be mutually bequeathed to their own. That both have come to view the other as little more than moral filth is quite a diverse accomplishment. And one that seems fairly intractable at this point.

Unlike others, whites police in-group. This means cultural felons are largely those alike. The right feels a moral responsibility to endure while the left is equally committed to merge. Both despise the other for their profane resistance. In a homogenous society these debates would be over tax policy and bouncy-ball. Instead they are existential. And friends otherwise become implacable enemies. This is the real fruit of diversity. It’s a detail the devil doesn’t mention.


23 thoughts on “The Devil’s in the Diversity

  1. Contrary to popular narrative, diversity hasn’t put whites at the throats of oppressed “minorities.” It has put them at the throat of each other.

    That’s a great point. At some point, “reduced trust” converges on paranoia. We see that in the USA in diverse (heh heh) events ranging from the Red Scare, Satanic Ritual Abuse panic, vaccine phobia and eve fear of “racism,” although some of these had a grain of truth behind them.

    • Meanwhile, philo-Semites like you police in-group for anybody who talks about Jewish intrigues.

      Brett Stevens on Jews:

      “We should all admire the Jews. [. . .] From this group of people have come many of the smartest and best minds of history, disproportionately so. [. . .] Blaming others makes us weak and puts us into a subordinate role, dependent on our new overlords. It also compels us to do things that are both morally disgusting and utter failures like the Holocaust.”

      • Meanwhile, philo-Semites like you police in-group for anybody who talks about Jewish intrigues.

        Actually, I don’t police anything; I state an opinion. I don’t point fingers or go around trying to censor material.

        If your opinion differs from mine, argue yours well. People like me are always willing to listen and to analyze it to see if it stands up to logical scrutiny.

        As far as I am concerned, however, until shown better arguments, I see Jews as a scapegoat for whites for white failures. Our failure is liberalism and until it is overthrown our civilization will be in decline. What are you doing to defeat liberalism, which is supported by mostly white people?

      • Well, the crowd you run with does – deleting comments, blocking, etc.

        That’s definitely not my crowd. I am not interested in censorship of anti-Jewish material or really, censorship at all (feeling like all I want for Christmas is a car-bombing of the offices of The New York Times is a separate issue).

        • “feeling like all I want for Christmas is a car-bombing of the offices of The New York Times is a separate issue”

          Maybe you have a secret, suppressed anti-Semitic side after all!

      • Maybe you have a secret, suppressed anti-Semitic side after all!

        I never write about anything I have not personally explored, at least in thought experiment.

        You may enjoy the next few days’ work of America stuff… I realize we differ on some key issues, because I see Jews as the scapegoat and not the cause, and while acknowledging nationalism — that Jews are happiest in Israel, and Western Europeans in Western European countries including the USA — I feel the answer lies in why our people have betrayed us through liberalism and not any extraneous forces, but acknowledge the sentiment behind your outlook and understand its temptation. I went through many years as a Christian-hater (black metal) before realizing the illness was far bigger than Christianity or a specific ethnic group. Liberalism is first and foremost a moral and psychological failing and it has taken down many nations in the past, and now it has its sights on Europeans. If we removed all Jews, the problem of liberalism would remain; if we remove liberalism, Jews will also find strong nationalism and do what is natural, which is return to defend Israel. This is the natural order for all groups: sticking with our own kind, fighting for self-determination and self-rule.

      • Guys I’m trying to run a respectable mainstream blog here. Let’s keep the jokes about media organ mishaps palatable to a ladies knitting club.

      • If we removed all Jews, the problem of liberalism would remain

        Brett, I think this is true in the same way it is true that if Toyota stopped advertising today they would sell just as many cars tomorrow. It’s sales after tomorrow that would become problematic for liberalism.

    • (This is a digression, but a needed one since many in the alt right are championing vaccines – which is an immediate no sale to most all high IQ, productive white parents, as shown below.)


      You snuck “vaccine phobia” in there. Is “phobia” meant as a pejorative? Yes, I’m as afraid of USA vaccines as I am of USA law, culture, mass media, and diet: very afraid. So I’ll take “vaccine phobia” as a compliment to my powers of discernment.

      It’s weird: the online culture of USA vaccine promoters is childless white people (at HuffPost, or Amanda Marcotte at Slate, et al) with zero medical knowledge (or knowledge of vaccines) threatening and mocking whites who do have children and have the relevant information.

      Three points:
      1. The “anti-vaxxers” are, to the chagrin of the NY Times and others, the most educated and wealthiest of society. (Do a test: Google “vaccination rates” for the local Jewish schools near you; then compare to nearby white schools. The Jewish schools will be much, much lower. Of course: Jews aren’t dumb enough to inject neurodegenerating compound molecules into 2-month old babies; they leave that to the gullible American goy.) It’s the best and brightest whites who know American vaccines are death, and this overwhelming fact causes endless frustration to the media. Jewish and feminist writers at both Slate and Wired both wrote angry screeds about how the engineers at Pixar, Apple, and Google have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. (I’m sure the girls in H.R. are taking their kids to get shot up, though!)
      2. The efficacy of USA vaccines is far less than what they proclaim (this is why every “outbreak” turns out to be amongst vaccinated goyem) and, more substantially, the diseases from which they purport to save you (measles, chicken pox, mumps, etc.) are non-fatal and incredibly beneficial to any remotely healthy individual who’s not drinking from a septic tank.
      3. USA vaccines are loaded with a cocktail of adjuvants to stimulate an immune reaction do to the ever-lower amount of the actual diseases in the vaccines. These adjuvants include aluminum, mercury, and a host of phthalates (the class chemicals causing the 600% increase in undescended testicles and hypospadias in baby boys). These are all known neurotoxins, which first jolt and then retard neurological development. (The 38 shots USA children have been getting in the past decade could be the reason they’re incapable of looking away from a smartphone.)

