Sorry to Help

No honest observer could ever question the Democratic party’s commitment to dispossess and disembowel legacy America. And that is why some generosity of spirit is due whenever they move confusingly counter to those ends. Today congressional democrats, and a surprising number of virile republicans, coalesced to scuttle additional “fast track” trade powers sought by the ****** king.

This has brought two political elements into a fairly well lit area. First, the republicans are essentially corporate errand boys with a heavy tincture of Israel-firstism. Fortunately for them, there is ample traction found in packaging this to the hoi polloi as “conservatism.” To illustrate a recent point, Disney jettisoned 250 Americans in favor of H1Bs to save an average of $40,000 each. That’s 10 million dollars cumulative. Disney CEO Robert Iger struggled to subsist on just over $53 million. If the Disney board had elected to maintain its middle class American workforce (as it pleads for that cohort’s stagnant discretionary spend) it could have equivalently trimmed Mr. Iger to $43 million, thus rendering him identically compensated to the “any amount would help” pauper that is Ralph Lauren. Would Iger have decided he couldn’t work under such deplorable destitution and left the company? Would the thought ever occur to any member of the board to wonder? Well it does occur to republicans, and they are desperately sympathetic to Iger’s plight.

The second interesting point is that democrats are just as beholden to their own sponsors, even when being so offers unintended collateral succor to whites. This is more of a revelation than it sounds. For historically the only question one need ask to ascertain the democrats’ position on any legislation was whether it accrued to the cost or benefit of whites in aggregate. And yet in this, they are maintaining formation according to patron dictates despite the fact that foreign brown people would undoubtedly benefit from their refusal to do so. Perhaps they all subconsciously associate Diego and Rahib with the term “American workers,” though surely some in the base would have alerted to their mistake.

Though the political result is almost certainly a breathtaking coup: in this the democrats actually appeared less hostile to the white middle class than the republicans. Do Boehner and McConnell think Iger is going to be personally allocated a million votes in November 2016? Or that he has the time or inclination to cast them all? [That’s what H1b labor is for, imbecile] No, they don’t think that. They think that men like Iger are going to cut large checks which will be deployed in political adds directing the herd to proper ballot scratchings. And precedent leads one to conclude the tactic typically bears fruit.

Though it is when the party prostrates itself so flamboyantly before the CEOcracy that even the dimmest bulbs begin to glow irately. And if performances like this drive a significant portion of undiversity to the opposition or the sidelines, then Iger better be able to produce a legion of Goofys to make up the difference.

It’s a small world after all.


8 thoughts on “Sorry to Help

  1. Wiki: Iger was born in New York City, New York, to an Inuit family.

    A by-the-bootstraps Eskimo right here in the United States of Freedom!

  2. Since corporations are treated as persons, shouldn’t their children — in Disney’s case, their cartoon characters — get suffrage at age 18? Naturally, Goofy, Pluto and the Dalmatians would be eligible in dog years.

  3. I think the vote breaks down to protecting unions… even though industrial union workers probably represent less than 15% of the total workforce, off the top of my head. The bulk of union “labor” anymore, And the growth of trade unionism as it were, is represented by government and municipal unions which are by and large populated by minorities. Protecting white middle class blue collar workers is definitely something they’re not doing on purpose, but we can all be happy for small miracles.

  4. “They think that men like Iger are going to cut large checks which will be deployed in political adds directing the herd to proper ballot scratchings”

    Ah, but what are those proper ballot scratchings?

    Because they aren’t even getting paid most of the time:

    The Republicans betray the interests of their own voting base for those of the Democrat’s donor class.

    They actually spurn the votes of a white middle class futilely looking for a savior and instead help a CEO class who despises them and funds their opposition. And as an added service, they take the blame for the harm caused by that CEO class to the 95% desperately trying cling to a first world lifestyle. Pretty savvy.

  5. Republicans are so preternaturally obsequious they’re actually going to let Jurassic Clinton beat them to a populist angle.

    Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers,” Clinton told the crowd. “Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations. Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too.

    If the party had any asperations to endure it would simply shut-up and follow Jeff Sessions.

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