As Popular as Meat to Wolves

One of Twitter’s more comely bigots recently asked if there were a utility available for sidebar tracking of this site’s most popular posts. The answer (for what I am seeking) is no while still utilizing the free hosted version of WordPress. But a manual entry occurs below. These obviously favor more recent vintage as traffic here has accelerated. Though for whatever it may be worth, here’s the top twenty.

Girl we couldn’t get much higher

A false face hides the false heart

How to turn healthy young women into bitter barren harpies

Anarcho-tyranny on schedule

Meet the Cockers

It was a very good decade

Sober reflections

The dumb are a goldmine

The future always arrives early

The economics of ebola


The day democracy died

The new face of feminism

Just last night…

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks

Swords and shields

What a day

Houses of the holy

A god from the machine

She’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes


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