      4. Having said all of that….you could do whatever you wanted with any kids you had. That’s ultimately not my business. Just keep your hands off my family, and other people’s families. If you believe your American vaccines are effective, then buy all that you can and be happy that we can’t harm you. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry – starting with Vermont and California – now has the USA government kidnapping children (not the Jewish kids, though, I promise you that) to inject them with these feminizing neurotoxins is the most evil aspect of the whole USA vaccine craze of the past twenty years.

      I’m personally of the opinion that the low fat/high carb+sugar diet is the single biggest cause of the myriad of health maladies in the USA. But as a relatively new father who has been forced to study and observe vaccination, I am increasingly of the opinion that USA vaccinations are not too far behind….and unlike the American diet, the USA government is forcing these poisons on white children.

      I highly recommend that all white parents visit and speak with your local chapters of the Weston A. Price Foundation on the matter of American vaccines and overall childhood health.

  2. As the Maronite Christian majority in Lebanon declined – due to lower relative birth rates and higher relative rates of emmigration – friction between Maronite clans increased, reaching a head on the eve of the last Lebanese civil war. They were indeed at each others’ throats. Lebanon had become increasingly diverse: the demographic decline of the Maronites was matched by an increase in the Shi’a population, and the Palestinian exodus had brought hundreds of thousands of Sunni refugees into an area of South Lebanon delicately balanced between Maronite and Shi’a, with a Druze counterbalance, pendulating between the two. Now with no clear and confident majority in Lebanon, the Palestinian influx caused quickly brought down this shaky edifice. Peace exists today only in so far as a Sunni-Maronite axis can counterbalance the now dominant Shi’a pole, as embodied in Hizbullah. A resurgence of Sunni spirit inspired by IS (Daesh) could weaken the Sunni-Maronite axis and antagonize the Shi’a pole. In a diverse society, the failure to maintain in-group solidarity is particularly onerous, as the costs of disunity are understood to be severe. In-group discension is consequently – and paradoxically – especially venomous. This mechanism can be seen at play wherever in-group unity is perceived as necessary to achieve the objectives of the group. Unions and prison gangs implicity understand this. If homogeneity means spirited discourse on the merits of the capital gains tax at the expense of fewer dining choices, it is a small price to pay to avoid roadblocks and burning tires.

  3. This mechanism can be seen at play wherever in-group unity is perceived as necessary to achieve the objectives of the group. Unions and prison gangs implicity understand this.

    We might see it, too, in our society at large if we had a purpose. Owing to egalitarianism, however, purpose is forbidden as it will conflict with the “equal validity” (cf. James Kalb) of our precious snowflake individualist voters.

  4. Liberals, Conservatives… don’t forget the Moderates, who also chastise those who sit farther off their side of the fence, for not compromising and accomodating the other side.

  5. I don’t blame anyone for despising whites who are destroying their own race (and that includes just about every mainstream politician), but otherwise, we should go easy on each other. This mistrust born of diversity will probably begin to wane as whites shrink to a tiny minority and realize they have to look out for one another, but by then it’ll be too late.

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  8. It’s always been a standard thesis that psychological development occurs in three phases.
    A person goes from dependent, to independent and finally interdependent. This can be seen as a process of “engaging the other”.

    When a persons born they are naught but a mewling baby wholly dependent on the charity of the Mother, subsequently during teenage years they learn independence and finally as adults learn to mutually inter-depend on each other while being integral entities in their own right.

    This can be seen as a gradual process of interacting positively with that which is outside of one’s subjective self i.e an “other”.

    So what is the other and what is its ultimate valuation? In Western philosophy the ultimate other was considered God, whether one believed in an actual presence or merely an abstract principle, and death was considered the ultimate form of valuation in this process which finds its completion in faith.

    This process has been subverted and hijacked.

    I remember reading a piece by Swedish woman who said that Muslims were God’s punishment upon Sweden for becoming a secular society. She is absolutely correct. In disregarding the concept of God as the ultimate “other” a power vacuum was created and grim substitution has been made by people who seem to know exactly what they were doing.

    Muslims and Africans have been positioned as the new “other” with whom we must strive to engage with and we in our secular folly have relegated ourselves to being deemed psychologically regressive if we do not do this. A classic bait and switch if ever there was one.

    All diversity quota rapes are forgiven or denied, all diversity quota murders are forgiven or denied because they are quite simply viewed as acts of the new “God”, a turgid, brain-dead, demiurge, a morass of brown dog sh*t limping along semi-upright.

    F*** I really need to cheer myself up.

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