Great Job Team!!!!!!!!!

Each of us are born of a vintage that affords certain perspectives in time. My own life has seen the passing of a relatively sober, prudential, and adaptive culture for its squalling, degenerate, and maudlin posterity. Though it’s soothing to recall days when our national infantilization remained in its, well, infancy.

One pleasant anecdote was from a workplace discussion many years ago. In it a very stern and highly competent man made some racial generalizations related to the conduct of our business. They were spoken in the same dryly matter-of-fact air as a farmer might relay the characteristics of various bovine breeds.

As his sage words fell upon the audience with equanimity, one dizzy, short-for-employment bimbette halting suggested: “Well isn’t that kind of, you know…racist?”

While eyes rolled about the table surreptitiously, he regarded her not with today’s cringing slam of the transmission into reverse, but utter patronizing indifference. His reply: “Your question isn’t responsive to my point.” He didn’t care. He was discussing a topic of import, and raysis was simply beneath his notice as a serious adult. He would have no more flung himself prostrate in lachrymose denials than he would play patty-cakes with kindergartners. Fortunately for him he is now dead, with only former apprentices left to observe the world as it is.

And one of those infinitesimally trivial observations made recently was on the matter of professional correspondence. There was previously a universal expectation, among men especially, to contruct parsimonious missives that relayed relevant information…and little more.

The Johnson Group will meet on four at 2:00pm Thursday.

Today–if penned by a female–the same message would appear in cursive mauve fonts with emoticons and an inspirational platitude.

The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.


Or alternately…

Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone.

Okay, I believe in nationalism.

HATER (crying)

But that’s coming from the fairer sex and so hardly as grating as the messages now produced by our corps of corporate Caitlyns. After long since having discarded desiccated testicles into an olive jar, most now write in a manner that only omits the mauve. But one item it does not omit: exclamation points!!!!!!!

Hi team!

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunny day!! Just a little note to remind everyone that the Johnson Group is meeting on four Thursday at 2:00pm. Steve has a fantastic presentation planned. Go Steve!!! So I’ll see everyone then. And remember…keep smiling!!!!!

The more their civilization dissolves, the more westerners are driven to conspicuous displays of false optimism. That horrified rictus lurking beneath every exclamation.


24 thoughts on “Great Job Team!!!!!!!!!

  1. I can’t understand why famous people abase themselves with grovelling apologies when caught being honest about race, instead of treating their critics with contempt, as your acquaintance did. They should know it’s going to do no good in the long run. I suspect it may be that they’re listening to PR advisers whose real agenda is not to save their client’s reputation, but to advance the anti-white cause.

  2. I have to attend two days of diversity training next month. I would like to ask the presenters why monolithic ethno-states like Korea and Japan are efficient, modern, wealthy nations while multi-cultural societies usual devolve into orgies of bloodshed (Syria, Iraq, etc). But then again, I have a wife and kids to support.

    • Learn to live poor now. Prepare for betrayal on all fronts except – your family, your neighbors who you choose to befriend in the Christian sense and community of no more than a hundred or so. The apocalypse of financial-political- and social collapse is coming. a false dream of corporate / state support will be betrayed. find some place to escape and teach wisdom and self support to your family. you and they will survive without attachment to the matrix. believe it, make it happen.

  3. The only things that stand between you and your dream are the laws of science and mathematics. And the fact that no one owes you shit.

    An inspirational quote for the post-Hillary age.

  4. beginning tomorrow I am going to feature a rotating list of favorite kakistocracy motivational quotations in all my professional correspondence, beginning with:

    “The more their civilization dissolves, the more westerners are driven to conspicuous displays of false optimism.”

    Gonna do Christmas cards, too, and make all my subordinates sign them.

    • Latest for the letterhead:

      “So long as we don’t move we’re fairly safe. Remember we’re dealing with a hideous world in which we are practically helpless…Keep still!” H.P. Lovecraft

      lmao you’re in good company, Porter. Super Awesome!1!!

  5. If anyone was anticipating a post on the Charleston shooting, my remarks are as follows.

    The perpetrator is described only as a teen wearing pants. It was simply a church service gone wrong. Race was not a factor.

    • It could have been a false flag operation, although you might say the wonder of it is that more whites aren’t doing this. The choice of a church as target is always suspicious. There were some “white supremacist attacks” on churches in the past, but many turned out to be insurance scams by the pastors. This unbalanced character is so obscure that even SPLC had never heard of him (or so they say), and it wouldn’t have been hard for some more forceful personality to influence his choice of target.

      • I still recall Bill Clinton’s “vivid and painful memories” of black church burnings in his childhood Arkansas. Except that a review of historical records could find no mention or evidence of any such events from that timeframe–the incandescence of his recollections notwithstanding.

        So he simply elided the lie and said “well I meant black ‘community buildings.'” And that, from a sitting president, was that.

        All tribes are festooned with corrupt scoundrels like the clintons. Though ours above all are cursed with ones who plot and prevaricate against their own people gratuitously.


      These guys were wearing pants! I wonder if the crimes are related. His TShirt and hair colors were visible. Suspect is in “fair” condition with both orbital sockets “crushed”, so that at least sounds hopeful. whew!

      One of the victims, Warren Madden, 38, of Somis, California, was in “fair” condition Monday night at San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington. The other victim wasn’t seriously injured.

      “It sounds like they came up from behind these two guys as they were walking down the street and just attacked from behind,” Shupe said.

      Both suspects were described to be in their 40s. According to witnesses, one was wearing jeans, a black shirt, black hat and had balding black hair. The second suspect was shorter, wore a gray T-shirt and had face piercings. Witnesses said the two suspects possibly were brothers.

      “We are trying to review some video at another bar where they may have been earlier that night, because this other witness said they saw them,” Shupe said.

      Madden was flown to Farmington where he underwent surgery to alleviate brain bleeding, said Robyn Barton, a relative who lives in Idaho. He suffered two crushed eye sockets and several other facial fractures, she said.

      • Amazing. Witnesses said the two suspects were possibly brothers, but if the same witnesses mentioned what race they might be, the Durango Herald isn’t telling us.

      • In their frenetic attempts to conceal “minority” crime, the media has unashamedly substituted actual physical descriptions for textiles and bearings.

        It would be fitting for every liberal dispatched under suspicious circumstances to see the local organ print their obituary with the following:

        “The perpetrator is described as walking east on two legs wearing cotton.”

        Let’s hope he is apprehended before changing direction.

  6. Honestly I just think we’re dead. Mexicans are scheduled to become the majority around 2060, and if we can’t reattach our nuts and take back the country before that then it won’t matter.

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